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DEEP Leadership

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DEEP Leadership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DEEP Leadership. College Structure & Design. College Design & Structure CPD DPL Role SKSL Role Succession Planning. College Structure & Organisation. Principal. Deep Leadership. Deep Support. Deep Experience. Deep Learning. MFE/MSH. PW/MPO/PAG. JSl. NH.

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DEEP Leadership

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. DEEP Leadership

    2. College Structure & Design • College Design & Structure • CPD • DPL Role • SKSL Role • Succession Planning

    3. College Structure & Organisation

    4. Principal Deep Leadership Deep Support Deep Experience Deep Learning MFE/MSH PW/MPO/PAG JSl NH Consultant for Deep Leadership AAB Consultant for Deep Experience GH Consultant for Deep Learning KAG Leadership Team

    5. DEEP LEADERSHIP PRINCIPAL PRINCIPAL VICE PRINCIPAL Consultant - Deep Leadership BUSINESS MANAGER Succession Planning H.R./Governors/ITT/GTP Alternative Leadership Strategies /Research CPD Project/Humanities/Creative Arts Premises/Finance PE/Maths/Learning Centre/Coaching Central Leadership Coaching DEEP SUPPORT Assistant P. Key Stage 3 Assistant P. Director of Continuing Education Assistant P. Key Stage 4 Engagement/Inclusive Learning Engagement/Timetable Inclusion Centre/DCFS - Key Stage 3 Inclusion Centre Mentoring + Aim Higher/Celebrating Ach./ Coaching DCFS Key Stage 4 + 5/Coaching Rewards/Community Dev. + CLPs/ Operations/Coaching/CPSHE/Connexions PL Structure

    6. DEEP EXPERIENCE Assistant Principal New Technologies/Curriculum + Coaching Data/information etc./Monitoring Target Setting/Science/Tech./Enterprise DEEP LEARNING Consultant - Deep Experience Assistant Principal Consultant - Deep Learning Learning Platform/ICT + New Technologies Dev./Tech. Show Tech. Dev./Coaching/Transition Key Stage 2/3 Q.A. + Coaching/DfES Project L2L/DfES Project Line Manager to New Technology/Dev. Leaders AfL/Student Voice Coaching L2L/English + MFL Transition Key Stage 2/3 PL Structure

    7. Use of CPD

    8. CPD • Alternative use of INSET time • 2 Full days • 1 Twilight • 15 hours • Peer training • New Technologies Leaders • Teach Extra

    9. The Role of a DPL

    10. DPL • Not a traditional Head of Department Role • Focus of job description is raising achievement by developing and integrating the gateways • The 9 Gateways are linked to College priorities • Curriculum; appropriate pathways, personalising the learning • Learning to learn • Workforce development • Assessment for learning • School organisation and design • New technologies; embed in curriculum • Student voice • Advice and guidance • Mentoring • To lead SKSLs • Embed a team approach; distributing leadership • Share exemplar practice with other DPLs and DSFSs • Different meeting structure

    11. The Role of an SKSL

    12. SKSL • Lead and develop the curriculum area • Share ideas with other Keys Stage leaders/DSFSs • Direct student monitoring and intervention • Develop other staff • Involvement within Performance Review • Accountability at each key stage • Feedback at key points in data review at Key Stage and Subject level • Intervention strategies

    13. Leading from the Middle…

    14. Leadership Development Framework (LDF) • emergent leadership - a teacher is beginning to take on management and leadership responsibilities • established leadership - comprising assistant and deputy heads who are experienced leaders but who do not intend to pursue headship • entry to headship - including a teacher's preparation for and induction into the senior post in a school • advanced leadership - the stage at which school leaders mature in their role, look to widen their experience, to refresh themselves and to update their skills • consultant leadership - when an able and experienced leader is ready to put something back into the profession by taking on training, mentoring, inspection or other responsibilities

    15. Leading from the Middle… Programme overview

    16. Professional Recognition • Retain evidence from LftM work – reflective journal; planning docs; coach meetings • Professional development programme – no pass/fail assessment - Certificate presented for successful completion • Increasing number of universities award CATS points for successful completion of LftM

    17. How will middle leaders benefit? LftM supports the development of middle leaders in five key areas: • Increase ability to lead innovation and change • Deepen knowledge and understanding of the role in leading learning and teaching • Enhance self confidence and skills as a team leader • Building team capacity through efficient and effective management of people and resources • Active engagement in self-directed change in a blended learning environment • Must be self directed – no tap on the shoulder!

    18. How will the college benefit? • Growing its distributed leadership capacity • Developing its coaching practice within the school • Increasing awareness of the middle leader’s role • Giving middle leaders the confidence to reach their potential • Empowering middle leaders to engage with the school’s vision • Encouraging collaborative learning and the development of more effective teams

    19. Carry out leadership in school 4 months between DD2 – DD3 Programme model Participant takes on-line middle leader diagnostic 5 colleagues complete diagnostic about middle leader Feedback – own perception and others perception about you as a leader 14 characteristics created – can see similarities and differences REFLECTION Coaches complete same diagnostic Focus has 2 parts What skill as a leader do I want to develop? What am I going to do in school to help me develop that skill? e.g. Assessment Coach needs to register

    20. Who is eligible…………all types of middle leader • Subject leaders • DPLs • Induction teachers • Key Stage Leaders • Literacy/numeracy co-ordinators • Year team leaders • SENCOs • Advanced Skills Teachers Also possible for middle leaders from support staff to join