Lead unit 6 week4 day 3
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LEAD Unit 6 Week4 Day 3. How do different kinds of animals grow?. Use Multiple Vocab Strategies. Word relationships: nice, kind, ______, ______ Similes: Cars like nutcrackers, soft as a pillow, ________, _______ Thesaurus: Tender: kind, _______, _______, ______. Phonics.

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Lead unit 6 week4 day 3

LEAD Unit 6 Week4Day 3

How do different kinds of animals grow?

Use multiple vocab strategies
Use Multiple Vocab Strategies

Word relationships:

nice, kind, ______, ______


Cars like nutcrackers, soft as a pillow,

________, _______


Tender: kind, _______, _______, ______


  • /ir/ spelled ear, ere, eer

    What vowel sound is at the end of the word hear?

Word study prefixes
Word Study: Prefixes

  • A prefix is a word part added at the beginning of a word. The prefix’s meaning combines with the word’s meaning.

  • What is the prefix and the meaning of the following words?

    pretest incomplete imprecise

    preteen inactive improper

    precook prepay incorrect

Comprehension skill fact and opinion
Comprehension Skill:Fact and Opinion

  • Facts are pieces of information that can be proven true.

  • Opinions are what people think about something.

    “What’s more, there’s nothing for the father penguin to eat on land. And because he’s egg-sitting, he can’t go off to the sea to feed. So that means two whole months with an egg on your feet and no dinner! Or breakfast or lunch or snacks. I don’t know about you but I’d be very, very miserable.”

    What are the facts in this paragraph?

    What are the opinions? (What facts support this opinion?)

Build theme vocabulary
Build Theme Vocabulary

  • Page 5 in Living and Growing

  • Have you watched a pet animal or farm animal grow?

  • How are young animals you’ve seen different when they get older?

  • Describe an animal and how it grows.

Prepare to read author s purpose
Prepare to Read:Author’s Purpose

  • Authors can write to inform, entertain, or persuade readers to think as they do.

    Living and Growing

    What was the author’s purpose for writing many facts?

    The Emperor’s Egg

    What were the author’s TWO purposes?

Read across texts
Read Across Texts

Living and Growing- Chap.3

What is a fact about growing


The author made a word choice that shows her opinion. What is the word?

The Emperor’s Egg- pages 24-31

How big is the chick when it hatches?

How does the chick get the food it needs to grow?

What is the author’s purpose for including this information?

Word study
Word Study

  • High Frequency Words: country

  • Fluency: Practice Page 124

    “How We Learn”

Revise the model
Revise the Model

  • When writer’s revise, they must reread their work and look for ways to make it better:

  • Add facts and persuasive language

  • Delete details that are not persuasive

  • Rearrange the order of sentences

Revise the model1
Revise The Model

  • Revise and Edit model 2 (writing models chart p. 46)

  • As I read the draft, I can see the first sentence is missing something. Mr. Jackson needs to know which book the writer is writing about.

  • I don’t think we need the sentence about snakes.

  • I also think the second sentence is confusing.

Edit the model
Edit the Model

  • Revise and Edit model 2 (writing models chart p. 46)

  • Dear mr. Jackson,

    I loved your book about snakes! I thik you should rite one about frogs. Frogs would be a great topic for a book.

    For one thing, kids love looking at pitures. Frogs can be a lot of difrent colors. If you include some amazing photographs, then every kid would read your book.