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  1. SOCi Who are you?

  2. Team members • Alon Sade • Assifziv • OhadAssulin

  3. SOCi is the next generation social network. • It makes use of data which up until today was completely unexplored, such as: • mobile phone calls log • mobile phone SMS log • mobile phone location data • instant messaging applications data • Email • social networks communication • SOCi will give its users an insight into their own life, as much as into the life of their friends.

  4. Background • Nowadays the usage of digital communication devices increases dramatically - cell phones, Skype, e-mail , social networks etc.. • The usage itself is a valuable information regarding a person, yet most devices do not collect it or store it anywhere.

  5. Currently no product combines the data from multiple devices. • Currently there is no smart data-mining algorithm that produce important facts about your life from all the available data.

  6. Model

  7. The expected type of users • Anyone who has access to a computer or a cell phone can use SOCi. Users can be adults, children and people in the Public Relations profession (PR).

  8. Our users do not necessarily have extensive computer skills and experience • Our system only requires basic skills, is very intuitive and has a fast learning curve • The system has a comprehensive help/info section as our interviewers demanded.

  9. The work contexts • As we concluded from the interview we conducted , before SOCi, people use social networks separately to collect social data. • Obviously, they can’t combine data automatically, therefore they can’t get reliable answers for social related issues.

  10. The system location • Our application is a web-based one, people will be able to use it from any on-line device as laptop, cell-phone, TV, car-pc etc..

  11. Proposed Solution • SOCiwill provide answers to the questions we stated initially. • SOCiwill collect data from any digital/online device a person uses in a huge data warehouse • SOCiintroduce a smart time-based algorithm that can parse free-text question and provide the right social answer.

  12. System Constraints • Some assumptions that we require in order for our system to properly function are: • Users approval for collecting private/personal data. • Large user-base, in order to provide reliable information to a user regarding his friends. • Huge DB creates a need in presenting the information using a creative UI.

  13. Task #1 - Easy • Dudi is a newbie SOCiuser, he would like to evaluate the application and check who are his best male friends? • He just type that exact question and hit the “go” button. A simple graph appears ordered by his relation to each of his male friends.

  14. Task #1 discussion • Such a task can surprise you, you are certain that your best friends are X,Y,Z and you find out that you communicate with other friends much more often, it may change the way you feel about your friends. • Such easy and common task can be done using the suggested UI by one click, and present the answer using a simple graph.

  15. Task #2 • Shira received 3 tickets for the Big Brother final event, she would like to invite 2 friends, yet she is not sure who likes the Big Brother show. • Shira is using the “Groups” feature, and divides the groups by Interests, she clicks on the TV-group in order to get a “circle view” that ordered by friendship, she chooses 2 friends and invites them by Facebook.

  16. Task #2 discussion • In general choosing friends for a specific activity is a common task, where people often make wrong choices. • Our algorithm is able to offer an appropriate solution and a different approach for such a task.

  17. Task #3 • Yoni is working as a PR person for the Haoman17 club, he is organizing an end-of-the-semester party. • In order to enlarge his revenue, he would like to invite as many people as possible • Yoni decided to split his revenue with other partners who can double the number of participants.

  18. Yoni uses SOCifor many daily tasks, and he’s reluctant to find the right partners using it. • He uses the “group” feature, he divides it by common friends, he chooses the representatives of each group, in order to view them in a comparative way. • In such a way he can decide quickly which representative he better partner with…

  19. Task #3 discussion • SOCican deal with complicated tasks quickly. • SOCican be treated also as a working tool and not just for juicy items. • SOCican provide a high level view of your social life.

  20. The Design

  21. User in Action

  22. Interviews • We interviewed: • Jessica, an American student which is probably our major target audience. • Oren, an Israeli high school student • “Katz” a Tel Avivian famous PR person, who calls us since then every few days to check if we already implemented the application.. 

  23. We tried to find out the ways they currently cope with social simple and complex tasks. • All in all, we changed our original prototype drastically throughout the process of interviewing.

  24. User’s suggestions • Make SOCiavailable on any online device. • Add a auto-correction tool to the free text box. • Enable an easy switch between different views (e.g. from groups to graph). • Add many help buttons • Allow the user to modify the free text after submitting it.

  25. Prototype • We added help button, and correcting algo. for the free text.

  26. We added a picture and an action menu for each user

  27. We got rid of the old fashion table view

  28. We enabled the user to change views

  29. Fixed prototype • We added pictures and an action menu..

  30. THE DEMO

  31. User input on the demo • Present what happens in case of many more friends. • Add an ability to add date range. • Explain how the algorithm chooses people.

  32. Questions • & • Suggestions

  33. SOCi Social starts with