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SUPPORT MEASURES FOR SME’S IN CITY OF RIJEKA Bruxelles, 28.05.2009. PowerPoint Presentation
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SUPPORT MEASURES FOR SME’S IN CITY OF RIJEKA Bruxelles, 28.05.2009. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'SUPPORT MEASURES FOR SME’S IN CITY OF RIJEKA Bruxelles, 28.05.2009.' - seth

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Rijeka is the main crossroad of adriatic tourist traffic coming from middle Europe towards middle and south Adriatic. It is an important crossroad of highways and roads joining the background through Gorski kotar region where mountain Dinara is only 40-50 km long. Roads from Rijeka lead towards Istra and slovenian border in the North, to cities and country inland in the Northeast, as well as to the littoral and Dalmatia. The city is an important railways center and the airport Rijeka in situated on the island of Krk.



  • Rijeka is seat of Primorsko-goranska county:
  • area: 3.582 km2
  • population: 350.000
  • To Rijeka also gravitates:
  • Rijeka’s ring (8 cities and counties)
  • population: 205.000
  • Urban area: 44 km2
  • Urban population: 144.043
rijeka s economy

Source: Statistical review FINA, January 2009

Number of entrepreneurs in 2008 : 4.016 ( FINA )

Number of handcrafts in 2008 : 3.468 ( Chamber of crafts )

Prevailing activities: trade, manufacturing, transport and warehousing

General program of support measures for small and

medium entrepreneurs in City of Rijeka is a set of

measures to create entrepreneurship environment with

developed entrepreneurship climate and well designed

pre-conditions for development of entrepreneurship


General program has 5 areas

1. Strengthening of entrepreneurship competitiveness

2. New forms of education and information

3. Financing of entrepreneurship

4. Development of entrepreneurial infrastructure

5. Entrepreneurial culture promotion

program areas

1. Strengtheningof entrepreneurship competitiveness

Funding of product certification

- “de minimis” aid up to 15.000 kuna or 30% of total cost for the introduction of Quality Management System, certify the conformity of products according to national and European standards

Funding of strategic marketing plans creation

- “de minimis” aid up to 15.000 kuna or 30% of total cost for strategic marketing plan creation


Funding of joint promotions for products or services

- “de minimis” aid up to 15.000 kuna or 30% of total cost for a joint appearance on the market (eg. claster products and services and their promotion, as well as co-marketing and co-branding

Funding the introduction of support systems in decision making,

management and e-commerce

- “de minimis” aid up to 20.000 kuna or 50% of total cost system implementation

International fair of new technologies and products ( it was 5th in 2009) –

create link between economy and science, the development of communication

between scientists and young entrepreneurs, the creation of links between the

new technological achievements and entrepreneurs ready for their

implementation, presentation of new scientific knowledge to young and the

promotion of Rijeka as a “city of knowledge”

In April 2009 in the University campus on Trsat officially opened the building

Scientific and Technology Park, University of Rijeka - Step Ri is the first

scientific-technology park in Croatia, whose services include three main

programs: the protection and transfer of intellectual property, incubation of

new companies and licensing

Awards for innovation ready for commercial application - only entrepreneurs

who have their own innovation or innovation bought from innovators

implemented in the product or service, award represents incentive of

entrepreneurs towards the commercialization of innovation

Using the services of the Croatian regions office in Brussels

information from office about funding possibilities, rules of

functioning common european market and european institutions

Building a system Rijeka quality (RQ) – long term project, in the future system of quality for SME’s in tourism

2 new forms of education and information
2. New forms of education and information

Goal: better education and entrepreneurship skill improvement

Project “Knowledge and experience“ – the goal is to make connection between entrepreneurs and student solving the problems in business

Project “I know to work“ – the goal is to make connection between pupils and handkrafts with the lack of educated work force

Program: "Development of entrepreneurial skills for young " – in September 2008 started School for young entrepreneurs

- measure will affect the development of personality and skills that are characterized by entrepreneurs - creativity, the ability to set up goals, decision-making, risk assessment, self-confidence, responsibility, ability to recognize influences from environment, all in order to prepare young people for the possible selection of entrepreneurial career

Project: "Scholarships to students in scarce craftsmanship occupations "

- in 2007. the City of Rijeka and Chamber of crafts started with schoolarships to students for following occupation: bricklayer, carpenter, machinist, cook, waiter, confectioner, plumber, painter, fitter and turner - City is financing 40% of monthly amount of scholarship

Project: "SMS info-entrepreneur“ - SMS system delivers entrepreneurs timely

information about loans, grants, education programs without compensation

Thematic conferences - conferences are organized according to the current

issues and interest of the city and entrepreneurs

Improving the system of public procurement – presentation of annual city

public procurement plan, intention is to inform entrepreneurs on public

procurement rules and their procedures

3 financing entrepreneurship
3. Financing entrepreneurship

Goal: improving access to finance

Program: “Guarantees for financing projects of small economies “

  • The goal of the Program is incentive to invest in research,

development and application of modern technologies and innovations in

order to increase the quality and competitiveness of entrepreneurial projects,

the guarantees are issued for the uncovered part of the loan.

City of Rijeka has provided the amount of 2.000.000 kuna for potential

guarantees and deposited them as the basis for issuing the guarantees for

the loans Erste& Steiermarkische Bank in the amount of 10.000.000 kuna.

Amounts of guarantees and entrepreneurial projects

- amounts of loans that are issued by guarantees can be of 35.000 to 400.000 kuna


- entrepreneurial projects are ranked according to priorities and cover the specific percentage of the loan:

    • o Rank 1 / up to 70% loan amount on the introduction of innovation in business, start up a business based on innovation and research
    • o Rank 2 / up to 60% loan amount for equipment, machines and technologies
    • o Rank 3 / up to 50% loan amount for the improvement of business by introducing norms and standards (ISO, HACCP, etc.)
    • o Rank 4 / to 45% loan amount for permanent current assets for investment in production or preparation of tourist season
    • o Rank 5 / to 40% loan amount for the purchase, construction, expansion or renovation of commercial / manufacturing facilities.
Program: “Loans with deposit”

- the goal of the Program is to provide financial assistance to entrepreneurs,

which intend to realize investment projects in function of urban tourism and

encourage the production

- in 2009 it will be provided the additional possibility of entrepreneurs in

the production sector: they could realise loans for permanent current assets to survive the recession conditions in the market and maintain the existing number of employees

- City ensured the amount of 1.000.000 kuna which will be successively and with

no interest deposited in the amount of one third of approved loans, BKS Bank

is providing the loan fund in the amount of 3.000.000 kuna with interest rate

of 6.3% fixed

- City will make further subsidize the interest rate with 1.5 percentage points, the interest rate for the end user of these loans will be 4.8%, fixed, the highest amount of loan can be up to 300.000 kuna, in exceptional cases even more.

Subsidies of interest rate and cost of credits from

Program "Poduzetnik 2“ – measure represents a

continuation of subsidizing the interest rate and cost

of credits from earlier loan program

New forms of financing promotion - measure is presentation of new forms of financing entrepreneurial projects through venture capital, business angels and the transfer of experiences and examples of good practice.

4 development of entrepreneurial infrastructure
4. Development of entrepreneurial infrastructure

Goal :using city spatial and information facilities for start up and entreprenurship ideas realisation

"Entrepreneurial incubators " - City of Rijeka has 2 entrepreneurial incubators – incubator for manufacturing activities and incubator for services, contractors use commercial space total area of 5000 m2 and consulting services (search for capital, education), incubator space is designed for beginners and entrepreneurs who are in the phase of growth and development, incubation period lasts until 5 years, when it is considered that the potential for survival in the market is achieved

"Enterprise Library " – long term project, as a part of new city

library, intention is to have in one place everything about


Local rates examption– as a benefit for investment made

through earlier programms

5 entrepreneurial culture promotion
5. Entrepreneurial culture promotion

Award for contribution in the field of


- recognition for contributions in the fields of economy and promotion of the City of Rijeka

Development of social responsibility for


- entrepreneurs take the activities of solving the needs of local communities, they conduct the project using their own resources for increasing the quality of citizens life (arrangement of children's playgrounds, schools,health clinics, etc.)

Media Corner

- measure is following the positive examples of entrepreneurial projects and their work with the community. Through public information raises the overall level of entrepreneurial climate and culture.

Organization of team-building joint

entrepreneurial initiatives

  • measure will be directed to the organization of relations development workships in the group, under the expert guidance
  • measure will target group of entrepreneurs who show the initiative for common forms of performance on the market (eg. clusters, co-branding alliances, etc.)
countrecesion measures in 2009

Measures :

  • reduction the monthly lease of business facilities owned by the City to all contractors 10% and further 10% more for production sector
  • reduction of monthly local rates for all 10% and further 10% for catering industry
  • reduction of monthly municipial rates for cultural monuments in zone I
  • loans for permanent current assets in production sector to survive the recession conditions in the market and maintain the existing number of employees – Program “Loans with deposit”
The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) research program is an annual assessment of the national level of entrepreneurial activity.  GEM is the largest single study of entrepreneurial activity in the world.

Started as a partnership between London Business School and Babson College, it was initiated in 1999 with 10 countries, GEM 2008 conducted research in 43 countries (Angola, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Iran, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Croatia,Dominican Republic, Hungary, Jamaica, Latvia, Macedonia, Mexico, Peru, Romania,Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Turkey, Uruguay, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

istraživanje i mjerenje poduzetničke aktivnosti, objavljueni rezultati istraživanja poduzetničke aktivnosti i kvalitete poduzetničke okoline kroz indikatore :

Imotivacijski indeks TEA Prilika/TEA Nužnost. Navedeni indeks govori o odnosu poduzetnika koji su u poduzetničku aktivnost ušli radi uočene poslovne prilike u odnosu na one koji su u poduzetničku aktivnost ušli radi nužde

Indeks motiviranosti prosjek GEM zemalja ** za Hrvatsku je 1,16

za Istru, Primorje i Gorski kotar 3,20 - 1. mjesto po motiviranosti poduzetnika u Hrvatskoj.

II stopa odrastanja izražena indeksom «odrastanja», koji govori o prijelazu «start up» poduzetnika aktivnih ispod 42 mjeseca, u status «odraslih», s poduzetničkom aktivnošću dužom od 42 mjeseca. Na nacionalnom nivou taj je pokazatelj 0,48 (od 100 poduzetnika, 48 ih "odraste"), dok je prosjek za GEM zemlje 0,81. Navedeno upućuje na mali broj poduzeća s potencijalom rasta, te da se poduzetnici proizvodima nedovoljno razlikuju od konkurencije.

Pokazatelj stope odrastanja za Istru, Primorje i Gorski kotar je 0,64, što također stavlja

ovo područje na 1. mjesto po stopi odrastanja poduzetnika.

Najveći utjecaj na indeks poduzetničke aktivnosti imaju uvjeti poduzetničkog djelovanja

raspoloživosti financijskih resursa

profesionalne infrastrukture

nedostatak obrazovanja usmjerenog na poduzetništvo.

Preporuke ove studije za Hrvatsku jesu:

razvoj kvalitete usluga za poduzetnike,

razvoj financijskog tržišta (neformalni investitori, fondovi rizičnog kapitala, garancijski fondovi, mikro kreditiranje),

jačanje poduzetničke kulture (obrazovanje, mediji)

jačanje učešća žena u poduzetničkim aktivnostima.

Iako su pokazatelji poduzetničke aktivnosti na području ove regije iznad nacionalnog prosjeka, za omogućavanje daljnjeg rasta potrebna je podrška lokalne sredine u kojoj poduzetnici djeluju. Tako je Grad RIjeka donio Opći program mjera poticanja poduzetništva na području Grada Rijeke.

Global Entrepreneurship Monitora (GEM) 2007.-2008.

The indicators

For the purposes of GEM project, and based on the conceptual

research framework and holistic approach to the definition of

entrepreneurship, a set of indicators that measure different

aspects of entrepreneurial activity has been identified:

Indicators of total entrepreneurial activity in the life cycle of the

entrepreneurial process, from startup to maturity of the business


Nascent entrepreneurs (who decide to start a business venture)

New business owners (business owners whose entrepreneurial activity is measured by having paid salaries for more than 3 months, but less than 42 months)

Established business owners (business owners who are entrepreneurially active for more than 42 months)

Entrepreneurial activity of the nascent entrepreneurs and new

business owners, measured by the ratio of the number of such

entrepreneurs (start-up) in the sample of the adult population,

aged 18 to 64, is expressed through Total Entrepreneurial

Activity (TEA) Index.

Indicators of motivation for entrepreneurial activity:

TEA Opportunity index: those who start entrepreneurial activity because they have perceived a business opportunity

TEA Necessity index: those who are pushed into entrepreneurship by the situation they found themselves in (they lost their job, could not find another job.)

gem croatia
GEM Croatia

From the tail to the first half, but still below the average of

GEM countries - which means that the various measures to

support entrepreneurial activities, provided results

TEA index (total entrepreneurial activity index) - % of

entrepreneurially active persons among adult population of

18-64 years

Motivational index (ratio of opportunity based vs.

necessity based entrepreneurs)

this index is preferable to be as large as possible, because it means that there are a greater number of people who enter the entrepreneurial activity of their choice, not because it is a situation forced on it, Croatia still lags the average GEM countries.

Regional differences in entrepreneurial activities

(TEA index and Motivational index)

Regional differences were reduced – may interpret the

influence of different programs, but differences in the

motivation are still high

Source: Singer, S. Et al: What makes Croatia an entrepreneurial country, Results 2002-2005, CEPOR, Zagreb, 2006.; Singer, S. et al:

What makes Croatia an entrepreneurial country, Results 2008, CEPOR, Zagreb, 2009 (in printing).

Thank You for attention !

Natasa Mandic

City of Rijeka

Department of Enterpreneurship

HR 51000 Rijeka, Trg. Sv. Barbare 2, Hrvatska - Croatia

tel.++38551209591, fax.++38551209617