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INTRODUCING COMPELLENT – FASTEST GROWING SAN VENDOR. Virtualized storage for enterprises and cloud data centers. Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. COMPELLENT CUSTOMERS. Finance/ Insurance. Healthcare. Education. Retail / Publishing. Manufacturing. Service Providers. FBI.

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  1. INTRODUCING COMPELLENT –FASTEST GROWING SAN VENDOR Virtualized storage for enterprises and cloud data centers

  2. Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide COMPELLENT CUSTOMERS Finance/Insurance Healthcare Education Retail / Publishing Manufacturing Service Providers FBI Government Legal

  3. Global enterprise corporations using Compellent around the world. GLOBAL ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS

  4. How long can you manage data the same way? SO WHY IS STORAGE SO EXPENSIVE? Data Growth is out of control… • Storage capacity is growing ~60% p.a. (Gartner) • Companies are only using 40~50% of their installed capacity (ESG) • Total Cost of Storage is growing faster than IT budgets Virtualisation of Servers and Desktops drives even more data into your datacentre…. Source: Forester, 2010

  5. How long can you manage data the same way? Future Years – Expansion Costs Storage Upgrades Drive Future Capex Spend Requirements • Assuming conservative 40% growth assumption • e.g. £250k initial investment • Assumes “forklift upgrade” to replace SAN in year 5 at same cost as original (to be conservative) Forklift Upgrade

  6. Fluid data core principles


  8. FLUID DATA: SAVES MONEY Customers Buy Less Disks… Big Datacentre Cost Savings

  9. FLUID DATA: STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION Smartest storage for virtual servers Compellent Advantage Server and Storage Virtualization Compellent Virtualization Benefits • Buy less hardware • Reduce space, energy • More efficient use of assets • Much less management time • High performance without tuning • Simplified capacity planning • Change RAID levels anytime • Auto re-striping when expanding

  10. Compellent delivers Usable TB requirements with Guaranteed IOPS Performance using Less Drives… LEGACY BUY LESS DISK, REDUCE DATACENTRE OPERATING COSTS 21 TB SAN First Year Power Consumption 200,000 kW-H 50,000 kW-H 12,575 kW-H

  11. NO MORE FORKLIFT UPGRADES SCALE-UP & SCALE OUT Scale through the enterprise without downtime Grow without the pain • Add any number of drives at any time - no downtime! • Performance scales automatically • Scale up and scale out DID YOU KNOW? We have the only storage product on the market with a single, expandable model? • Auto restripe – no manual copying • Non-disruptive change management • Platform supports even future drive / IO technologies

  12. PERSISTENT PLATFORM – NO FORCED UPGRADES … Only buy controller software once No “Forklift Upgrades” Ever • Eliminate technology risk – mix and match at any time • Non-disruptive controller software upgrades DID YOU KNOW? Units shipped in 2005 are still in production today using our latest software. • Perpetual software licensing model • “Future-proof” your investment

  13. AVOID DATA DUPLICATION Eliminate data duplication for Virtual servers, VDI desktop images & development copies… Virtual Snapshot Clones use ZERO space! Avoid Boot & VDI Duplication Avoid Duplication for any purpose! Data Instant Replay • Avoid unnecessary duplication of data in the first place! • Compellent Data Instant Replays are R/W, Mountable, Bootable – without copying data • Development copies of Production Data • Diskless servers & desktops • Thin provisioned boot volumes & VDI images • Easy to replicate boot & VDI images for DR • Less power, cooling and floor-space for Virtual Servers & VDI • Compellent has announced Block De-Duplication, available H1/2011 Benefits

  14. Recover instantly, replicate in minutes CONTINUOUS DATA AVAILABILITY

  15. Use Fluid Data to drive down costs even as data growth increases… DRAMATIC IMPACT ON LIFETIME COSTS Less Capex for Capacity Growth in Future Budget • TB Capacity generally grows faster than Performance (IOPS) • Adding Capacity is at cost of cheapest drives available • Adding Performance no longer requires as many high performance drives as traditional • No more forced end-of-life replacement / avoid forklift upgrades

  16. Microsoft Study shows BIG savings with Compellent Combining Server & Desktop Virtualisation with Fluid Data is whown to drive real cost savings • Microsoft Virtualisation Blueprint Study, April 2010 • Active Directory, Exchange, Web Servers, CRM, Backup, File Servers, Forefront Servers, Test & Dev • 88% less physical servers • 75% less disk • 48% less power consumption • Overall cost savings better than 17% first year www.compellent.com/microsoft

  17. Case Study – MICROSOFT CUSTOMER CARE INTERNAL CLOUD Microsoft use Compellent in multiple datacentres in the US & India… • Situation • 700 Physical Servers • 12x racks of disk and storage controllers • Pain points: cost per TB, complex management, poor performance, server provisioning time • Results • 2x racks of disk/controllers • Microsoft Windows PowerShell™ support enables seamless management of both production servers and storage environment • 98 terabyte SAN supports several hundred virtual data centers • Only two MPSC personnel support the entire environment • Windows Server 2008 R2 with cluster shared volumes running Hyper-V and SQL

  18. STORAGE MAGAZINE 2010 QUALITY AWARD – another win for CML 100% of customers surveyed would buy from Compellent again… Compellent Wins Quality Award 2010 • Prestigious Award in 2010 • WINNER in every Category • Product Quality • Product Feature Set • Product Reliability • Product Technical Support • 100% of Customers surveyed will buy Compellent again • Talk to Compellent customers

  19. Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide Compellent Worldwide


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