things to consider before getting a microblading n.
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Things to Consider Before Getting a Microblading Treatment PowerPoint Presentation
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Things to Consider Before Getting a Microblading Treatment

Things to Consider Before Getting a Microblading Treatment

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Things to Consider Before Getting a Microblading Treatment

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  1. Things to Consider Before Getting a Microblading Treatment Getting a microblading treatment sounds a bit scary because of the word blade on it, but in reality, it doesn’t really have anything to do with small blades. Rather, it has to do something about your eyebrows looking fabulous. If you feel overwhelmingly jealous with Cara Delevigne, for instance, then you are in the right path.

  2. Wikipedia Image There are a few things that you have to consider, though, before getting this treatment. Allow us to enlighten you on some of them. Is microblading like getting an eyebrow tattoo? Yes and no. Microblading eyebrows is very different from getting an eyebrow tattoo. First, it is not as permanent. Getting an eyebrow

  3. tattoo really is like getting a tattoo done elsewhere in your body. It is done by incorporating pigments into your brows that will last for life. The problem is, eyebrow tattoos look very unnatural. Microblading on the other also involve pigments but it uses multiple needles to recreate the natural look of real eyebrows, and it is done on shallower skin making it last for only up to three years max! Does it hurt? While it’s hard to tell, really, how much this treatment is going to hurt for you since every one of us have different pain levels, it is safe to say that the procedure does involve a bit of pain. This is the reason why some specialists use two types of numbing cream for the process: a long-lasting one to be applied a couple of hours before the treatment, and a fast-acting one that is applied just before you go under the needle. Who can get microblading? Image Source

  4. Typically, people with almost non-existent eyebrows are the perfect candidates, but everyone is invited! You can get one if you want your eyebrows to look more asymmetrical, if you want it to be perfectly shaped every single time, or if you just want to skip the extra minutes of doing your brows every morning. How long is the procedure going to take? The main procedure only lasts for fifteen to thirty minutes tops, but the entire session can last up to two hours. Careful measurements must be taken in order to get the look you want – and that can take more than an hour already. Unless you want it to be rushed? Yeah, I thought so. Don’t drink alcohol before the procedure! Alcohol makes us bleed more, and when you bleed a lot, it will affect your skin’s pigment absorption. And we are not talking about not

  5. eating your daily morning jello shots. You need to stay sober at least the night before as well. Don’t go to the beach after the procedure! Finally, I know it’s hard to resist the call of the waves if you’re getting a microblading in Westlake village California but your treatment wounds are still healing the first few days after the procedure, and if you want them to heal properly, you might want to avoid getting them wet or soaked in water. That’s it! If you still have other questions that we were not able to cover here, I am sure that your microblading expert will be more than happy to answer them for you. Best of luck!

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