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Area Unit. Lesson 04 – November 8 , 2012. Opening – 10:00 – 10:10am. RPS Territory (Let’s Investigate the Size of Space) Lesson Study. Area Unit – Day 3 – Student Journals. Journal question: Who won your game and how do you know?.

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area unit

Area Unit

Lesson 04 – November 8, 2012

opening 10 00 10 10am

Opening – 10:00 – 10:10am

RPS Territory (Let’s Investigate the Size of Space) Lesson Study

area unit day 3 student journals

Area Unit – Day 3 – Student Journals

Journal question: Who won your game

and how do you know?

"In the game Katerra won. She had the biggest territory. She had 10 rectangles in her territory. That was the greatest number of rectangles. DeKenzia won 2nd place because she had 9 rectangles in her territory. That was 2nd greatest. Ashleigh won 3rd place because she had 8 spaces. That was 3rd greatest. And finally, Skylar learned not lost. She had 6 spaces. That was the lowest number."Katerra

"Katerra won the game. I know because she had the most. Katerra had ten. DeKenzia had nine. Ashleigh had eight. I had six." Skylar

"In the game, Katerra had 10 spaces in the territory. DeKenzia had 9 spaces in her territory. Ashleigh had 7 spaces in her territory, last but least Skylar had 6 spaces in her territory. So Katerra won the game because she had the most territory. Even though I didn’t win I still had fun."Ashleigh

"Today we played RPS Territories. Which stands for Rock, Paper, and Scissors. I was green, Cassidy was blue, Mariah was red, and Destiny was purple. Cassidy and Mariah had a tie. It was a tie because they both had 9. I was Lyric. I had 8 and Destiny had 6."Lyric
"JaZeven won. He won because he blocked everyone and he got to color in a large territory. He knew what he was doing. Everybody else were thinking and picking at the same time. He had a large area. Everybody used different strategies. JaZeven blocked out Mr. Crader. The area of Jazeven’s territory is 9 inches."Jehiah
“Jordan, Seth, Nyaz, and me played the game. In the end, it was close with Seth and Jordan but Jordan won by two small squares. I know because I compared the territories by seeing if blue could reach red. Also, it was obvious that Jordan had a quarter of the board and had a big space. Even though I lost I still had fun!" Sunny

Today’s task is for you and your partner to determine who won 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th place.

Think about a way to compare the amount of space in the four territories labeled A, B, C, & D.

You will have 15 minutes to work on this. After you find the solution, you’ll need to explain in detail how you solved the problem using your game board and this piece of chart paper.

Are there any questions?


Today, we have seen several strategies for dealing with this task. Which of these strategies were the most efficient at helping with the rankings?

What did you learn today?

journal question s

Journal Question (S)

Which strategy will you use to rank your game on Monday? Why

journal question f

Journal Question (F)

Why do you think we had so many different rankings?