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T24 and the Oracle Database Appliance PowerPoint Presentation
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T24 and the Oracle Database Appliance

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T24 and the Oracle Database Appliance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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T24 and the Oracle Database Appliance . Simon Henman. September 2013. Temenos – a global market leader. No.1. World class delivery 43 new customers went live in 2012 Strength and depth: 1,000+ consultants, 100 concurrent projects Community of 1800+ certified partner consultants.

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t24 and the oracle database appliance
T24 and the Oracle Database Appliance

Simon Henman

  • September 2013
temenos a global market leader
Temenos – a global market leader


World class delivery

  • 43 new customers went live in 2012
  • Strength and depth: 1,000+ consultants, 100 concurrent projects
  • Community of 1800+ certified partner consultants

World’s leading banking software company

  • 1,200+ installations in 140+ countries
  • 450M USD revenues in 2012
  • 3,700+ employees in 57 international offices

Product led

  • Highest level of research and development in the industry
  • Regular software upgrade strategy
  • Passion for standards and openness
global reach
Global reach

3,700 employees

57 offices

  • 38 countries



Asia Pacific



CanadaCosta RicaEcuadorMexicoUSA

Middle East & Africa

EgyptKenyaLebanonMoroccoSaudi ArabiaSouth AfricaUAE

Our global network enables us to be close to our clients, understand their requirements and deliver solutions quickly and accurately

unmatched referenceability
Unmatched referenceability



Private Wealth

unmatched referenceability1
Unmatched referenceability

Corporate/ Wholesale

Islamic Banking


Central Banking

temenos and the oda
Temenos and the ODA
  • Temenos are a global banking software solution provider with extensive implementations from very small to very large national banks and financial institutions.
  • The typical Temenos architecture solution put very simply has 3 tiers – typically separate hardware
  • Browser / Web / Branch
  • (T24) Application
  • Database (RAC)
temenos and the oda issues and challenges for banks
Temenos and the ODAIssues and Challenges for banks
  • Performance
  • Implementation time
  • Data security
  • 24 x 7 multi-tier resilience / RAC database
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Hardware & infrastructure costs
  • Ease of use / administration
  • Development hardware costs
temenos and the oda solution oda
Temenos and the ODASolution - ODA
  • Great i/o performance as directly connected in single enclosure to HDD / Devices
  • Implementation time drastically reduced (oracle appliance manager)
  • Exceptional price performance with all in one H/W solution.
  • Multi node RAC database configuration (x3)
  • Oracle Linux and latest processors deliver performance
  • Virtualised development environment for reduced cost
t24 deployment on oda bank in a box
T24 Deployment on ODABank-in-a-BOX
  • VM deployment for Web and application.
  • Built-in high availability for application and database
  • Duplicate or triplicate RAC resilience
  • All in a single server with a single footprint

Oracle Database Appliance

T24 Browser

T24 Browser


App Node 2

App Node 1

T24 Application

T24 Application




ODA Database

ODA Database

temenos and the oda customer example
Temenos and the ODACustomer Example
  • We are currently implementing in an African bank “Uni-Bank” where resources are very difficult. Costs / DBA / infrastructure etc.
  • ODA chosen as the “best” fit for the bank.
  • Basic development system up and running in hours.
  • DBA not required for initial configuration
  • Customer plans 3 separate ODA machines for Prod / DR / Dev in the future.
temenos and the oda customer example1
Temenos and the ODACustomer Example
  • 250,000 accounts
  • 210,000 customers
  • 20 Branches
  • 200 concurrent T24 users
  • 6 satellite systems
  • Rapid growth plans
temenos and the oda problems resolved
Temenos and the ODAProblems Resolved
  • Long Running COBs (close of business)
  • Poor Online Performance
  • File Corruption
  • Future architecture strategy needed
  • COB tuned, corruptions corrected
  • Online Performance optimised
  • Architectural roadmap agreed: Database Conversion,

HA/DR Architecture and T24 Upgrade

  • uniBank now implementing on ODA
  • Another 2 banks in the region very interested after seeing this rollout
temenos and the oda poc performance testing
Temenos and the ODAPoC Performance testing
  • Temenos Technical Approval PASSED
  • PoC database used T24 - R12 & R13 in separate tests
  • ODA configured with 2 nodes and DB 11gR2 in RAC
  • T24 Banking system (batch tested) End of day (accrual) & End of month (capitalisation) on 5 million customer accounts.
  • Performance very good with the month end completing in 1hr 49min and a transaction rate for 700-780 transactions per second with Binary XML secure files.
  • Very good scalability, 12 processors allocated per node running T24 application, driven to 70-80% busy.
temenos and the oda performance t esting methodology
Temenos and the ODAPerformance Testing Methodology
  • Install T24 / create & populate the database with 5m accounts & customers
  • Run a close of business batch process (end of day)
  • Inject customers and accounts via OFS / jMeter / Browser / JMS scripts
  • Run end of month (capitalisation)
  • Scale up worker agents and measure transactions per second per agent
  • Avoid locks in the database (scheduling & partitioning)
  • Gauge scalability of processes.
  • Inject full spread of T24 transactions, e.g. Balance enquiry, funds transfer, clearing, account opening etc to ensure all are working as expected and measure the “footprint” of each transaction for the customer sizing process.
temenos t24 and the oda
Temenos T24 and the ODA
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  • Simon Henman
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