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Clearinghouse Funds Netting Rules

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Clearinghouse Funds Netting Rules - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clearinghouse Funds Netting Rules. Governs the procedures of the Funds Netting module of the IFTA, Inc. Clearinghouse. Funds Netting Calendar. Funds Netting Rules. Provides established dates when certain events or steps in the process must take place. Funds Netting Rules.

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clearinghouse funds netting rules

ClearinghouseFunds Netting Rules

Governs the procedures of the Funds Netting module of the IFTA, Inc. Clearinghouse

funds netting rules
Funds Netting Calendar Funds Netting Rules

Provides established dates when certain events or steps in the process must take place.

funds netting rules1
Funds Netting Rules

Steps in the Process

  • Jurisdiction uploads their data to the CH
  • Jurisdiction reviews their uploaded data
  • IFTA, Inc. produces funds netting reports
  • Jurisdiction sends funds to CH account
  • IFTA, Inc. distributes funds to jurisdictions
  • Secondary Funding & Distribution
funds netting rules2
Funds Netting Rules

Upload of Data

Participating Members will upload Transmittal and Summary Transmittal Data, no later than the date provided by the Funds Netting Calendar.

Based on the Funds Netting Calendar for the year 2010, the upload date would range from as early as Feb 23rd to as late as March 30th.


Funds Netting Rules

Failure to Timely Upload Transmittal Data

Jurisdictions which fail to upload their data by the upload date specified in the FN calendar will be represented in the CH by a zero for netting purposes.

Jurisdictions which fail to upload timely will receive any funds resulting from the other timely jurisdictions and must pay any amounts resulting from the netting process.


Funds Netting Rules

Failure to Timely Upload Transmittal Data – Cont’d

Data transmitted late will be included in the next cycle along with data from other periods for netting purposes. Each transmittal of data will be identified separately, but will be combined for Funds Netting purposes.

funds netting rules3
Funds Netting Rules

Review of Data Uploaded

Participating Members should review their uploaded data for accuracy. If the data is determined to be inaccurate, the jurisdiction must contact Jason at IFTA, Inc. to delete the data and then transmit a new data file.


Funds Netting Rules

Clearinghouse Funds Netting Reports

Based on the data reported for the cycle, IFTA Inc. will produce the following netting reports on the website and will send them by e-mail attachment to participating members:


    • Jurisdiction Summary Netting Totals
  • Final Settlement Report

Funds Netting Rules

  • Jurisdiction Summary Netting Totals Report



Funds Netting Rules

Final Settlement Report



Funds Netting Rules

Transfer of Funds to the CH Account

Participating members will transfer any funds shown as “Due to Fund” on the Final Settlement Report .

Funds are required to be transferred within approximately five days from the date of the data upload based on the FN Calendar.


Funds Netting Rules

Distribution of Funds by IFTA , Inc.

IFTA, Inc. will distribute funds to jurisdictions which are designated in the Final Settlement Report as “Due From Fund”. The distribution will occur the day after jurisdictional funds are received by the Clearinghouse as specified by the FN calendar.


Funds Netting Rules

Failure to Timely Fund the CH Account

Jurisdictions which timely upload data but fail to fund the CH on a timely basis will have a second opportunity to fund the account approximately five days after the original funding date. The day after the second funding occurs, a second distribution will take place based on the prorated amount of funds received.