supporting your diversity agenda initial thoughts for walsall council n.
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Supporting your diversity agenda : Initial thoughts for Walsall Council PowerPoint Presentation
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Supporting your diversity agenda : Initial thoughts for Walsall Council

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Supporting your diversity agenda : Initial thoughts for Walsall Council - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Supporting your diversity agenda : Initial thoughts for Walsall Council
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  1. Supporting your diversity agenda : Initial thoughts for Walsall Council

  2. Understanding the Brief Primary Objective: Inspire target audience (TA) to join Walsall Council and serve their community Secondary Objective: Influence parents and peer groups to endorse council jobs as a desired career option Create a strong brand positioning for the council as a diversity employer through brand promotion and endorsement within the community Primary Target Audience: Age group: 18-30 years Gender: Male & Female Ethnicity: Black and Asian population Secondary Target Audience: Parents, Family Members, Household Heads & Peer Groups

  3. BME Demographics in Walsall

  4. Outreach: targeting by region & religion Within the BME (South Asian) Community there is vast internal regional and religious diversification therefore there are several events and outreach ideas around which activities can be designed to meet the objectives of the county council Way Forward • Community outreach work with the local temples, mosques and community centres during key religious festival / days • To run the recruitment wave - Targets for each activity day to be derived on the basis of footfalls per event and venue, bearing the event cost in mind • At times the platform being used might not be ideal for lead generation but for branding, presence to represent integration within the community and to generate initial interest in the opportunities available within the council • Whilst addressing the BME community, it is important to bear in mind that our secondary audience plays a key role in decision making therefore the messages have to be clear, easily comprehensible and targeted towards the Secondary audience as much as the Primary audience

  5. Outreach : targeting by region and religion Our approach: • To set up a stall at the selected site close to a cultural event or religious occasion to distribute literature, generate interest in the employment opportunities within Council and register potential recruits . Presence within the community would build people’s confidence in Council as an employer and eliminate doubts • To explore branding opportunities at the location i.e. banners, roller stands and other innovative ideas • Members of the recruitment team will conduct mini workshops at the sites and generate awareness about various opportunities • Outreach staff will distribute leaflets and merchandise and engage the younger audience to come into the stall and speak to the recruitment team • Event reports to be submitted with details about the proceedings of the day, footfalls, general public feedback and registrations achieved

  6. Events Calendar

  7. Proposed Events • Walsall Diwali October 2009 at New Art Gallery • Walsall Durga Puja by Bengal Forum • Walsall Eid Celebration • Walsall Vaisakhi • Black History Month Celebration • Guru Purab – Guru Nanak Jayanti 2nd November 2009 • Birmingham Mela • Birmingham Carnival The Tribal/Here&Now365 team will tie-up with relevant cultural and ethnic associations to support our initiative for e.g. The Sikh Forum, Hindu Forum, Bengal Forum, Afro Caribbean Association and Islamic Village

  8. Outreach: targeting by community centres An extensive outreach activity plan to be executed in association with the local community centres, temples, Gurudwaras and Mosques: • Hindu Samaj Mandal • Midlands Indian Association • Guru Nanak Gurdwara • Guru Nanak Sikh Temple • Walsall Sikh Community Association • Shree Ram Mandir (Walsall) • Jami Mosque & Bangladeshi Islamic Association • MASJID-AL-FAROUQ • UK Islamic Mission Mosque and Islamic Centre • Markazi Jamia Masjid Rasa Committee • Afro Caribbean Community Association

  9. Leaflet Distribution • Representatives from within the community will be hired for leaflet distribution to be carried out across the various on: • High Streets • Community Centres • Gurudwaras • Temples • Libraries • Outside Walsall College • Railway Station

  10. Activity in Shopping Centres & High Streets • Objectives: • High Visibility • Direct Marketing leading to Direct Response • On Site Registrations • Face to Face experience with the officers in service • On Average the time spent in a Shopping Mall or Centre is 2-3 hours • Usually the audience being targeted is youth 16+ and families • Suggested Locations for activity : • Crown Wharf Retail Park • Park Place Shopping Centre • The Old Square

  11. Customised Events • Sporting Khalsa Sports Club: One of the most popular Sikh Sports club. The club was established in 1991. Over the years the club has always played Senior football in the local Walsall & District Sunday leagues. • Tribal and HereandNow will facilitate an exclusive tie-up with the club to promote Walsall Council. Various opportunities can be explored one of them is organising a BME Football tournament • A football tournament would be organised in association with Walsall Council • Venue will have Walsall posters • A sports personality would be invited to host the ground • Walsall will have intermittent session during the break time where they can address the crowd about their work. Audio video presentation detailing the work of Walsall Council can be showcased • Walsall will have its own separate stall to promote its services as well as enrol the interested candidates • The event would attract crowd from South Asian and BME community and enable Walsall to communicate to the large number of people simultaneously

  12. Radio • Radio XL • Popular AM 1296 radio channel within the Asian community in and around Birmingham area. • *The radio campaigns are usually effective for Call to Action messages therefore it would be ideal to run a heavy duty campaign around South Asian events i.e. Diwali or Sporting Sikh Sports Club Tournament etc. Due to budgets constraints we have planned a limited campaign which can be extended as and when required. • New Style Radio • Popular radio channel 98.7 FM, predominantly listened to by the Black community in and around Birmingham.

  13. Press • Asian Today • Popular Asian newspaper having a good circulation within all the neighbouring areas in Birmingham. Contains global as well as local news, entertainment and sports. Is highly prominent with the young generation Asian population • Punjab Times • Popular Punjabi tabloid newspaper circulated widely within the west midlands area. Is targeted towards 1st and 2nd generation audience.

  14. Online The plan is intended to reach the niche South Asian and Afro Caribbean community. However, there is scope to add more resources and the campaign can run for a longer period of time with extended budget

  15. Proposed Budget

  16. Media & Outreach Activity Plan Developed for Walsall Council Here&Now365 | Tribal Resourcing