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Online Tenure and Promotion College and Journalism and Communications (Second Draft). Program Materials.

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program materials

Online Tenure and Promotion College and Journalism and Communications

(Second Draft)

Program Materials

The goal of this instruction is for T&P candidates to accurately maneuver the online T&P system. Secondary goals are to increase compliance in packet completion and to increase confidence in the sequencing of the packet process.

Instruction will be conduted with computer based instruction (CBI) supplemented by training leader as guide.

The first 7 objectives will be guided by the trainer. The remaining objectives will be self paced. The assessments in the CBI training will use ‘answer-until-correct” feedback.

objective 1 embed college calendar
Objective 1:Embed College Calendar

Training leader will have the computer projected on to a screen at front of classroom. Candidates will be required to bring personal laptops to class.

The leader will ask the learners to open a browser window and:

1. Navigate to MyCJCto access Faculty link through the JOU website

2. Navigate to College Governance and Administrative Resources



objective 1 cont embed college calendar

The calendar will be created so the file can be downloaded in a .csv format and then be imported into the candidate’s Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar.

Objective 1 (cont.):Embed College Calendar

Next, the leader will ask learners to:

Select College Tenure and Promotion Calendar 2012-2013

Download according to instructions.

This will embed the timeline for College’s tenure process in to their Outlook or Google calendar.

Assessment: 100% success rate in completing this procedure.

objective 2 locate the college s tenure and promotion guidelines
Objective 2: Locate the College’s Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

Leader will now ask the candidates to locate guidelines and save them to their hard-drive, or they can keep the guidelines up on their screen for reference.

Explain to candidates that the College is in a pilot testing program for the online T&P system. The program will be University-wide by 2014. Explain the benefits of an online process.

objective 3 alert candidates to common compliance errors
Objective 3: Alert candidates to common compliance errors.

While the candidate is looking at the T&P criteria on their computer, the leader will review each section of the guidelines and point out the any idiosyncrasies of a particular section. Some of the areas are described here. There will be 5 main areas that are pointed out where the candidates in the College normally have compliance errors. Examples of these sections that are compliant will be shown. Candidates can also ask questions any about particular sections.

Section 2: Most candidates in the College keep the section to about a half page, however there is no limit to the amount written

Section 3: Again, a succinct description is best. In the College, this section is normally 4 to 5 paragraphs.

Section 4: Explain here the detail of calculating FAR – do not count on your Chair to do it for you. Candidate should be able to calculate with online reporting. This will eventually be auto-populated in online template.

objective 4 material that belongs in section 33

Section 33: Review items that are appropriate for this section and those that are not.

Objective 4: Material that belongs in Section 33.

Leader will explain the purpose of Section 33. This section can have corrections added to it at any time throughout the online process, either by the candidate or the reviewers. Additions can be made until the packet leaves the College and goes to Academic Affairs. If a change or addition is made to Section 33 by someone other than the candidate, the candidate will receive an email notification and they will have to approve the addition. Candidates should know that AA evaluators are told to check in Section 33 before they review the packets, so they will see the corrected versions first; therefore, candidates should not be shy about making the corrections/additions.

Assessment: The candidate will be given an sample assignment table example (Sect 4) and be asked to calculate the activity distribution The leader will ask them to list 5 common errors in packet completion and then to match the appropriate items that do and do not belong in Section 33.

objective 5 identify roles in the process

#1: The Candidate

#2: The Designee Editor

#3: Department Administrator

#4 : College Administrator

#5 : Chair

#6: Dean

  • After the roles are explained(aural learning) the instructor will directed to a link where the candidate can click to download the names, emails of each of these people. This will give them a takeaway.
  • Assessment: Distribute a printed matching exercise: have the candidates match the actors to their role.
Objective 5: Identify roles in the process

Leader will present a slide that describes the main actors in the online T&P process and explain the role that each plays within the College. This will enable the candidate to be aware of who is responsible for which portion of the packet.

objective 6 locate faculty promotion tenure link


Objective 6: Locate Faculty Promotion & Tenure link

Leader will have all candidates log on to My.UFL to begin the online T&P process. Explain they must be connected to the Internet, have Gatorlink password. Perform steps 1,2, 3.

Step 4: Navigate to UF Faculty Promotion and Tenure




objective 7 download and save the t p template
Objective 7: Download and save the T&P template

Navigate to the page: Workforce Development > Faculty Events > Online Promotion and Tenure

Using their personal laptops, the candidates will now download their templates from link shown at right.

Have candidates save these to their hard-drive or USB as a doc file and a PDF file. Leader will check that candidates know how to save files as PDF.

Discuss how parts of the packet will auto-populate when they are first downloaded, and they will work from that copy to complete their packet.

The templates will have auto-populated in Sections 5, 7, 10 and 12. Ask candidates to review theirs and note any possible discrepancies. Referring to Objective 5 (roles), have them identify who they should report problems to.


objective 8 follow the stages of the online process

Candidate now will follow a CBI that guides them through uploading packet and all steps required of them in the process.

Objective 8: Follow the stages of the online process

Example: Step 7: Click on VIEW to see packet is uploaded correctly. If user selects wrong button, the appropriate one will flash and the screen will not change until the correct button is selected.

Table of Contents

Assign Faculty Designee

Upload Tenure and Promotion Packet


Instructional leader will now have candidates load the CBI (website to be created). Candidates maneuver through the CBI process by using a self-paced program. By clicking on arrows the screen will advance to the next step. Arrows will indicate where to go at each stage. A Table of Contents screen on the left will let them know where they are in the process and allow them to skip between sections, or go to ones that interest them. There will be no guided simulation, rather only text and arrows indicating the next step. Unless they skip through on the TOC, they cannot progress until they do the procedure in the correct order.

User can navigate between TOC when needed

Navigation buttons will give the user self paced control

Assessment: 100% completion of CBI tutorial. Arrive at final slide.

objective 9 identify stage of packet in process

Assessment: Candidate will arrange the flow chart in the correct order with 100% accuracy. The program will not allow for misplaced stages. (FLASH program)

Objective 9: Identify stage of packet in process

Upload Template

When candidates have completed CBI for T&P process, the program will present a situation to them where they have to organize the tenure and promotion packet process in an interactive flowchart.

Sign Waiver Cover Sheet

OPT notification of Dept Review


Chair’s letter

objective 10 identify when candidate needs to respond

Department Review

Objective 10: Identify when candidate needs to respond

Respond right away. CJC does not have review at this level

5 days

Using the similar flowchart method as in Objective 9, the candidate will place the number of days between each step in which they have to respond or else the material is automatically added to the packet and moves to the next stage.

Chair’s letter

10 days

Correction to evaluative letter

10 days

Respond right away. CJC does not have Review at this level

Department Review

Assessment: User will move the objects around to show understanding of temporal sequencing in the T&P process . The objects won’t ‘stick’ if placed in the wrong order. They will turn a color (green) when placed correctly.

Dean’s letter


Assessment/Takeaway:Flowchartwill have imbedded hyperlinks at each stage of the process that link back to page of the CBI for future referral. This will help give a visual reference while candidates are going through the online process.


Learners will be directed to a link that hosts a graphic of the overall flowchart for the online T&P system. This link will then have hyperlinks back to each particular stage of the process.

They will be given a printed handout with a list of whom to contact for technical or procedural problems.