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ib report cards are coming n.
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IB Report Cards are Coming! PowerPoint Presentation
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IB Report Cards are Coming!

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IB Report Cards are Coming!
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IB Report Cards are Coming!

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  1. IB Report Cards are Coming!

  2. Did you know?There are now two kinds of report cards at JL Long, IB and Dallas ISD. An IB Report card will be given to you twice a year: January and June.

  3. How you are measured on your IB scores: Your IB score is like a growth chart. It is a tool to measure your progress against the IB objectives. It is not intended to compare you to other students. When a teacher assigns your achievement level, the teacher will report on the highest, most frequent level of achievement, not an average of achievement scores. So your big question is: How much did I grow?

  4. IB Report card will show how you are growing in 3 areas: 1. IB Objectives in all 8 classes, 2. Learner Profile traits, and 3. Approaches to Learning.

  5. What will my IB score look like?These numbers don’t equal a regular percentage. So a 4 of 8 on the IB report is not failing… It is still “good or satisfactory” look at the descriptor words that go along with it.

  6. Learner Profile Traits Turn to a neighbor and answer these two questions: • Which one are you strongest in? • Which one do you need to grow in? Your IB Report Card will show which traits your teachers believe you have grown in.

  7. Your Approaches to Learning (ATLs) Score There are 7 ATLs. One ATL that we are focusing on this year is ORGANIZATION

  8. What to expect: You will be receiving an IB score for all 8 subject areas

  9. What does it mean? • My IB score indicates a final grade reported on a scale of 1 to 7. • Comments on my growth are reported from each of my teachers. • I will be graded on how I manage myself and my time. • I will be graded on how I’m growing as an IB student. • My scores are cumulative, meaning that teachcerscontinue to report your growth as it increases throughout the year.

  10. What happens next? • Students will be given a DISD email. • Parents and students will be given an invitation email from Managebac. • Ms. Renaud has most of your parent emails. • If your parents do not use email please let your Buc Time Teacher know.