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The Grasshopper

The Grasshopper

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The Grasshopper

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  1. The Grasshopper By Shelby Abellard2-105

  2. WHAT IS A GRASSHOPPER? The Grasshopper is an insect. A grasshopper has three body parts. They are: HEAD THORAX ABDOMEM THE life cycle of a Grasshopper starts at with eggs.

  3. WHERE DOES GRASSHOPPERS EAT? Grasshoppers never eats insects. They are called herbivores. Grasshoppers are not picky about the plant they eat. They will eat grass in your yard. And they will eat the crops in your field too. That’s what a grasshopper eats.

  4. Where do grasshoppers eat? Grasshoppers live in almost all kinds of terrain such as: grassland, rainforests, desert and mountains.

  5. HOW DOES A GRASSHOPPER PROTECTS ITSELF Grasshoppers protects itself by the color of their body. Most grasshoppers are the same color as grass. If they don’t moare insects that live everywhere in the world except the Polar regions. Grasshoppers subsist on vegetation, can grow as long as five inches in some species and differ from their close cousin, the locust, in their behavior.NumbersThere are over 18,000 different species of grasshoppers, according to, with over 400 existing in the western states of the U.S.DefenseWhen a grasshopper feels threatened or someone tries to handle it, the insect will excrete what resembles a brown juice from its mouth. This is sometimes called "tobacco juice."Sight & SoundGrasshoppersve, they wont be seen.

  6. WHAT ARE SOME INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT GRASSHOPPERS Grasshoppers hear through their knees. Did you know that grasshoppers can singi.