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Welcome to RSM

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Welcome to RSM. We are the ROADRUNNERS ! Roadrunners are: Respectful Responsible Ready. Welcome to RSM and Your 1st Assembly!. Assembly rules: Walk quietly into Theater Go down 1st empty row, don’t leave any empty seats (No waiting for friends) Put backpacks under seats

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welcome to rsm

Welcome to RSM


Roadrunners are:




welcome to rsm and your 1st assembly
Welcome to RSMand Your 1st Assembly!

Assembly rules:

  • Walk quietly into Theater
  • Go down 1st empty row, don’t leave any empty seats (No waiting for friends)
  • Put backpacks under seats
  • Leave desktops down
  • Give full attention to speaker(s):
    • No talking
    • No fiddling with objects, no eating, drinking, etc.
    • Eyes up front
to be successful at rsm

To be successful at RSM

School-Wide Expectations

Everyone Should Be:




respect for all
Respect for All
  • Use appropriate language towards teachers and classmates
  • Have a positive attitude and tone of voice
  • Be courteous and respectful to others including others property
  • Attending school regularly is tied to good grades! If you are absent, have your parent call the school Attendance Line. If they don’t call you must bring a note the next day.
  • You are TRUANT—If you leave class without permission…..
    • If you leave the PE area or a classroom to get a drink of water or use the restroom without permission…..
    • You will be assigned after school detention for a class truancy or Saturday School if you leave campus. You may not leave campus even before Homeroom; once you arrive, you must stay on campus.
  • A parent needs to sign you out in the front office before you are allowed to leave campus. If you feel ill, come to the health office to call parent. Never call from your cell phone.
  • Be on Time to school and all classes

**If you are late to homeroom you MUST report to the office, or have a parent sign you in.

**If your parent will excuse your tardy because it was not your fault, then bring a note signed by parent

progressive discipline
Progressive Discipline


Warning/Conference with teacher

Parent contact (Phone call/face to face)

School Service (LUNCHTIME)


Saturday School

Opportunity Class (also known as “OPPS”)

Home Suspension

problem behaviors
Problem Behaviors
  • Defiance
  • Class Disruption
  • Cell Phone Misuse
  • Tardies
  • No Shows to Detention
  • Unsafe Behavior/


dress code
Dress Code
  • Make sure your clothes are appropriate
    • No underwear garments showing at any time
    • Girls – appropriate length of attire
    • Inappropriate pictures or words on clothing are not allowed
    • No bare midriff or spaghetti strap or halter tops
    • See Dress Code for complete listing. Make sure you know the rules. You are RESPONSIBLE for them.

You will be required to change into Loaner clothes if you are not dressed appropriately and will get Detention to Home Suspension for repeated infractions.

gum chewing
Gum chewing
  • As in most schools, gum is not allowed.
  • Gum is prohibited at RSM.
  • Gum is not allowed anytime on school


  • Gum is not okay before or after school.
  • All gum should be left at home.

Is gum allowed at anytime at RSM?

ethics policy
Ethics Policy
  • Be aware of our Ethics Policy (spelled out in your student planner, page 10-11
  • There are severe consequences for cheating, talking during a test, plagiarizing, etc.
  • Those who cheat & those who give answers to cheaters will also be penalized


bell to bell no cell
  • Cells are allowed for emergency purposes under a 2002 state law.
  • Cell phones are NOT allowed for listening to music, playing games, taking photos, or calling or texting anyone during school hours.
  • Turn off at 8:10 and keep off till 2:55
  • 277 cell phone violations last year! Be responsible and respectful of this rule.
items to leave at home
Items to leave at home….
  • Skateboards
  • Cameras
  • “IPods”
  • Laser pens
  • Playing cards, toys, or anything not needed for classes
  • Items will be confiscated and returned to parent.
lunch time behavior
Lunch Time Behavior
  • What to know about lunch time:
    • Treat others with respect
    • Stay within the Red Lines
    • Be courteous in line; Don’t cut in line. NO ONE WILL STARVE
    • Use your own money! NO MOOCHING
    • Throw away your trash—keep your area clean!
    • RECYCLE whenever possible
    • Respect personal and school property
    • Share tables--you don’t own them!
    • No running, pushing, or unsafe behavior.
    • Monitor your backpacks at all times - DO NOT LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED AT ANY TIME!
horseplay rough housing many fights start from this behavior
Horseplay, Rough housingMany fights start from this behavior
  • Respect - respect others and keep your hands to yourself
  • Responsible - be responsible and control your behavior & don’t play rough
  • Ready - be ready to apologize if someone is offended. Be a peacemaker.
harassment bullying
  • It is against school, state, and federal rules and law to harass someone
  • Think before you speak and act
  • NEVER threaten anyone
  • Anything and everything you say will be taken seriously!!!
  • If it is going to make the other person feel uncomfortable, DON’T SAY OR DO IT!!!
bus etiquette
Bus Etiquette
  • Follow the bus driver’s instructions
  • Always stay in your seat
  • Do not eat on the bus
  • Display appropriate behavior
  • Always have your bus pass with you
  • Bus riding is a privilege and NOT A RIGHT. Don’t lose the privilege with poor behavior.
  • **Bus citations - Consequences
  • Always ride assigned bus and get off at assigned stop. NO Exceptions.
  • Buses load and unload in the parking lot—line up in assigned route lines.
suspendable offenses
  • Fighting (2 days home and 1 day Opps)
  • Possession/use/selling of drugs or alcohol
  • Tobacco use or possession
  • Drug paraphernalia (matches & lighters)
  • Vandalism (Graffiti, destroying school or others’ property)
  • Stealing or knowingly possessing stolen property
  • Weapons
  • Obscene act or habitual profanity

*Loss of next dance if assigned Saturday School

Opportunity class or Home Suspension

zero tolerance
ZERO Tolerance

NEVER, EVER Bring to School:

  • Drugs and their paraphernalia (this includes alcohol, RX and tobacco)
  • Weapons of ANY kind !!!!

(guns, pocket knives, knuckles, or even look-a-like weapons)

zero tolerance violations what may happen
Zero tolerance violationsWhat May Happen??
  • You will be suspended for 5 days
  • You may have the suspension extended
  • You may appear before an EXPULSION board
  • You may get EXPELLED!
other things to know
Other Things to Know
  • Emergency Drills – Fire, earthquake, lock-down & whistle
  • Backpack line up on courts
  • Carry your ID card with you at all times
  • Use your Planner daily at school & at home
  • No open displays of affection
  • Balloons, flowers, or gifts should not be given at school
  • Individuals selling candy or any item on school grounds is prohibited
  • Walk your bikes on campus & wear a helmet. Don’t forget to lock bikes.
  • Lost & Found is in the Library
  • Follow all rules in Planner
  • Follow directions of all adults on campus: teachers, secretaries, custodians, campus supervisors, parent volunteers, counselors, administrators, etc.
this is your school and being a student is your job
This is your school and being a student is your job!
  • We want you to enjoy your two years at RSM!
  • We want you to have good experiences at RSM!
  • We want you to learn new things, to grow not just physically, but mentally, socially, and emotionally.
  • We want you to be the very best student and citizen that you can be!
we are here to help
We are here to help!

Dr. Jameson – Principal

Ms. Escamilla - 7th grade Assistant Principal

Mr. Merino – 8th grade Assistant Principal

Mrs. Bills – Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Scott - Guidance Counselor

Lead Campus Supervisor - Mr. Ming aka “Philip”

rewards fun activities at rsm
Rewards & Fun Activitiesat RSM
  • Roadrunner Pride Awards - “Caught in the Act” coupons
  • Student of the Tri Luncheons
  • 8th grade Awards Night
  • Funaramas
  • Dances
  • Talent Show, RSM Idol, Theatrical Plays
  • After school sports through Parks & Rec
  • Iron man
  • PAL, ASB
remember to have a great year

REMEMBER - to have a great year:

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Ready

Always do your best, and treat others the way you want to be treated.