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Arkansas Natural Resources

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Arkansas Natural Resources. A highlight of the “ Natural State ”. State ’ s Greatest Natural Land Resources. Five national park sites 2.6 million acres of national forest lands 13 major lakes Two mountain ranges 9,000 miles of streams and rivers. Arkansas ’ National Forests.

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Arkansas Natural Resources

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arkansas natural resources

Arkansas Natural Resources

A highlight of the “Natural State”

state s greatest natural land resources
State’s Greatest Natural Land Resources
  • Five national park sites
  • 2.6 million acres of national forest lands
  • 13 major lakes
  • Two mountain ranges
  • 9,000 miles of streams and rivers
arkansas national forests
Arkansas’ National Forests
  • Three National Forest
  • Ozark (1,055,000 acres)
  • St. Francis (20,946 acres)
  • Ouachita (1,572,879 acres)
  • Total of 2,648,825 acres
  • In 1998, one-sixth of all manufacturing jobs in Arkansas—43,000—were in forest product harvesting and manufacturing.
  • There were 2,500 companies in the forest product business, and they supported $1.2 billion in payroll, the largest of any manufacturing sector.
oil in arkansas
Oil in Arkansas
  • Oil still has a strong economic and cultural influence on the region. El Dorado calls itself “Arkansas’s Original Boomtown.”
  • In 2000, the annual value of the state’s total mining production (from minerals, oil, and natural gas) topped $1 billion. Oil companies still rank among the leading employers in south Arkansas.
mining bauxite
Mining - Bauxite
  • Bauxite is use to make aluminum products such as cans.
  • The Arkansas bauxite region covers about 275 square miles in the northern part of the West Gulf Coastal Plain and is divided into two mining districts.
  • One area is in Pulaski County, south and east of Little Rock, and the other is in nearby Saline County, northeast and east of Benton.
poultry industry
Poultry Industry
  • A staple of the state’s economy, the Arkansas poultry industry first emerged in the 1890s.
  • Tyson Foods, based in Springdale, had become one of the largest agribusiness firms in the United States.
  • Northwest Arkansas, particularly Washington and Benton counties, produces the majority of poultry in Arkansas.
chicken production
Chicken Production
  • Arkansas is the nation’s second leading chicken producer.
  • Arkansas produces more than 1.2 billion chickens and 3.4 billion eggs per year.
turkey production
Turkey Production
  • 29 Million Turkeys are raised each year in Arkansas. (USAD 2005)
  • The turkeys produced yearly in Arkansas would be enough to fill over 12,000 refrigerated semi-trucks. 

Arkansas Natural Resources

  • Murfreesboro, Arkansas
  • Home of the only diamond mine open to the public in North America

Arkansas Natural Resources


Arkansas Natural Resources