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How to find a job?

How to find a job?. Renata Kiršić, volunteer at Alfa Albona. Get some experience!. But how?. Try some mobility programmes!. Have you heard about European V oluntary Service? European solidarity corpse ? Go on a youth exchange or a training under Erasmus + programme !

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How to find a job?

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  1. How to find a job? Renata Kiršić, volunteer at Alfa Albona

  2. Get some experience!

  3. But how?

  4. Try some mobility programmes! Haveyouheardabout European Voluntary Service? European solidaritycorpse? Go on a youthexchangeor a trainingunderErasmus+ programme! Go on a student exchange! Maybeaninternship? Ask me abouttheYouthpass!

  5. Try volunteering! Volunteers aren't paid. Not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless. If you have some spare time, give it a try! You’ll get some new skills and you’ll meet new people (don’t forget about the importance of networking)!

  6. You haveeverythingthatyouneed, but yousimplydon’tknowwhere to start?

  7. Find your closest Youth info centre! They will guide you through your needs!

  8. Have you heard about Eurodesk? They are here to help. Get in touch with them!

  9. Searching for a job outside your country? Don’t forget about EURES!

  10. You wouldprefer a jobwithinyourowncountry? Find your National employment office!

  11. Be online! Try to find other web portals where they are announcing new job openings. Make your profile and be sure to get the latest notifications! Google it!(Or, if you cannot find it, ask your local youth info-centre!)

  12. Use your social networks wisely! Probably you have multiple social networks. But what do you do there? Be sure to follow the companies where you want to work. When they announce they have a new job opening, you will see it!

  13. Inform yourself!

  14. You could use some new skills?

  15. That’s also ok! You have many opportunities! Just start!

  16. Getinvolvedin as manyofworkshops as youcan! Learn more and more! Thereis no suchthing as toomuchknowledge! Workshops are often free. Try to be more informed. Ask some advicefromyourlocal info-centre!

  17. No money, no problem! There are a lot of online courses that are free or really cheap. With Internet, you can learn about anything. From free tutorials on Youtube to specialized websites for learning (like Skillshare, Coursera, Udemy…), there’s no more excuses!

  18. You’reusingyourcomputer, but are youcomputer literate? Revise and improve your knowledge!

  19. The more languages you speak… Learn or improve some new languages! Don’t forget about online language courses. Some of them are free (like Duolingo)!

  20. Don’t forget about the soft skills! -attitude, communication, creative thinking, work ethic, teamwork, networking, decision making, positivity, time management, motivation, flexibility, problem-solving, critical thinking, and conflict resolution.

  21. Task: Make an info-brochureaboutfindingjobs! Divide in groups/country

  22. Some cool tools to use: • Canva • Pictochart • Avatar maker

  23. Free photos! • Pixabay • Unsplash • Pexels • Picjumbo • Kaboompics

  24. Let’s create!

  25. How? • Small groups • 2 classrooms • Research and brainstorming (10.00) • Computer work (12.00) • Bring the brochure

  26. Research and brainstorming • What I want to have in the paper • How to put it on max 4 pages (min 2) • Design and photos (use free online tools!) • Save it in PDF format

  27. Computer work • Divide work with your compagnion • Work fast but with attention • Work needs to be atractive • Be creative

  28. Final notice We all meet in the restaurant at 12:00! You have lunch at 13 

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