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How Ironic!

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How Ironic! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Ironic!. Situational : something happens that we wouldn’t expect to happen. Example: a fire station burns down.

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Situational: something happens that we wouldn’t expect to happen

Example: a fire station burns down

Definition: a contrast between what is expected and what actually happens contradiction between appearance and reality, between expectation and outcome, or between meaning and intention.

Example: a fire station burns down


Dramatic: the reader knows something the characters do not

Verbal: what is said is different than what is meant

Home Alone: We know that Kevin has planted traps every where, but the thieves don’t!

“You got straight A’s on your report card? I’m so disappointed!”

situational irony
Situational Irony
  • Occurs when something happens that contradicts our expectation.
  • Rock trio ZZ Top is famously associated with the chest-length beards of guitarist Billy Gibbons and bassist Dusty Hill. The group's drummer, who only has a mustache, happens to be named Frank Beard.
  • A man jumps over a giant waterfall like Niagara Falls in a barrel and survives, only to take a clean-up shower where he slips on the soap and dies from trauma.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, an actor famous for his violence in film, campaigning against violence in video games in general - which ironically includes those featuring his own characters.
  • Rapper Ice-T, once famous for his “Cop Killer” album, now plays a cop on Law & Order: SVU.
  • An anti-technology website.
verbal irony
Verbal Irony
  • Occurs when someone says something that deliberately contradicts what that person actually means.
  • You have a six-foot tall friend who you call “shorty.”
  • You planned six months in advance for good weather on your wedding day. It is suddenly raining and hailing. You step outside and say, “Oh good! I was hoping it would rain.”
dramatic irony
Dramatic Irony
  • In Cinderella, the prince goes searching for the “princess” who lost her slipper at the ball. The prince does not know that she is a poor girl, almost a slave to her stepsisters and stepmother. It is ironic because we know the owner of the shoe is Cinderella, a poor girl, but he thinks it is a girl that comes from great wealth.
identify the following examples of irony as situational dramatic or verbal
Identify the following examples of irony as situational, dramatic, or verbal…

George breaks a date with his girlfriend so he can go to a ball game with the guys. At the concession stand, he runs into his girlfriend with another guy.

a situational irony
  • We do not expect George to see his girlfriend with another guy.
situational irony1

We don’t expect a FITNESS CENTER to have an escalator because they cause you to burn FEWER calories.

You are watching a horror movie. You know that the boogey man is waiting for the main character in the closet, but the character doesn’t know and unknowingly opens the closet door.
a dramatic irony
  • You, as the audience, know something that the main character does not.
a situational irony1
A: Situational Irony
  • You wouldn’t expect to see a Pepsi delivery man drinking a Coke!
As you walk outside into the pouring rain, your friend sarcastically comments, “What lovely weather we’re having today.”
a verbal irony
  • Your friend is saying that it is lovely weather but what she means is just the opposite. It is a very dreary day.
situational irony2

The guy is calling the protestors stupid, but he spelled, “morons” wrong!

a situational irony2
  • We wouldn’t expect a POLICE STATION to get robbed. They investigate robberies!

The van drove into a “School of Safe Driving .” Hahahahahaha! We wouldn’t expect that.

Your date for the school dance shows up in ripped jeans and a stained t-shirt. With a smirk, you say, “Oh! I see you dressed up for the occasion.”
a verbal irony1
  • What you’ve said is different than what you mean. You mean that your date hasn’t bothered to dress up at all, but that isn’t what you said!
situational irony3
  • It is ironic that a McDonald’s sign is beside a sign about obesity!
When watching a talk show, the audience knows why a person has been brought on the show. However, the person in the chair does not know that he/she is going to be reunited with a long

lost friend.

a dramatic irony1
  • The audience knows information that a character does not! (We know why the person has been brought on the show, but he/she doesn’t!)
  • Would you expect someone that lives here to specialize in complete home repair?