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T-Notes. An Explanation and Tutorial. Absent Students. If you were absent for the in class activity, you will need to access the actual PowerPoint presentation with all of the hyperlinks. THS Website/Courses/English/Steplock/ Resources/Research Paper/Understanding T-Notes

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T notes


An Explanation and Tutorial

Absent students
Absent Students

  • If you were absent for the in class activity, you will need to access the actual PowerPoint presentation with all of the hyperlinks.

  • THS Website/Courses/English/Steplock/ Resources/Research Paper/Understanding T-Notes

  • Make notes as you go about questions, concerns, etc. for elements of the activity.

  • Attending tutorials is also suggested.

What are t notes
What are T-Notes?

  • A method of organizing information

  • A structure of organizing information

  • A strategy for contemplating on paper ideas to be used at a later time.

When do i use t notes
When do I use T-Notes?

  • When researching

  • When taking notes (generic)

What do t notes look like
What do T-Notes look like?

Parts of the t notes heading
Parts of the T-Notes: Heading

Name: student name

Date: date completed

Research Topic: generic topic before thesis is determined, alter to fit the thesis and/or purpose of T-notes

Purpose of T-Notes: Background information, supporting evidence, or counter-argument (other purposes may vary w/ assignment of essay)

Parts of the t notes mla works cited page citation
Parts of the T-Notes: MLA Works Cited Page Citation

  • A part of the final draft of any documented essay is a correctly formatted MLA Works Cited entry.

  • This box allows you to document the notes on the T-note for the specific source.

  • See the next slide for accessing the citation.

Finding the mla works cited page citation
Finding the MLA Works Cited Page Citation

  • Access the THS Library Weebly.

  • Open the Opposing Viewpoints Database (“How to” instructions are hyperlinked here).

  • Open the article you are interested in using for T-Notes.

  • On the right side of the article near the top is a list of “Tools.”

  • Select “Citation Tools.”

  • Make sure MLA 7th Edition style is selected.

  • Click “Download.”

  • “Open” the document.

  • The double-spaced entry at the top of the page is the citation. Copy and paste this to your T-notes page. DO NOT copy the URL.

  • Use the back arrow on the webpage to navigate back to the article. Using the X will close “Opposing Viewpoints” completely.

Parts of the t notes direct evidence
Parts of the T-Notes: Direct Evidence

  • The left side of the T-Notes is for recording elements “lifted” from the source.

  • These will be direct quotations. Make sure to use quotation marks at the beginning and end of your selected portion of text.

  • Make sure to use the parenthetical citation at the end of the quotation. Internet based sources will not have page numbers. Your parenthetical citation will only have an author’s name.

Parts of the t notes recording your thoughts
Parts of the T-Notes: Recording Your Thoughts

  • The right side of the T-Notes is to record your thoughts about how you can use the material in your essay.

  • What made you choose that quotation? How does it work with the purpose of the T-Notes as recorded in your heading? Write it down as your information for the right side.

  • Make sure to record your thoughts immediately to the right of the original quotation.

  • Anything you use now can later be used in the actual writing of the paper. Have quality thoughts/ideas now.

T note requirements argumentative research paper 2013
T-Note Requirements: Argumentative Research Paper 2013

  • 3 sets of T-notes will be submitted on 1/23/13 to Turnitin.com as ONE document.

  • Make sure to have the following three purposes covered:

    • Background information

    • Support for your stance (for or against)

    • Counter-argument

  • Each T-Note must have 3 to 5 entries to be considered “complete.” If you need more information for a type of T-Note, find another article and create a new T-note.

  • Make sure you understand these requirements prior to the due date, January 23 at 4pm.

T note documents
T-Note Documents

  • The following documents are available on the teacher website as well as the English II Weebly:

    • Understanding T-Notes PowerPoint

    • T-Notes template

    • T-Notes template - extended document (This version is for compiling T-Notes into one long document for submission to Turnitin.com.)