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Vesna Periši ć , School of Mathematics V.Perisic@soton.ac.uk

Zappers in Teaching Mathematics 1 st STEM Annual Conference 12 -13 Apr 2012 Imperial College London. Vesna Periši ć , School of Mathematics V.Perisic@soton.ac.uk. What is a zapper? H ow to vote using a zapper?. Y ou can change your vote (until polling closes) by pressing another button.

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Vesna Periši ć , School of Mathematics V.Perisic@soton.ac.uk

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  1. Zappers in TeachingMathematics1st STEM Annual Conference12 -13 Apr 2012Imperial College London VesnaPerišić, School of Mathematics V.Perisic@soton.ac.uk

  2. What is a zapper? How to vote using a zapper? You can change your vote (until polling closes) by pressing another button. This flashes green when you vote. Click a button (0-9 or A-J) to vote for your answer. Click here if you are unsure about the question. It will not accept invalid answers. Please don’t press the GO button as it causes problems.

  3. Is your zapper working? This flashes green when you vote. If it flashes yellow and red, your zapper is not set up correctly. Please test your zapper using the question on the next slide.

  4. What did you drink with your breakfast this morning? • Tea • Coffee • Fruit Juice • Water • Other • Nothing

  5. How did you travel to the conference? • By train. • By tube. • By plane. • By car. • By bus.

  6. Have you used zappers or Personal Respond Systems (PRS) before? • Yes. • No.

  7. Zappers in learning and teaching Engineering Foundation Year Maths • Diagnostic quiz • Revision sessions

  8. Benefits • Increased students’ participation and students-lecturer interaction. • Students can compare themselves with the cohort. • An efficient way to address typical errors. • Instantaneous two-way feedback.

  9. 7. is equal to x 2 x+ None of the above 10 Countdown

  10. Challenges • Time consuming – (preparation of presentations, current organisation of the whole system,…) • Anxiety – Will everything work properly in the lecture theatre?

  11. Feedback from the students • Students are mainly positive about using zappers and would like to use the system more often. • …”no worries about getting something wrong, and you can see that you are not alone…..”

  12. Conclusions • Zappers facilitate interactive teaching methods and as such they have earned an important place in learning and teaching. • Reasons why the zappers are not used more often are of technical nature. • The Turning Technology software can be used with smart phones. Can we assume that every student has a smart phone?

  13. References – internet links: • http://www.personal.soton.ac.uk/rdi/zappers/mee.htm • Parr et al (2011) Examples of zapper use at the University of Southampton, Turning Technologies User Conference, University of Surrey • http://www.mazur.harvard.edu • www.peerinstruction.net

  14. If you have not already used zappers in your teaching will you consider using them? • Yes. • No. • May be.

  15. The talk was: • Boring. • Informative. • Funny. • I am hungry and want to go for a lunch…..

  16. Any questions?

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