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Most Scenic Routes of World by Shabuddin Syed PowerPoint Presentation
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Most Scenic Routes of World by Shabuddin Syed

Most Scenic Routes of World by Shabuddin Syed

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Most Scenic Routes of World by Shabuddin Syed

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  1. Top Five Most Scenic Routes of World By: Shabuddin Syed

  2. 1: Western Desert, Egypt While you go from Cairo to Egypt you can see this scenic place. Travel kilometres upon kilometres of golden dunes. See the stunning rock formations and rest at precious oases- take a safari into the Western Desert. You can also see some of the beautiful oases such as Dhakla, Kharga and Siwa while traveling. Shabuddin Syed

  3. 2: The Seward Highway You can see the superb beauty of Alaska as you go along the Seward Highway. You can come across beautiful waterfalls, lush vegetation comprising rare flora and fauna as you go along this highway. You can also see sheep and mountain goats along this path. You can enjoy fishing and camping on this place. Shabuddin Syed

  4. 3: Transfagarasan Road, Romania This road is not only famous for its vampire history but is full of verdant vegetation and lofty mountains which will make you have a fun filled holiday in this scenic spot. The road is quite peaceful road and is a great way to see snow in August, breath fresh air and escape from the dusty polluted cities. Shabuddin Syed

  5. 4: Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada The beauty of the Ice fields parkway has to be seen to be believed. White snow, colossal mountains and green vegetation make the route all the more captivating. You can also come across amazing flora and fauna comprising of bears, moose, elks and the blue waters and waterfalls will leave you mesmerized. Shabuddin Syed

  6. 5: Alsace Wine Route, France This route is replete with rustic sights such as the Rhenan plains, the majestic Vosges Mountains, the beautiful villages with their traditional culture and customs and lots more. Taking a drive along this path can leave you everlasting memories of this place. Shabuddin Syed