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2008-2009 Key Club Membership Form

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2008-2009 Key Club Membership Form - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2008-2009 Key Club Membership Form

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2008-2009 Key Club Membership Form

Thank you for your interest in joining Key Club. All students who complete this form in its entirety and submit the form (along with dues and signed parent permission slip) to Ms. Schrier (Room D112) by Friday, September 12th at 3:00pm will be admitted into the club. Students will NOT be admitted into the club if they submit their forms late for ANY reason (including absence from school on the due date).

Directions: Please fill out this form neatly in blue or black ink.

Name: ___________________________________ Grade: _____________

Homeroom Teacher: ____________________________________________

Contact Information – It is important that the club officers can contact you about upcoming events. Please provide as much information as possible.

Home Phone: __________________________________________________

Cell Phone: ___________________________________________________

Do you have text messaging capabilities? _____________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________

What other organizations are you involved in or plan to become involved in? _____________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please describe one new service event that you would like to see our club become involved in this year? (If you are new to the club and are unfamiliar with our events, please describe a service project that you would be interested in participating in). _____________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

This Form, Signed Permission Slip, and Dues MUST be submitted to Ms. Schrier (Room D112) by Friday, September 12th at 3:00pm. These will not be accepted late for ANY reason.


Central Bucks High School West

Key Club

375 W. Court Street

Doylestown, PA 18901

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am pleased to introduce myself as the advisor for the 2008-2009 Central Bucks High School West Key Club. I am looking forward to another successful year of community service. In the past our club has volunteered at numerous local events such as Doylestown Township’s Oktoberfest, Pumpkinfest, Tour de Cure, Savory Sampler, and Mercer Folk Fest. Additionally we volunteer at various times throughout the year at Heritage Towers, Central Bucks Family YMCA, Doylestown Hospital, Nova Thrift Shop, Doylestown Library, Pearl S. Buck House, Gilda’s Club, Special Equestrian and Doyle Elementary.

Key Club is an international service organization for high school students. Our club is sponsored and supported by our local Kiwanis Club of Doylestown. Our Key Club holds general membership meetings once a month throughout the school year (see dates listed below). To maintain active membership, students must complete two service projects per marking period, for a total of eight projects in the school year. Our officers and I will plan to make all projects run between two and three hours. We ask that students only sign up for events that they are sure they can attend. To allow for proper planning, we will send out a tentative list of upcoming projects the week before each meeting so that the student can review the dates and times and plan accordingly. Also, an updated list of service projects can be accessed at our website

Our club is always looking for new ways to help out in our community. If you are involved with any community organization that could use our help, please feel free to contact me.

General Membership Meetings (held after school from approximately 2:45-3:15pm in the library):

Sept 16, Oct 14, Nov 11, Dec 9, Jan 13, Feb 10, Mar 10, Apr 7, and May 12.

Because of sports schedules and other after school commitments, I understand that some students will be unable to attend these meetings. For those students an alternate meeting time will be held each month. These alternate meetings will be the following morning in my classroom (D112). The abbreviated meeting will run from 6:55-7:15am. Any open slots for service projects will be available at this time. Service project sign ups will be on a first come, first served basis, therefore I ask that every effort is made to attend the Tuesday after school meetings to have the most project opportunities.

I am looking forward to a great year of service. Please contact me with any questions.


Ms. Leanne Schrier

Central Bucks High School West

Mathematics Department

Key Club Advisor



2008-2009 CB West Key Club Permission Slip

Student Name: __________________________________________________________

Parent Name: ___________________________________________________________

I give my child permission to participate in the 2008-2009 Central Bucks High School West Key Club. I am aware that service projects take place outside of school hours and off of school grounds. I am also aware that the club advisor will not be present at all events and that my child is responsible for transportation to and from all projects.

____________________________________________ ______________________

Parent Signature Date

Please include either a check or cash for dues and a Key Club T-Shirt.

(Please make checks payable to “CB West Activities Fund”)

Annual Dues is $13.50

T-Shirt Cost is $6.00

_____ I have included $13.50 for dues only.

_____ I have included $19.50 for dues and a T-Shirt.

T-Shirt Size (circle one): XS S M L XL XXL


2008-2009 CB West Key Club Membership Guidelines

Thank you again for your interest in joining Key Club. Below you will find an outline of the Membership Guidelines for the 2008-2009 school year. Please feel free to contact any officer or Ms. Schrier with questions or concerns.

Meetings: As an active member, you should plan on attending our monthly meetings. These meetings will run from approximately 2:45-3:15 in the school library. At these meetings you will have the opportunity to hear about and sign up for new service projects. Project sign ups will be on a first come, first served basis, so regular attendance at the meetings is strongly encouraged. If you are unable to attend the after school meetings, you are invited to attend an abbreviated meeting the next morning. These alternate meetings will run from approximately 6:55-7:15am in Ms. Schrier’s classroom (D112). Any additional sign ups will be available at that time.

After School Meeting Dates: Sept 16, Oct 14, Nov 11, Dec 9, Jan 13, Feb 10, Mar 10, Apr 7, and May 12.

Before School Meeting Dates: Sept 17, Oct 15, Nov 12, Dec 10, Jan 14, Feb 11, Mar 11, Apr 8, and May 13.

Service Project Sign Ups:

1) Please only sign up for service projects that you know you are able to attend. The officers and advisor will plan to send out the list of upcoming projects in homeroom during the week before the meeting so that you can properly plan for the projects you are most interested in. Additionally an updated list of projects will be available at our website,

2) Please sign up yourself only. Please do not sign up someone else.

3) Please print all information legibly.

4) We understand that occasionally there will be extenuating circumstances that will make you unable to attend a project that you have signed up for. Please find a replacement for yourself. Also, please contact the officer in charge or Ms. Schrier at least one school day prior to the event.

5) All project sign ups will be first come, first served. The first round of sign ups will always occur at our monthly after school meetings. You may not sign up for projects beforehand.

Project Requirements:

1) To maintain active membership, you must complete a total of eight projects per school year. Two projects per marking period should be completed.

2) Each service project will run approximately 2-3 hours.

3) You may substitute up to three of the eight service projects with events completed outside of Key Club. To do so, you must submit a written request to Ms. Schrier prior to the project. The volunteer time for the project must be at least 2 hours. You also must obtain a written letter of verification of the service hours from your community contact with a phone number.

To obtain a recommendation for National Honor Society, Scholarships, College, or to use your volunteer time in Key Club on your resume and/or college applications, you must fulfill the eight event per year requirement. Because Key Club is a volunteer organization, we do not want to penalize students or ask students to leave the organization who have not completed the required amount of projects. If you choose to join the club, please plan to fulfill the requested number of service projects.

You will be asked to leave the club if you fail to show up for two events without at least one school day’s notice or your behavior at any service project is inappropriate or unacceptable. Please remember that you are representing CB West and Key Club at service projects. Appropriate behavior and language is expected.