don t just get treated n.
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Don’t Just get Treated

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Don’t Just get Treated. Get Fixed Right ! Quit Suffering Now. Healthy Spinal Segment. Notice Full disc height Healthy nerves & spinal column Smooth joint spaces No roughened joint spaces or degeneration. Degeneration of the spinal segments.

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don t just get treated

Don’t Just get Treated

Get Fixed Right !

Quit Suffering Now

healthy spinal segment
Healthy Spinal Segment
  • Notice Full disc height
  • Healthy nerves & spinal column
  • Smooth joint spaces
  • No roughened joint spaces or degeneration
degeneration of the spinal segments
Degeneration of the spinal segments

Decreased disc height Roughened Vertebral Endplates Pressure causing disc to bulge onto the nerve causing pain

the first stage of herniation
The First stage of Herniation
  • Notice the tear in the ligament tissue
  • Tear due to pressure triggers the degeneration process
second stage to herniation
Second Stage to Herniation

Disc material creating a bulge in the ligament layer of the disc.

Pain can be increased from these bulged disc.

mri of degenerated lumbar spine
MRI of Degenerated Lumbar Spine
  • Roughened Vertebral Endplates
  • Disc Buldges
  • Disc Herniations
  • Nerve Compression
vertebral axial decompressive therapy
Vertebral Axial Decompressive Therapy
  • 778 patients @ 22 medical centers treated with Decompression
  • 5 groups (types of injuries): extruded disc, multiple HNP, one level HNP, DDD, facet syndrome
  • Average onset of symptoms = 40 months (83% over 4 months)
  • Treatment 15 cycles, 1 min tension, 30 sec relax of decompression
  • 71% had reduction of pain to 0 to 1 on 0-5 scale
  • Possible mode: decrease intradiscal pressure below -100 mmHg creates diffusion gradient across disc space improving nutrient flow into disc (i.e. glucose, oxygen, sulphate, etc) Gose et al 1998
effects of decompression on sensory nerve dysfunction
Effects of Decompression on Sensory Nerve Dysfunction
  • 17 patients (13 male, 4 female), aver. age 40.8 yrs, average symptoms 17.2 months
  • 22 peripheral nerves investigated by Current Perception Threshold (CPT) Neurometer
  • Criteria: abnormal CPT reading, symptoms of sciatica, positive SLR, & positive imaging studies
  • 14/22 nerves (64%) returned to normal function; 6/22 (27%) improved; 1/22 (4.5%) had no improvements; 1/22 (4.5%) showed deterioration
  • Overall improvement 67% (P< 0.05)

Tilaro et al 1999

argyle family chiropractic is different for several reasons
Argyle Family Chiropractic is Different for several reasons.
  • We understand each patient needs to be treated in a specific way according to their own bodies.
  • Most health conditions are not just the involvement of one problem but generally an accumulation of several issues.
  • Healing takes time but we all want quick results.
  • There is a time and place for everything.
  • We Truly Care for our patients & their conditions.
muscle structure plays a big role
Muscle Structure Plays a BIG Role
  • Helps Keep Balance
  • Supports other Structures
  • Helps Protect Organs
  • Helps Blood Flow & Circulation
does decompression help everyone
Does Decompression Help Everyone?

I wish I could say YES -100% of the time, but some cases are to far gone to improve with decompression.

But there is an 80% success rate and that is an excellent rate for any treatment.

Each case is evaluated of an individual basis

how many treatments will it take
How many treatments will it take?

The number of treatments varies from case to case along with the frequency.

Where some patients may need it daily to begin with, others may progress with a few treatments.

Most patient area some where between 4 -20 visits.

Each treatment plan varies according to your progress also, some improve faster than others.

addressing the total body
Addressing the Total Body

Healthis the state of optimum physical, mental and social well-being, and not merelythe absence of disease and infirmity.

We focus on Optimum Health at

Argyle Family Chiropractic

not just the absence of pain or discomfort.

Make your appointment today @ (940) 464-2273