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Tooth Bonding and You PowerPoint Presentation
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Tooth Bonding and You

Tooth Bonding and You

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Tooth Bonding and You

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  1. Tooth Bonding and You

  2. The very first question we asked the cosmetic dentist San Francisco was just what is tooth bonding. It turns out that bonding is utilizing a resin composite to put on both back and front teeth. Composites are fantastic to use for mending decayed teeth and making minor cosmetic enhancements or even changing the very color of your teeth. You can even use bonding to reshape your teeth.

  3. Bonding is utilised to lighten stains that you may have on your teeth. The option is that you can use bonding to cover natural flaws by implementing a small coating of a plastic material to the front of the teeth that need it. After using the resin composite to your teeth the cosmetic dentist San Francisco says they can sculpt, shape and color the tooth to give it a very desirable look. They use a very intense light (like a laser) that combines and hardens the plastic so they can polish it for a really wonderful physical appearance.

  4. If you are wondering who helps make a very good candidate for tooth bonding, I have an answer for you. If you have chipped or cracked teeth or a small gap between your front teeth you just might be a good prospect for tooth bonding. Also if your teeth are stained, you have unequal teeth or gum recession, this is something that can help you. One forewarning though, bonding material is porous and if you are a smoker there is a high chance that the bonding will turn yellow, so you may want to take into consideration another choice. The best recommendation our cosmetic dentist San Francisco can give is that if you think you might be a prospect for bonding talk it over with your own dentist.

  5. The way bonding works is the cosmetic dentist puts an etching solution to your teeth and it creates tiny crevices to the enamel of your teeth. This gives the surface of the tooth a rough surface that allows the durable resin compound to bond materials right on your teeth. When everything is ready the laser light cures the resin causing it to solidify in just minutes and the bond is complete.

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