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  1. Introduction • This presentation will provide a brief explanation on the operation of the reservation system step-by-step. • The system is intuitive to the user. • In any failure or problem you may contact either the call center or Maya Tours office. Intel:08-6125555 , Numonyx:08-6666350 • At the end of this presentation we assembled FAQ.

  2. Login to the system is via the following address: This address is Maya Tours website. As you login to this site you need to select the left link: “Reservation for employee transportation “ * You can see the site in Hebrew by selecting the language in the above link menu.

  3. You have reached the transportation reservation screen. In this screen you will be required to enter the following data: client code, user code and password. מסך כניסה • Client code: Intelfor Intel employees or Numonyx for Numonyx employees. • User code: Your WWID. • Do not type the password at your first entrance. After entering the data click on the button “Enter”. Then you will be directed automatically to the details update screen.

  4. In this screen you will be requested to enter your logon password and then confirm this password. Note that on the first log-on do not enter any data in the “current password” field. Also, on this page you can update details such as: Department (by selecting from a defined list of cities );Station (by selecting from a list of permanent stations according to the selected city); Street (in case a permanent station was not selected); House number (in case a permanent station was not selected) & mobile phone number. In order to save the data, click on the button “Save”. For your information, you can reenter this screen by clicking on the button “Update details” in the main menu located on the right side. מסך עדכון פרטים

  5. Transportation Reservation (bi-weekly flexible) After your password update you will be directed automatically to this screen. If you already updated your login password, you will be directed to this screen after you type the user code & password. This screen allows ordering transportation two weeks in advance. Each row on this screen represents a specific date (day of the week). You must select the appropriate shift for each day. A shift includes both pick-up & set-down. After selecting the shift you can change the shift hours, cancel a pick-up or set-down & replace the address. (For example- if you only wish to select a set-down you should chose the value “--:--” in the pick-up column). In order to simplify the display we marked the selected shifts in green. Notice that the screen is divided to pick-up & set-down columns, thus you can select different addresses to pick-up or set-down.

  6. The default address that appears in the rows you have not selected yet will be defined according to your personal profile. (Update details screen) – If you try to exit the screen without saving the data you will receive the message that the data was not saved. By clicking “OK” you will exit/ navigate to another web page without saving. By clicking “Cancel” you will remain in the current screen (data is not yet saved). In order to save the data click on one of two buttons: “Save”: will save the data & display the current screen. “Save & Exit”: will save the data & return to the login screen.

  7. You may print your reservations by clicking on the button “Print”. For your information, in order to see the print display properly it is recommended first to change the page alignment to “landscape” mode.

  8. FAQ • Q:I cannot enter the site for the first time. A:Make sure you typed your WWID,password is not necessary at this stage. You are required to select a new personal password after entering & update your personal details. If you do not reach these step you may contact Call Center 08-6125555 & ask to adjust the initial password to login. • Q:I forgot my password. A:Please contact Call Center 08-6125555 & ask to adjust the initial password to login. • Q:How can I make a reservation for a night shift ? A:The date that was set in the reservation row is the date of shift pick-up. Whereas the set-down date which appears in the same row refers to the next day 9even though it is registered in the same date row). • Q:Can I change the destination? A:Yes. Both Intel & Numonyx employees can change pick-up & set-down destination in their reservation according to the destinations listed in the drop-down scroll. Each destination list will open a list of existing stations defined for the same destination. • Q:Is it possible to select a station that is not defined in the system? A:There is no such option. Each new station must be approved by the person in charge of the transportation office with the coordination of Intel/Numonyx transportation sponsor. • Q:Can I order an exception transportation via this system? A:Ordering an exception is only after direct manager confirmation therefore can be made only via the Call Center 08-6125555. • Q:How can I cancel my reservation? A:You have to login to the web registration system, mark the relevant date & delete it – either the pick-up and/or the set-down. It is recommended to print the reservation details for reminder !