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Smart PR. Powered by. A new press release element of marketing combining:. Public relations (PR). and. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Sent globally to more than 27 million Internet users. News Sites. Yahoo News Google News MSN News AltaVista News. AllTheWeb Topix Feedster

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Smart PR

Powered by

US Global Marketing Group

a new press release element of marketing combining
A new press release element of marketing combining:

Public relations (PR)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

US Global Marketing Group

Sent globally to more than

27 million Internet users

News Sites

  • Yahoo News
  • Google News
  • MSN News
  • AltaVista News
  • AllTheWeb
  • Topix
  • Feedster
  • Daypop

US Global Marketing Group

smart p ress r eleases
Smart PressReleases

Smart PressReleases

US Global Marketing Group


world wide distribution

Contact Points

  • Newsrooms
  • Media outlets
  • E-mail and FTP distributions
  • Journalists
  • Analysts
  • Freelance writers

US Global Marketing Group


Smart PressReleases

  • Each press release consists of 300 to 600 words
  • Authored by our staff of professional writers
  • Editing of your press release scripts is available
  • Keyword analystsidentify relevant search terms
  • Anchor text linked to related content on your web site
  • JPEG imagesget your photo picked up and displayed
  • Each published press release receives a minimum of 30,000 page views

US Global Marketing Group

top listings

Around the world


In a matter of a few days!

US Global Marketing Group

yahoo atlanta marketing
YAHOO – Atlanta marketing

US Global Marketing Group

all the web atlanta marketing
All the Web – Atlanta marketing

US Global Marketing Group

aol atlanta marketing
AOL – Atlanta marketing

US Global Marketing Group

lycos atlanta marketing
LYCOS – Atlanta marketing

US Global Marketing Group

p ress r elease tip 1

PressRelease Tip #1


US Global Marketing Group


Keyword Phrases

  • The first words of your press release headline are the words that will most likely show up in the searchengines.
  • Use these keywords over and over again in the body of your release to establish keyword density.
  • Keywords become "anchor text" that direct readers to your website in the form of “authority links”.

US Global Marketing Group

p ress r elease tip 2

PressRelease Tip #2


US Global Marketing Group


Collect Reader’s Information

  • Without a call-to-action in the press release you may not see the immediate value in these releases.
  • Readers must perceive value in contacting you either through email, phone, or by visiting your website.
  • Make an exchange for the reader’s contact information by offering an item such as:

US Global Marketing Group


Readers are more likely to share their contact information in exchange for an item with perceived value

  • helpful information
  • Statistics
  • Resources
  • Gift
  • Sample
  • Contest entry
  • Advice
  • Avery special discount.

US Global Marketing Group

p ress r elease tip 3

PressRelease Tip #3

Use Graphics

US Global Marketing Group


Be a show off

  • A photo will add credibility and create curiosity.
  • Graphics give editors the ability to to catch people’s attention when they are scanning headlines.

US Global Marketing Group

p ress r elease tip 4

PressRelease Tip #4

Use Quotes

US Global Marketing Group


Build credibility

  • Be careful to stick to the facts.
  • Use at least 2 quotes, and one of them should be from an expert or executive within your organization.
  • Testimonials form satisfied customers provide validity.
  • Use excerpts from respected journals or trade magazines.
  • Offer proven research statistics from respected organizations.

US Global Marketing Group

p ress r elease tip 5

PressRelease Tip #5

Stay Current

US Global Marketing Group


Old news is bad news

  • Tie your message to something that is happening today.
  • A new promotion you are running.
  • Results from a new study just completed.
  • Tie events to the weather, politics, events, or any other type of current news.

“Plywood sales rocket as hurricane approaches Florida coast”

“Home owner’s premiums soar in Ivan’s wake”

US Global Marketing Group

p ress r elease tip 6

PressRelease Tip #6

Identify Yourself

US Global Marketing Group


Provide company information

  • This is your opportunity to explain
    • Affiliations
    • Degrees
    • Awards
    • promotions.
  • Include information about the person quoted in the press release.
  • Provide information about the sources of your statistical information.
  • Always include company information.

US Global Marketing Group

p ress r elease tip 7

PressRelease Tip #7

Contact Information

US Global Marketing Group


Be certain the reader can find you

  • Include contact information with every press release.
  • Plan ahead, provide a trackable:
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Web site address

US Global Marketing Group

p ress r elease tip 8

PressRelease Tip #8

Be Creative

US Global Marketing Group


Stay in the news year round

  • Press release possibilities are limited only by your imagination
  • Partnerships
  • Alliances
  • New employees
  • Affiliates
  • Achievements
  • New concepts
  • New ideas
  • New products
  • New solutions
  • New studies
  • New reports
  • Case studies
  • Statistics
  • Surveys
  • Polling
  • Amazing stories
  • Awards
  • Accomplishments
  • Recommendations
  • Upcoming events
  • Speakers
  • Holidays
  • Anniversaries
  • Historical reflection
  • Gifts
  • Charities
  • Causes
  • Statements
  • Nomination
  • Controversy
  • Lawsuits
  • Conflict
  • Firsts
  • Mystery
  • Animals
  • Kids
  • Women
  • Trends
  • How-to articles
  • Local angles on national news
  • Free advice
  • Local and national:
    • Issues
    • Weather
    • Disasters
    • Labor trends
    • Unique techniques
    • Mistakes
    • Fraud
    • Contest
    • Winter
    • Autumn
    • Summer
    • Spring
    • Tips
    • Focus

US Global Marketing Group

p ress r elease tip 9

PressRelease Tip #9

Link Back

US Global Marketing Group


Impress your website visitors

  • Once you find your press release on sites such as Yahoo, link to it from your web site.
  • Broadcast your press release to your mailing list.
  • Major news outlets running a story on you brings credibility to everything that you do.

US Global Marketing Group