seamless tips to provide quality technical support for small software organisations part 1 n.
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Seamless Tips to Provide Quality Technical Support for Small Software Organisations – Part 1 (1) PowerPoint Presentation
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Seamless Tips to Provide Quality Technical Support for Small Software Organisations – Part 1 (1)

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Seamless Tips to Provide Quality Technical Support for Small Software Organisations – Part 1 (1) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Seamless Tips to Provide Quality Technical Support for Small Software Organisations – Part 1 (1)

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  2. To determine your success, it is mandatory to have good quality products in hands along with superior marketing practices and seamless support. Though, many of small sized software companies often manage to get quality products and great marketing effort; yet they fail in providing quality technical support to their clients. This is where, such companies have to lose many of their clients to their rivals. • So, what you can do to improve this flaw or what is the best solution to deliver great technical support without being overwhelmed? Here are some proven tips that can help you in this regard. Following these tips, you can deliver superior technical support to your client to give them more satisfaction on choosing you as their software partner.

  3. Make A Proper Plan To Organise Various Expectations Of Your Customers It is mandatory for small software companies to give a clarity to their customers on the support level they are ready to provide in the very beginning. It is not just beneficial for customers but also good for Software Company. • Tell your customers, if the technical support will be free or a paid support. • Support medium – will it be via email or phone. • Expected response time for customers • In which language, can you provide technical support

  4. Organise Your Expectations Precisely In a small software company, you meet different types of clients. Each client will have an individual requirement and different expectations from the software you create for them. Therefore, you cannot expect same from all of them. So be ready to deal with different attitudes and different demands from different customers. You should always be ready with a comprehensive technical support to help each of your customers.

  5. Provide Easy Accessibility For Customers To Conveniently Contact You: Give your customers a proper contact details of your company. So, rather hiding your support contact details, it is worth to share as many Email IDs as possible to your customers. It will help your customers to reach you when they require any software solution from you.

  6. Always Be Responsive To Customers: In general, customers prefer the companies that give them quick response. A good companies is measured by the way it responses to its customers. Therefore, rather keeping your customers on wait, it is good to response them immediately with the best solution for their queries.

  7. Give Clear & Precise Responses To Customers Make sure the responses your deliver to your customers should be properly written and be precise. So, try to follow these instructions here: • Quote the email of the customers in your reply wherever you find it appropriate to the context. • Give instructions in bullets or numbering • Add quotes for referring various factors in the software • Write information in small paragraphs • Do not use technical jargon for those who you are unsure to understand them. • Make sure to use correct grammar and no spelling mistake • Do not use long signatures underneath the email.

  8. Add Pictures & Videos The idea of adding the annotated picture in the response is always good. For instance, add a screenshot having highlighting content and send it in attachment.

  9. Reaffirm Unclear Queries • The questions of technical support can be quite vague in nature. For example, some people send email writing only “it is not working”. This statement does not give an idea about if they are talking about website or software or the installer. • So, be ready for these type of vague queries to answer. Give your best to guess their queries and then reaffirm the query by writing back to them in your own words. Give your answer only when you are sure about what they have asked for.

  10. You Should Be The One To Finish The Exchange Of Emails A customer would have initiated the email exchange by raising a question to you, but it is your i.e. software company’s responsibility to end up the exchange by sending the last message. Though, we are not saying to fulfil this condition, just send the email that has nothing but “Thanks You” only.

  11. Take The Call Whenever It is Urgent: Whether you do not provide technical support via phone, yet there is no issue in answering a call when there is something really urgent

  12. Online Documentation: Put all your documentation on the web as it will help you including links of important pages within documentation in email. This approach facilitate customers to check inside the documentation. Do not present links straight, but while answering their queries, you can send the link which will act as a supplemental information source.

  13. Encourage Customers To Help Themselves: A best software is measured through its scalability. Therefore, while designing a software, try to keep it as scalable as possible. When you have such software, you can easily educate your customers to use it thoroughly. Here are some tips that will help you saving your money on support for customers.

  14. Enhance the UI and documentation, as per the feedback of the users. • FAQ sections should be added • Enable customers to get the license key straight from the website. • Get the focus of the customers to the documentation, forums and FAQ section.

  15. So, this is some of the tips on providing technical support to small software companies without getting over occupied. To get more tips, do check our next presentation. You can have quality technical support information and great IT consultancy services from our company Server Consultancy

  16. You can write us your queries and suggestions are equally welcome. Thanking You For Being With Us