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TEAM 09-10 PRE-SITE VISIT MEETING - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TEAM 09-10 PRE-SITE VISIT MEETING. Agenda. 6:00 – 6:15 Welcome, Team Binders 6:15 – 6:30 Logistics 6:30 – 7:30 SV Schedule & Protocols 7:30 – 8:15 Site Visit Issues 8:15 – 8:30 Final Details. Review Schedule. Opening Meeting Introduce Ourselves Sr Leader Meeting

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Presentation Transcript
  • 6:00 – 6:15 Welcome, Team Binders
  • 6:15 – 6:30 Logistics
  • 6:30 – 7:30 SV Schedule & Protocols
  • 7:30 – 8:15 Site Visit Issues
  • 8:15 – 8:30 Final Details
review schedule
Review Schedule
  • Opening Meeting
    • Introduce Ourselves
  • Sr Leader Meeting
  • Team Leader will facilitate; Cat 1 leader will lead off and turnover to next Examiner
    • Identify notetakers before the meeting
  • Interviews based on SVI Worksheets
    • 15 minute breaks in between interviews
    • Cat interview vs. results interviews
    • Will have badges but we must use escorts
    • Staff interviews: use walk-around questions and check deployment for your category if they are not specific to your SVIs
schedule continued
Schedule (continued)
  • Visiting facilities
    • Carpools
    • Chaperones
    • Walk-around questions
    • Deployment
site visit protocol
Site Visit Protocol

Be polite, professional, neutral

Stay focused on resolving SVIs

Do you have the information to revise your findings and comments?

Politely deflect questions about experience or industry knowledge

“Baldrige Criteria are based on world-class companies regardless of industry” and/or

“I’ve been trained by WSQA as an Examiner to evaluate any organization based on Criteria”

Talk applicant’s language, not “Baldrige”

Avoid giving any indication about how the site visit is going

Thank the applicant!

general guidelines for meeting with applicants
General Guidelines for Meeting with Applicants
  • Be prompt in starting the interview
  • Interview in pairs. Introduce yourself and your partner and review why you are there.
  • Explain your roles. Agree with your partner ahead of time.
  • Set context for interview
    • Let them know that there are no wrong answers and it’s okay if they don’t know the answer
  • Let the interviewee know that you are trying to fully understand the organization and its processes and approaches
  • Let the interviewee know that you will be keeping notes; assure confidentiality
  • Ask simple, straightforward questions – be sure applicant understands your questions
    • Avoid jargon and complex questions
general guidelines for meeting with applicants1
General Guidelines for Meeting with Applicants
  • Ask for all information you need – one interview
    • Documents, people to follow up with etc.
  • Keep thorough notes – beyond your SVI
    • Let Cat Leader interview; don’t interrupt but can ask questions at end
    • Issues for other Examiners, explore maturity, support your conclusions with facts, check out emerging themes
  • Use OPC or “chaperones” to transport documents to Caucus Room
    • Ask document owner to clip their business card to document and submit to OPC or chaperone
difficult interviews
Difficult Interviews
  • If you should get into an interview where:
    • The applicant is adversarial
    • The applicant asks you inappropriate questions
    • You don’t know the answers to the applicant’s questions
    • Or you just feel uncomfortable for some reason
  • Excuse yourself and get your senior
investigating exploring
Investigating - Exploring
  • Explore the Issues
    • Ask for examples
    • Ask to see processes at work
      • Ask to see data, information, results
      • Ask for Info System demos (databases, tracking systems, etc.)
      • Walk through the process with your interviewee
      • Talk to process employees (include union employees)
    • Identify additional people/data to see
    • Use drill down, multiple slice, and diagonal techniques
    • Use sign-in sheets with titles to track cross-section representation
interviewing mistakes
Interviewing Mistakes
  • Leading questions
    • No: How do you analyze these results for determining root cause? (Implies that they do analyze and they look for root cause)
    • Yes: What do you do with these results? How do you use them? Walk me through what you typically do with these reports? What do you look for when you get these reports?
  • Giving multiple choices
    • No: Do you actually analyze these reports or do you just look at them and file?
investigating exploring1
Investigating - Exploring
  • Discovery is ok!
  • If your investigation resolves/changes OFI or strength, test maturity level up: what will it take to get a higher score?
  • Get documents: review them and summarize findings
  • Update SVI worksheet as you work
  • Careful not to let the interviewees see your notes/worksheets
protect data during process
Protect Data During Process
  • Be sure that no one but you sees or processes the information
  • Ensure your E-mail is secure
    • Do not leave documents unattended or allow others access to the application folder
  • Make sure files and floppies are free of viruses
    • Have current virus software to protect yourself!
examiner do s don ts
Examiner Do’s & Don’ts
  • Spouses are not invited to Site Visit
  • All Examiners stay at the hotel, even if local.
  • 24/7 commitment for the duration. Depart when the Feedback Report is updated and complete.
  • Reaffirm dress code – applicant decides.
  • Previous Baldrige or Eureka applications, Feedback Reports and scores should not be part of the review process.
  • Cell phones and laptops ok. No recording devices.
  • Associate with the applicant only as related to the Site Visit.
  • Use of alcohol during a Site Visit is discouraged. Alcohol may not be charged to the applicant.
  • Take nothing from the site, including taking materials to the hotel.
  • The applicant is not allowed to video or photograph the team.
  • You can accept drinks and snacks but don’t ask for them.
svi worksheets
SVI Worksheets
  • Writing up findings
    • Use ADLI to guide; will help to determine level of maturity & score
    • Example:
      • A: Verified complaint management system is systematic for logging, tracking, reporting
      • D: Deployed across customer service department, reports generated to staff & managers in the department; do not share across the organization to production line and training department, for example; reports are generated quarterly
      • L: Limited by frequency of reporting and deployment of results; acknowledged by staff who have asked for reports be generated weekly but this has not been done
      • I: Limited by deployment issues; not aligned to core values of service excellence and organizational learning
svi worksheets continued
SVI Worksheets (continued)
  • Writing up conclusion
    • Document how your comments will change or not:
    • Example:
      • Strength comment #3 for 3.1: Comment remains the same
      • OFI will be added as follows:
      • Although a systematic approach is in place for tracking and reporting customer complaints, results are only shared within the customer service department. Further, results are reported on a quarterly basis which limits the learning and immediate resolution capability, as acknowledged by staff who have requested reports be generated on a weekly basis. Without sharing results with process owners, this may limit the applicant’s ability to improve its products and services to address and eliminate the causes of complaints.
final details
Final Details
  • Carpools
  • Badges and pins
  • Items to bring on site:
    • Binders
    • Applications
    • Criteria
    • Notepads, pens
    • Laptops
  • Interview sign-in sheets
  • Dinner plans
  • Schedule for remaining days
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