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Applications Backup PowerPoint Presentation
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Applications Backup

Applications Backup

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Applications Backup

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  1. Applications Backup Applications backup This part explains the process to backup applications from an Android phone & Restore back to same phone or some other Android phone There are certain backup applications available on Android Market, however we recommend to use “Astro File Manager” This application can be downloaded from Android Market Open Astro file manager Click on menu Key & Click on “Application Select the apps to be backed then click on Tools manager / Backup” up & Click on “Backup” Note: After backup APK files (Installer file format for Android) for individual applications will get created on external SD card which can later be installed directly from the SD card or through Astro file manager as explained in next slide. For P990, APK backup files will get created on Internal SD card

  2. Applications Backup To view the applications , access the SD card through any file Manager application as shown below e.g. Open SD card through “OI file manager” in P500 , through “Think free office” in P350 & “Polaris office” in P990 Open Polaris office Click later SD card opens … Application backup created will in P990 Click on My folders be shown in “Backups” folder Backup for all apps created as individual APK files Note: In case a user needs to transfer applications from any other android phone such as GT540, P500 etc to P900, then the Application backup folder which gets created on external SD card in GT540, P500 etc needs to be copied to internal SD card in P990. Then only the applications can be restored back to P990 The process is shown in next slide

  3. Applications Backup Below process needs to be followed if application backup needs to be copied from internal SD to external SD or vice-versa in case of P990 Long press on Backups Click on Copy Go to external SD Long press on any folder App folder copied to Copy in progress paste the folder to external external SD card SD card

  4. Applications Backup Open the backup folder Open ASTRO after it Click on Menu button Click on “Application/Manager & install ASTRO from is installed & then click on Tools backup APK file Click on “Backed up apps” select the files & click on install Note: After clicking on install all applications will get installed one by one User can also skip some applications during the process