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Leadership Portfolio. World Leaders By Lindsay Luongo. Leadership. Strong Voice Passion/ Willpower Understanding Judgment Free Strong Morals Outside Thinking. Creators of Change World Leaders . Beverly McAntarfer : Camp Director of CHB

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Leadership portfolio

Leadership Portfolio

World Leaders

By Lindsay Luongo


  • Strong Voice

  • Passion/ Willpower

  • Understanding

  • Judgment Free

  • Strong Morals

  • Outside Thinking

Creators of change world leaders
Creators of ChangeWorld Leaders

  • Beverly McAntarfer: Camp Director of CHB

  • James Figueiredo: Project Director for CV Children’s Coalition

  • Eli Segal: Founder of Americorps

  • Henry Davison: Founder of Red Cross

Beverly mcantarfer
Beverly McAntarfer

  • Commitment: 40 years of giving back to the community

  • Age 19: Fresh Air Fund

  • Camp Director of Camp Homeward Bound: A safe haven for disadvantaged youth

Influence on society
Influence on Society

  • Created positive changes to CHB:

    • Increased child supervision

    • Increased departments/programs to inspire

    • Turns community of strangers into family

    • Provides a safe haven

Applied outcomes
Applied Outcomes

  • Situational Leader

  • Outcome #24: Servant Leadership: theory in which an individual has the natural obligation/feeling to serve first. The highest priority of that individual is to ensure others are taken care of.

  • Outcome #104: Effective Coalition Building: Different celebrations and events that went on, so that the children were able to get the experience of the holidays they are not likely to celebrate otherwise because of their financial situation.

    • Halloween Party-Runway

Personal impact1
Personal Impact

  • First hand: one person can have influence over large group

  • Your service to others is never done

  • Teaching others to “pay it forward”

James figueiredo
James Figueiredo

  • Project director of the Cape Verde Children’s Coalition

  • Leader of Realize Resources: helps organizations and communities around the world develop the sustained capacity to promote health and well-being.

  • Works to support implementation of health promotion and disease prevention in 12 countries

Influence on society1
Influence on Society

  • Cape Verde’s Children’s Coalition provides support to the most vulnerable children in CV

  • Giving children a safe and healthy living situation

  • Grants opportunity to become productive members of community

Applied outcomes1
Applied Outcomes

  • Outcome #13: “Hierarchy of Needs” by Maslow implies that people have the drive to fulfill basic needs above any other needs. His pyramid demonstrates how the most basic needs motivate the human population.

  • Helps others achieve these needs.

    The five different levels the pyramid are:

  • 1. Physiological needs, which make up an individuals basic needs for survival

  • 2. Security needs, which are needs for safety and security

  • 3. Social needs, the need for love and affection

  • 4. Esteem needs, the need for self worth and personal worth

  • 5. Self actualizing needs-the need for personal growth, and satisfaction

Personal impact3
Personal Impact

  • Even though these children came from the darkest of homes they still had the brightest faces

  • America is a symbol of hope and adoration

  • Need love and security to grow=Vital

Eli segal
Eli Segal

  • CEO of the Corporation for National Service

  • Main founder of Americorps

  • Welfare to Work: Provide support services that welfare recipients and new workers need most to get and keep their jobs. Support services include mentoring, counseling, and training.

A change in the world
A Change in the World

  • Created a program which helps create civic leaders

  • Every year, Americorps engages over 4 million Americans in community service

  • Provides an opportunity to “pay it forward”

Related outcomes
Related Outcomes

  • “Eli J. Segal…used his business acumen and political savvy to create a lasting legacy of social service for the young and employment for the poor.”

    • Bryan Marquard, Boston Globe Staff

  • Outcome #40: Constructivism: The concept of constructivism follows the belief that the best approach for a learner is to be actively engaged. The more he/she expands their knowledge and understanding dynamically, the better they will be at the specific topic. Constructivism involves active learning and listening, new knowledge comes from shared discussion and reflection.

Personal impact5
Personal Impact

  • Actively practice leadership skills

  • Path to help discover future

  • Provides opportunity

Henry davison
Henry Davison

  • 1900’s

  • President of American Red Cross War Committee

  • Proposed forming a federation of humanitarian activities (Main figure behind societies)

  • "We are not building for an age but for all time.”

Societal influence
Societal Influence

  • One of America’s leading financers of late 1800’s to early 1900’s

  • Wide spectrum of opportunity: chose to serve

  • After appointed chairman of Red Cross, created the idea to extend the organization to fight all battles of mankind, not just wars.

Related outcomes1
Related Outcomes

  • Outcome # 57: Franklin’s Configuration of Power demonstrates how the world orchestrates and organizes power. On a smaller scale, the model displays how in any organization, individuals take on roles as leaders of as followers in order for that system to work in communication.

  • Outcome #78: Power applied to leadership: Power over another is the skill to persuade another’s behavior, to fit your best interest. It includes access to social, political, and economic resources as seen in Franklins Configuration of Power model. In regards to the systems of oppression, power is mainly received to those who are considered privileged.

Personal impact6
Personal Impact

  • Question what positive changes can I make?

  • Future company

  • Flaws in nearly every organization

  • Domestic issues

The a fter effect
The After Effect

  • Opens possibilities

  • Provides hope in times of darkness

  • Is always “present”

  • Source of safety

  • Is the trigger to “pay it forward”

  • Completely committed


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