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Corporate Social Resposibilities Vs Green marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Corporate Social Resposibilities Vs Green marketing

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Corporate Social Resposibilities Vs Green marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Corporate Social Resposibilities Vs Green marketing. Learning Objective. Understand what is Corporate social responsibilities knowing the relationship between the csr and marketing Understand what is Green Marketing Why Green marketing is important

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Learning Objective

Understand what is Corporate social responsibilities

knowing the relationship between the csr and marketing

Understand what is Green Marketing

Why Green marketing is important

differentiate the csr between green marketing



Corporate Social responsibilities

Classical Perspective


Current Perspective



Classical Perspective

Suggesting that the main function of business is to provide goods and services that lead to the maximization of profit within the framework of legal requirements (de la Cruz DenizDeniz and Cabrera Suarez, 2005; Quazi and O’Brien, 2000)

The focus here is on the economic and legal responsibilities of business



Current Perspective

Is into attempts at meeting a wider spectrum of expectations, as in protecting the environment, developing the community, conserving resources, and philanthropic giving (de la Cruz DenizDeniz and Cabrera Suarez, 2005; Quazi and O’Brien, 2000).

From this perspective, business like ordinary persons or citizens, is expected to assume responsibility and conform to the principles of morality, accountability, and integrity with a much wider scope for potential contributions and interventions.



Types of Social Responsibility

Carroll (1979) differentiated between four types of corporate social responsibilities:

1. Economic

2. Legal

3. Ethical

4. Discretionary



The relation Csr with Marketing

The field of social marketing has emerged and has specialized in the contribution of marketing activities to socially desirable behaviors and goals. Similarly, the marketing literature has developed much knowledge on the ethical perceptions, reasoning, and decision-making process of marketing managers and has allocated little attention to the ethical responsibilities of the firm as a whole.

Overall, the past studies have rarely considered how marketing thinking and practices can contribute to the development of socially responsible practices throughout the organization.



Green Marketing

[Polonsky 1994] Green or Environmental Marketing is consists of all activities designed to generate and facilitate any exchanges intended to satisfy human needs or wants, such that the satisfaction of these needs and wants occurs, with minimal detrimental impact on the natural environment.

[Ingram and Durst Troumbis 1991] Green marketing incorporates a broad range of activities, including product modification, changes to the production process, packaging changes, as well as modifying advertising



Green Marketing and Sustainable Development

[World Commission on Environmental Development 1978] “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs”

The common theme throughout this strategy of sustainable development , is the need to integrate economic and ecological considerations in decision making by making policies that conserve the quality of agricultural development and environmental protection.



Why is green marketing important

The question of why green marketing has increased in importance is quite simple and relies on the basic definition of Economics: Economics is the study of how people use their limited resources to try to satisfy unlimited wants. [McTaggart, Findlay and Parkin 1992, 24] Thus mankind has limited resources on the earth, with which we must attempt to provide for the worlds' unlimited wants.



Why are Firms Using Green Marketing?

[Keller 1987, Shearer 1990] Organizations perceive environmental marketing to be an opportunity that can be used to achieve its objectives.

[Davis 1992, Freeman and Liedtka 1991, Keller 1987, McIntosh 1990, Shearer 1990] Organizations believe they have a moral obligation to be more socially responsible.

[NAAG 1990] Governmental bodies are forcing firms to become more responsible.

[NAAG 1990] Competitors' environmental activities pressure firms to change their environmental marketing activities.

[Azzone and Manzini 1994] Cost factors associated with waste disposal, or reductions in material usage forces firms to modify their behavior.



Social Responsibility

Firms responsibilities

they can use the fact that they are environmentally responsible as a marketing tool

they can become responsible without promoting this fact