chinese immigrants coming to america n.
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Chinese Immigrants Coming To America PowerPoint Presentation
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Chinese Immigrants Coming To America

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Chinese Immigrants Coming To America - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chinese Immigrants Coming To America

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  1. Chinese Immigrants Coming To America

  2. When did members of your immigrant group first begin coming to theUnited States? • They came after the civil war between 1870-1900

  3. When did the immigration from this country (or countries, as appropriate) reach its peak? Why • The immigrants came to its peak in 1890 because of the California gold rush, it also begins to decline because there were more men then women, most of the men came to America for economic system. Then the men left America to go back to china.

  4. At that point, why did this group want to leave their country, and what were they looking for in America? • They wanted to leave to go to California to start the California gold rush.

  5. Has America welcomed them of rejected them? • They rejected them because of their race an the Chinese immigrants were not considered as an American citizen until the 1900’s

  6. How did they travel to the United States? Where did they enter or land upon arrival? • They travel on a boat or ship across the pacific ocean and landed on the west coast.

  7. Where has most of this groups settled in the united states? Why? • California, to start the gold rush.

  8. Where social, linguistic, economic and cultural hardships have these immigrants faced? • They faced hard times with race and low paying jobs.

  9. Is there a job or jobs that many members of this group typically perform in the united states? Why • Some of the immigrants own business such as restaurants, laundries, Agricultural Labors. Also on rail road construction and low paying jobs, because they were considered as low class.

  10. What kinds of laws have governed their immigration, work and citizenship opportunities, and how have these laws changed over time? • They Couldn’t become an American citizen, they could only come to america because they would do the trashy jobs that nobody else would do.

  11. Have many of these immigrants sought to become citizens? • Not many • They weren’t allowed until 1900’s • Many came to make money and go home • 40% Stayed and 60% went back home.

  12. When were they given the opportunity to become a Citizen? • In the 1900’s

  13. Are large numbers of this group still immigrating to the U.S.? Why or why not. • No because the Chinese Government want let them leave, most of the Chinese economy is doing really well today.

  14. The End By:Cheron,Tazz,Randy