ovid a strategy update icolc meeting april 19 2002 n.
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Ovid: A Strategy Update ICOLC Meeting April 19, 2002 PowerPoint Presentation
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Ovid: A Strategy Update ICOLC Meeting April 19, 2002

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Ovid: A Strategy Update ICOLC Meeting April 19, 2002 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ovid: A Strategy Update ICOLC Meeting April 19, 2002. ICOLC Agenda. Ovid Year in Review -SilverPlatter integration update -Organizational Update Update on Ovid’s Strategy -Going forward: Important Changes at Ovid -Upcoming Releases Discussion!. Ovid Year in Review.

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Ovid: A Strategy Update ICOLC Meeting April 19, 2002

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Presentation Transcript

ICOLC Agenda

Ovid Year in Review

-SilverPlatter integration update

-Organizational Update

Update on Ovid’s Strategy

-Going forward: Important Changes at Ovid

-Upcoming Releases



Ovid Year in Review

  • Silver Platter acquired by Wolters-Kluwer in June 2001
  • Integrated immediately into Ovid Technologies
    • One company
    • Committed to meeting the information needs of our global customer base
    • More choice!
  • Global strategy with localized presence
  • 400 employees in ten offices worldwide

Ovid/SilverPlatter Integration

  • All departments from both companies are integrated
    • Sales
    • Finance
    • Technology
    • Product Management
    • Customer Services
  • All offices are integrated
    • New York
    • Boston (Norwood)
    • Salt Lake City
    • London, Amsterdam, Sydney

Who is my sales rep?

  • United States:
  • Academic Sales Team
    • Gina McCue, Director of Academic Sales
    • 8 field reps – based in your region
    • Covering all academic institutions, consortia, networks
  • Medical/Clinical Sales Team
    • Paul Stadter, Director of Medical Sales
    • 13 field reps – based in your region
    • Covering all medical universities, hospitals, healthcare systems
  • Where there is overlap – lead rep assigned – work as a team!

Who is my sales rep?

  • Canada:
  • Eastern Region – all customers
    • Neil King, Toronto
  • Western Region – all customers
    • Paul Turner, Vancouver
  • Dedicated representation in Canada and complete customer service in our Boston office.

Ovid’s Commitment to Consortia

  • Dedicated consortia director / project manager
    • Sara Schmidt
    • Focus on consortia needs
    • Works closely with Regional Sales Manager

An Update on Ovid’s Strategy

The past several months have been rich in learning about what our customers need from us, what our best strengths are, and what we need to do to ensure continued success in the future.

Market Research

Customer Research

Employees in all areas of Ovid


An Update on Ovid’s Strategy

We had tremendous response to our customer research (thank you!). We learned from Silver Platter and Ovid customers, information managers and end users, North America and worldwide customers, and from all the markets we serve.

We asked about 17 attributes, from searching to integration to content currency to service and support.

Opinions of the importance of each attribute - as well as of customer satisfaction with Ovid or Silver Platter performance in that area – followed tight pattern.


An Update on Ovid’s Strategy











Up to Date

Ease of Use



Meets Needs

Admin Tools



Tech Support


Meets User Needs

Broadness of Offering

Importance – Total Respondents

SilverPlatter Only Customers

Ovid Only Customers

Customers of Both Ovid and Silver Platter

We saw a similar “tightness” across global markets, and across information manager/end user roles as well.


Overall, Some Important Insights

Our customers – across all groups - have very similar opinions of what’s important to them, and how well we meet their needs.

Most customers – information managers and end users - want a broader and deeper relationship with Ovid.

The needs of information managers, and of expert and basic users, are unique.

Our customers currently see us as a good solution among other good solutions.

Both Ovid and SilverPlatter customers in all markets identified our strength as focused in science, health, medicine


An Update on Ovid’s Strategy

  • From this learning, we have developed a new strategy for our business. Our new focus is driven by two fundamental ideas:
    • We serve customer needs best when we combine information tools, content, and service to match their specific needs.
    • We serve customer needs best when we focus technology development, content choices, and services on specific needs of information managers, expert, and basic users.

An Update on Ovid’s Strategy

Over the next few months, we will be implementing this new direction and focus.

Now, let’s talk about important changes we are making to begin on this path.


Going Forward: Important Changes at Ovid

  • You will immediately begin to see customer communication and product information presented under an updated Ovid brand.
  • Why?
    • We’re formalizing that we’re a single, integrated company.
    • We need to create a unified voice and image for Ovid that reflects our focus on individual customer needs.

Going Forward: Important Changes at Ovid

  • Over time we will consolidate Ovid and Silver Platter platforms into a single tool.
  • Why?
    • Customers across businesses rank the same things as important.
    • While each platform has unique strengths, there is a large overlap in functionality. We’ll evolve to the best of both, with some new ideas too.
    • We can accommodate all customer needs in a single tool.

Going Forward: Important Changes at Ovid

  • This single tool will evolve from the Ovid platform.
  • Why?
    • All of Ovid’s full text; over 100 books and over 2000 journals, are loaded on the Ovid platform.
    • Internal technology analysis of both development teams selected a combination of Ovid server and SilverPlatter building components as the best way forward for a single platform.

Going Forward: Important Changes at Ovid

  • This evolution will occur over time.
  • What steps are involved in getting to a single platform?
    • SilverPlatter databases which are not currently available on the Ovid platform must be moved to Ovid
    • Unique SilverPlatter features must be incorporated into the Ovid platform
    • Compelling new functionality in Ovid, including better interface options, must be in place on the new Ovid platform

Going Forward: Important Changes at Ovid

  • We will encourage customers to shift to the new Ovid platform as new capabilities become available.
  • What does this mean?
    • As long as there is significant customer demand, we will support Silver Platter ERL.
    • ERL 5.0 for Sun has been released. ERL 5.0 for NT, and for Windows 2000 on CDR will be released by early July. In September, French, Italian, German and Spanish versions of ERL 5.0 will be released. Online versions will also contain expanded browser support.
    • We will continue to support previous releases.

Going Forward: Important Changes at Ovid

  • What else does this mean for Silver Platter customers?
    • The Silver Platter name will be used for Silver Platter product features, while the Ovid name will be used for company branding.
    • The Silver Platter pricing model will stay the same for the life of the product (no access fees). Silver Platter customers who have chosen to take advantage of Ovid Full Text already pay for access on Ovid.
    • Silver Platter customers should feel comfortable budgeting for 2003 as they did for 2002.

Going Forward: Important Changes at Ovid

  • We will continue to offer the local and online access options our customers need.
    • We are committed to customers who rely on local products where Internet infrastructure is poor.
    • There are advantages to Ovid Online, and we will encourage customers to make the shift to Ovid Online as an appropriate online alternative is available for them.

Going Forward: Important Changes at Ovid

  • Wolters Kluwer is refining its focus to science, health, medical areas, and this reflects Ovid’s strength.
    • Our market commitments haven’t changed. Ovid remains committed to complete content, tool and relationship services for our academic customers.
    • KAP is being sold because much of its content lies outside the WK focus. Customers will be able to purchase KAP content through Ovid just as they purchase non- Wolters Kluwer content today.
    • Over 80% of the content purchased by Silver Platter customers today falls IN the science, health and medical areas. The remaining content will still be available.

Going Forward: Upcoming Releases

  • Search and Integration Features
    • -Internet 2 Access to Ovid Online for Academic Customers
    • -Regional Data Center
    • -Expert Searches
    • -Personal Account Feature
    • -ERL 5.0
    • -Athens Support for the UK on Utah and Norwood Servers

Going Forward: Upcoming Releases

Content Releases

New Collections from LWW:

-The Total Access Collection

-The Brandon/Hill Plus Collection

-The High-Impact Medical Collection


Going Forward: Upcoming Releases

Three consortia-friendly statistics reports, meeting ICOLC guideline

-Simultaneous Use by Date

-Full Text Articles Viewed

-Number of Searches per Database

(*all reports available for institution as a whole or by groups)


An Update on Ovid’s Strategy

  • It’s not about us – it’s about you
  • and your needs as valued
  • customers