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Generator/APU and Green Star Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Generator/APU and Green Star Orientation

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Generator/APU and Green Star Orientation

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Generator/APU and Green Star Orientation

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  1. Generator/APU and Green Star Orientation

  2. Generator Overview • The 2013 Rosenbauer rear mount pumper is equipped with an 11.5 KW diesel generator which is mounted on top of and towards the front of the body. • The generator may be referred to as an “APU” in some manuals or instruction tags supplied with the apparatus. • “APU” stands for auxiliary power unit.

  3. Generator Overview • Mounted on top of apparatus inside enclosure Starting power comes from the main truck batteries. Fuel supply comes from the main fuel tank on apparatus. For safety reasons generator will not start if cover on generator enclosure is open; but for maintenance purposes, generator will remain running if it was started prior to opening the cover.

  4. Generator Check Out Engine oil and coolant checks are located on generator Equipped with sensors to shut down the generator in case of low oil pressure or high coolant temperature.

  5. Generator Starting Procedure Primary start/stop switch location is on the dash in the cab

  6. Generator Starting Procedure Secondary start/stop switch location is adjacent to the generator instrument panel and breaker box in Compartment 3.

  7. Generator Starting Procedure To start Generator: 1. Ensure cover on generator enclosure is closed 2. Ensure battery master is “ON” 3. Push “Gen” switch on dash once. Do not hold down. • The red light in the switch will flash while the generator preheats automatically. Once preheated, the generator will start and the light become steady.

  8. Generator Starting Procedure • Generator can be started and stopped from either one of the two locations. • It is acceptable to start it at one location and shut it down at the other. • If necessary, generator status can be monitored using display and gauges located in Compartment 3

  9. Stopping The Generator • Push “Gen” switch on dash once. Do not hold down. Generator will shut off and red indicator light in switch will turn off. **It is critical that the generator is shut down prior to shutting off the battery master. It is an acceptable practice to leave the generator running with the chassis engine off, i.e., master ignition off, but any time generator is running battery master must be left on.**

  10. Generator Supplies Power for the Following Equipment 20 amp household outlet inside cab behind officer seat. RV Air Conditioner/Heater Note: these two components default to run off shore power when the apparatus master battery switch is turned off. For them to receive power from the generator, the rocker switch on the dash must be pushed after the generator is started. Always disable the RV air and outlet prior to shutting down the generator by pushing rocker switch on dash again.

  11. Generator Supplies Power for the Following Equipment 750 watt Fire Research optimum light on front of apparatus. Activated by Front Flood Switch on Dash

  12. Generator Supplies Power for the Following Equipment 1500 watt push up and 750 watt recessed Fire Research optimum light on each side of the apparatus. Activated by respective DS or PS Flood light switch on Dash

  13. Generator Supplies Power for the Following Equipment 200’ electric cord on reel in Compartment 3 Slide out captive roller provided to prevent damage to body from cord. Reel rewind button located on wall below cord reel next to Amkus power plant.

  14. Generator Supplies Power for the Following Equipment 20 amp twist lock outlet on PS rear of body under ladder compartment door

  15. Generator Supplies Power for the Following Equipment Green Star System

  16. What is Green Star? Green Star is Rosenbauer’s Idle Reduction Technology System Or IRT for short

  17. So what is Idle Reduction Technology or IRT? IRT is simply a computer system installed on the apparatus which is designed to help reduce the need for the apparatus main chassis engine to idle by using the APU to support the apparatus systems.

  18. Why have an IRT system? Emergency vehicles are notorious for excessive amounts of idling for many reasons which include: • To maintain battery voltage due to the huge draw put on the electrical system by • -Warning lights • -12 volt scene lighting • -Compartment, step, and cab lighting • -Operation of electrically powered doors, locks, reels, etc. • Keeping communication equipment operational during Emergencies • Climate control of the cab • Charging of firefighting equipment such as • -Flash lights • -EMS equipment • -TIC’s 

  19. Green Star The Green Star system accomplishes these goals and provides additional benefits for our personnel, apparatus, community and the environment.

  20. Benefits of Green Star Include: • Reduction of carbon footprint by reducing pollution • Less noise pollution since APU operation is quieter • Provides for a quieter emergency scene allowing for easier communication • Reduction in fuel usage. APU burns approximately 1 qt of fuel per hour vs1 gal of fuel burned by main chassis engine each hour, this equates to 75% reduction in fuel costs.

  21. Benefits of Green Star Include: • Reduction in diesel exhaust fluid consumed • DPF regenerations required less frequently. Soot builds up faster in DPF when idling than when driving and less engine use will obviously decrease build up. Note: APU does not have a DPF or utilize DEF. • Increased longevity of DPF and emissions system components • Reduction of idling time can translate into significant savings in DPF service and maintenance costs

  22. Benefits of Green Star Include: • Fewer engine hours logged will space out preventive maintenance intervals resulting in fewer vehicle trade outs which cause frontline engine to be out of service • Maintenance cost savings due to fewer PM’s (oil, supplies and labor) • Less wear and tear on chassis engine increases vehicle longevity • Green Star operation and its benefits can be tracked by maintenance personnel

  23. So How Does Green Star Work? The Green Star system is active any time all of the following conditions are met : • Battery master on. • Ignition on • Chassis engine running • Parking brake set • Transmission in Neutral • Pump not engaged • Cab down and locked • Generator enclosure cover is closed

  24. So How Does Green Star Work? • The status of the system is indicated by the green light inside the switch labeled IRT disable which is located on the dash near the generator start/stop switch. • If the light is ON, the system is active. If the light is OFF the system is inactive.

  25. So How Does Green Star Work? If the Green Star system is active, the computer will allow the chassis engine to idle for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes of engine idling - • The chassis engine will automatically shut down • The APU will start (preheating is done automatically) • You will notice that the dash instrumentation will shut off. This is because behind the scenes the Green Star computer has shut off the ignition when it shut down the chassis engine. This is normal even though the actual ignition switch is still in the “ON” position.

  26. Green Star Capabilities • The APU has an additional alternator to maintain battery voltage and its own AC compressor to continue operation of the chassis climate control system.

  27. Green Star Capabilities • The VMUX remains active so any settings for the HVAC system will stay on and the APU will be able to continue operation of the chassis air conditioner.

  28. Green Star Capabilities • Of course the APU is now operating so any of the 120/240 volt equipment is also available to be utilized, i.e.,flood lighting, RV AC, cord reel, etc. • It’s that simple! Who said being Green wasn’t easy? Don’t listen to the FROG!

  29. Resuming normal chassis operation • To resume normal chassis operation, simply restart the chassis engine by using the main engine start button on the dash. • The act of starting the truck (pressing the starter button) will reactivate the dash instrumentation (all gauges and the LCD info center). Sometimes there is a slight delay in this happening. This is normal.

  30. Resuming normal chassis operation APU running Red light on • Starting of the main engine will deactivate the Green Star system but the generator will remain on. • The operator will be required to shut down the generator if it is no longer needed to operate any 120/240 volt equipment. **Always ensure that the generator is shut off prior to shutting down off battery master switch** Green Star Deactivated. Green light off

  31. Green Star Questions What if the apparatus is in green mode and I want to shut down the APU so I can completely shut down the apparatus and turn off the apparatus battery master, but have no need to restart the main chassis engine?

  32. Green Star Answers While the system is in “green” mode the operator will not have the ability to shut down the APU without first disabling the Green Star system. APU running, Red light on, unable to be shut off Green Star Activated. Green light on

  33. Green Star Answers • Normally disabling of the Green Star happens automatically when the main chassis engines is started. • In this situation to disable the system and regain control of the APU start/stop switch simply press the IRT disable switch. • This disables the Green Star system. The green light in the IRT disable switch will go off and you now have the ability to stop the APU.

  34. Green Star Answers APU running Red light on, switch function restored Both Green Star and APU off. Green Star Deactivated. Green light off

  35. Green Star Answers After stopping the APU, you can now physically shut off the ignition switch and battery master to completely shut down the apparatus.

  36. Green Star Questions Is it possible to prevent the Green Star system from allowing the apparatus to go into green mode?

  37. Green Star Answers YES There are likely times when all the conditions will be met to activate the Green Star system indicated by the green light coming on in the IRT disable switch, but the operator does not want the apparatus to go into green mode. An example might be during morning check out or possibly on a call where you are staged for a short time and do not want the apparatus to shut off due to the likelihood of having to move the apparatus at any time.

  38. Green Star Answers To deactivate the system and prevent the apparatus from going into green mode, simply press the IRT disable switch on the dash prior to the Green Star system activating. This deactivates the Green Star system. The goal of providing this system is to use it and reap the benefits it provides. The engineer should use discretion on when it is necessary to disable the system and allow it to operate as designed whenever possible.

  39. Green Star Questions How do I reactivate the Green Star system after having previously pressed the IRT disable switch on the dash?

  40. Green Star Answers • The Green Star system can be reactivated by performing one of the following- 1. Cycle the parking brake from engaged to disengaged, then re-engage it Or 2. Cycle the apparatus ignition switch from “ON” to “OFF”, then turn the ignition switch back to the “ON” position and start the chassis engine.

  41. Green Star Answers Reactivation of the system is confirmed by the green light in the IRT disable switch coming on. Once it is reactivated, if all conditions previously discussed are met, the 3 minute timer will start again in order to put the apparatus into green mode.

  42. Green Star Questions What if the alternator on the APU can not keep up with the electrical requirements of the apparatus while on scene of an incident?

  43. Green Star Answers If the vehicle battery voltage drops below 12.3 volts, the main chassis engine ignition will be initiated and the vehicle engine will automatically start to recharge the batteries. This will disable the Green Star system and allow the main engine to continue to run. If green mode is desired again follow the procedures for reactivating the Green Star system.

  44. Green Star Questions What if we want the RV air to run in addition to the chassis air while in green mode?

  45. Green Star Answers Operating the RV air in green mode is the same as operating it off the APU when not in green mode. Once the APU is running simply press the RV AC switch on the dash to supply power to the RV AC unit.

  46. Green Star Questions What happens if we started the APU while driving to operate the flood lights or RV AC or started it any time prior the apparatus going into green mode?

  47. Green Star Answers Once the parking brake is set, assuming all other required conditions are met, the timer will start and after the 3 minutes the Green Star system will activate like normal. After the chassis engine will shuts down; • The system will recognize the APU is already running and will not need to start the APU but will convert its operation into green mode allowing the APU AC compressor and alternator to function as designed to support chassis needs. • Even though the operator started the APU, if stopping the APU is necessary, the Green Star system will need to be disabled by restarting the chassis engine or pushing the IRT disable switch to regain control of the APU start/stop switch. **Always ensure that the APU is shut off prior to shutting down the battery master switch**

  48. Green Star Warnings • Diesel exhaust temperatures on new apparatus are extremely hot under normal conditions but can reach temperatures in excess of 800 degrees during DPF regeneration. • It is CRITICALthat the Safe Step door on Compartment #8 is never left in the down position when either the chassis engine or APU are running. Damage to paint on door WILLoccur.

  49. Green Star Summary • The APU is designed to operate seamlessly with the Green Star system regardless of whether it is started prior to or after the main chassis engine. • The full benefits of the on-board 11.5 KW generator are always available to support emergency operations with a reliable power source, safe working conditions with illumination and climate control for the cab.

  50. Green Star Summary • The APU can always be used independently of the Green Star system if it is started with only the battery master switch on and the main chassis engine off. • Keep in mind though that the additional benefits gained through the Green Star system including operation of chassis HVAC and battery charging will not be available in this situation.