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Rihanna Representation Annotations. PowerPoint Presentation
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Rihanna Representation Annotations.

Rihanna Representation Annotations.

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Rihanna Representation Annotations.

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  1. Rihanna Representation Annotations. Remember to consider the effect of- mis en scene, Body language Ideologies Iconography semiotics

  2. Colour cohesion: Red, white, blue. Predominantly bold primary colours. Direct mode of address. Open lipped pout Very provocative clothing. Intended for a mostly male audience due to the sexual nature of the photo. Lack of clothing… again reinforces the sexual image being presented.

  3. Very neutral colours used. Opposite to the bold colour scheme in photo 1. Lack of eye contact: -Scared -Shame Setting: A hospital. Setting naturally mimics the message of the photo. And accentuates the impact of Rihanna’s injuries. Completely different message to the first and third photos. This is quick snapshot to highlight the devastating abuse that Rihanna endured back in 2010. Rihanna remains the only thing in focus as her face and her injuries are the sole messages this photo is presenting . Indirect mode of address. Attire is completely different to first photo. This looks like a tank top, again very different to the glamorous portrayal in the first and third photos. Centred close up.

  4. Smoking of the cigar could be used to symbolize Rihannas ‘rebellious’ side. Minimalist jewellery perhaps to attach more significance to the cigar. Interestingly Rihannas stature is very defensive with her arms tucked in, perhaps due to the effects of the attack (second photo) on her mentality. The composition of this photo and the capture of the smoke exiting Rihannas mouth is undoubtedly another sexual connotation. Revealing a tattoo of what looks to be an Egyptian empress. (Cleopatra perhaps) This idea is reinforced by Rihannas very ‘steamy’ glare and her choice of clothing.