the early middle ages n.
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The Early Middle Ages

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The Early Middle Ages - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Early Middle Ages. Rome is gone! . The Middle Ages. Rome is gone, barbarians rule Europe Roman and barbarian cultures merge Kingdoms develop (Franks, Goths, Lombards , etc.). The Merovingian Kings (ruled for 200 years). Clovis (481-511) unites the Franks How?

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the middle ages
The Middle Ages
  • Rome is gone, barbarians rule Europe
  • Roman and barbarian cultures merge
  • Kingdoms develop (Franks, Goths, Lombards, etc.)
the merovingian kings ruled for 200 years
The Merovingian Kings (ruled for 200 years)
  • Clovis (481-511) unites the Franks
    • How?
  • Converts to Roman Catholicism. Why?
    • Excuse to conquer the rest of Gaul to spread Christianity
    • Ties him to the major power of Europe (the Church)
  • Becomes the Frankish Kingdom (France gets its name from this)
the merovingian kings ruled for 200 years1
The Merovingian Kings (ruled for 200 years)
  • After Clovis’ death, individual dukes assert control (feudalism)
  • Reunified by Charles Martel in 737.
  • Halted advance of the Muslims (Battle of Tours)
age of charlemagne
Age of Charlemagne
  • Frankish King: conquers nearly all of Europe
  • Spreads Catholicism
  • Crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope
  • Spoke and read multiple languages
  • Tried to bring back education
  • Created Medieval Europe
death of charlemagne
Death of Charlemagne
  • Charlemagne’s empire divided between his three sons
  • Louis the German and Charles the Bald each take the lands that like them the most
  • Present the least organized states to brother Lothar
  • Creates lasting divide between Germany and France
terms you need to know
Terms you need to know
  • Feudalism
  • Lord
  • Fief
  • Vassal
  • Knight
  • Serf
  • Manor
  • Tithe
  • Long boat
  • Viking
  • Secular
  • Sacrament
  • Lay investiture
  • Cannon law
  • Clergy
  • Pope
  • Cardinal
  • Monk
  • Priest
the vikings magyars and muslims
The Vikings, Magyars and Muslims
  • How did groups like the Vikings, Magyars and Muslims bring an end to unified govt in Europe?
the vikings or norsemen
The Vikings or Norsemen
  • Pride in being fierce warriors
  • Gods were warlike
  • Discovered Americas
  • Attacked primarily by water without warning
the deal
The Deal

A New Social Order: Feudalism

  • In 911, two former enemies faced each other in a peace ceremony. Rollo was the head of a Viking army. Rollo and his men had been plundering the rich Seine (sayn) River valley for years. Charles the Simple was the king of France but held little power. Charles granted the Viking leader a huge piece of French territory. It became known as Northmen’s land, or Normandy. In return, Rollo swore a pledge of loyalty to the king.

What did Rollo get?

What did Charles get?

Explain how the deal between Rollo and Charles the Simple led to Feudalism?

How could this kind of deal lead to future problems?

the manor
The Manor

1. Manor House

The dwelling place of the lord

2. Village Church

Site of both religious services and

public meetings

3. Peasant Cottages

Where the peasants lived

4. Lord’s Demesne

Fields owned by the lord and worked

by the peasants

5. Peasant Crofts

Gardens that belonged to the peasants

6. Mill

Water-powered mill for grinding grain

7. Common Pasture

Common area for grazing animals

8. Woodland

Forests provided wood for fuel.

sucks to be you a serf the economics of feudalism
Sucks to be you (a serf)The economics of feudalism.
  • What did the lord provide the serf?
    • Housing – Small 2 room dirt floor. Children rarely survived past infancy
    • farmland – If children did survive they worked the fields as soon as possible (no education)
    • protection from bandits.
  • What did the serf have to give the lord in return?
    • Tax at the mill
    • Tax to get Married (and only if the lord agreed)
    • Tax to the church –Tithe- (10%)
    • A portion of the grain crop
    • Work the lords land 3 days a week
sucks to be you a serf the economics of feudalism1
Sucks to be you (a serf)The economics of feudalism.
  • Why did serfs rarely leave the manor?
    • The manor was a self-sufficient
    • Why did the manorial system possibly develop this way? (2 major reasons)
  • What was the life expectancy for a serf?
    • 35 years old was an old man.
    • Serfs made up 90% of the population of Europe
    • Why so young?
  • What is the 1st major kingdom after the fall of Rome?
    • Frankish
  • Who are the first 2 rulers of this kingdom?
    • Clovis & Charles Martel
  • This kingdom gets another new name, what is it?
    • Holy Roman Empire
  • Who is the 1st Holy Roman Emperor?
    • Charlemagne
  • What happens to HRE after Charlemagne’s death?
    • Split up between sons
  • What causes the breakdown of large kingdoms (not just HRE)?
    • Vikings
  • What new system of government and society comes about because of the Vikings?
    • Feudalism
more review
More Review
  • What was exchanged for loyalty under feudalism?
    • Land or protection
  • Who was at the top of the Feudal Pyramid?
    • King
  • Next?
    • Nobles
  • What is this guys job?
  • What were the large estate farms or small kingdoms that people lived on?
    • Manors
  • Who does it suck to be during the Middle Ages?
    • Serf
      • (or everyone)
now what
Now What?
  • Viking raids stop either because of fortifications of castles or they have conquered and stayed (England)
    • 90% of male population in Most of British Isle has been driven off or killed by Viking invaders (Angles & Saxons)
    • So much that you are reading this language right now!
  • Well, no more Vikings to fight….. How about each other
  • The Pope – only central authority figure must find a way to keep catholic Europe from killing each other.
  • What does he need?