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SBHC Review

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SBHC Review. Multnomah Youth Commission’s School Based Health Center committee. Youth Commission Research Team. Chris Edmonds, CoChair (Senior: Grant High School) Nay’Chelle Harris, CoChair (Senior: Central Catholic High School) Tim Bauman (2008-2009 Multnomah Youth Commissioner)

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sbhc review

SBHC Review

Multnomah Youth Commission’s School Based Health Center committee


Youth Commission Research Team

Chris Edmonds, CoChair (Senior: Grant High School)

Nay’Chelle Harris, CoChair (Senior: Central Catholic High School)

Tim Bauman (2008-2009 Multnomah Youth Commissioner)

Kelly Henderson (2008-2009 Multnomah Youth Commissioner)

Amantha Hood (2008-2009 Multnomah Youth Commissioner)

Karla Suarez (Senior: Gresham High School)

research methods
Research Methods
  • 9 Focus Groups
  • Secret Shopper Survey
student survey results

Services are valued


Independence to make own medical choices

Mostly engaging and friendly staff

“Health center” sounds better than “clinic”

Some walked in; others had to wait 3 weeks for an appointment

Average 5 minutes hold time

Student Survey Results
student survey results1

No one wants to go see a doctor

Lack of privacy of SBHC’s and staff

Lack of confidentiality of teachers and staff

Most students are embarrassed to use the clinic because of stigma

Medical info is helpful but sometimes outdated

SBHC’s are used to skip class

Atmosphere of tension between patients

Lack of maps for those unfamiliar with the school

Posters and flyers are not eye-catching

Health center official visits are less effective than visits by peers

Student Survey Results
research methods1
Research Methods
  • 9 Focus Groups
  • Secret Shopper Survey
  • Oregon School Based Health-Care Network Conference
  • Multnomah County Health Fair
professional survey results
Professional Survey Results
  • Privacy laws
  • Eugene group
    • Awareness week
    • Pins to pass around
    • Chairs to support SBHCs
  • Counselors and Health Educators
multnomah county health fair results
We surveyed 17 health educators and 14 school counselors

Questions (A-B not asked to counselors)

A. Does your curriculum include information about minor consent laws/rights for health care?

Health Educators: 70% yes

18% no

12% unsure

B. Does it include information about youth confidentiality rights for health care?

Health Educators: 76% yes

12% no

12% unsure

Multnomah County Health Fair Results
multnomah county health fair results1
Multnomah County Health Fair Results
  • C. Do you know where the closest SBHC is to your school?

Health Educators: 76% yes, 18% no, 6% unsure

Counselors: 57% yes, 43% no

  • D. Do you know that you can refer any youth to any schools with an SBHC?

Health Educators: 82% yes, 18% no

Counselors: 93% yes, 7% no

  • E. Would you be interested in receiving new marketing information about SBHC’s to advertise their services in your classroom?

Health Educators: 82% yes, 18% no

Counselors: 100% yes, 0% no

research methods2
Research Methods
  • 9 Focus Groups
  • Secret Shopper Survey
  • Oregon School Based Health-Care Network Conference
  • Multnomah County Health Fair
  • Marketing Material Review
marketing material results
Marketing Material Results
  • Main method of receiving information is word-of-mouth
  • Flyers, posters, assemblies, and health teacher visits also spread information
  • Flyers and posters found to be bland and not “eye-catching”
  • Students’ health care rights are not covered in marketing materials
  • Students prefer to hear about SBHCs from people their age
privacy recommendations
Privacy Recommendations
  • Keep door closed for privacy
  • Separate the receptionist and the waiting area
    • Use a privacy screen of some sort
  • Allow the patients to write down their reason for visiting
    • Use a checklist of common ailments in several languages so more people can use it
      • MYC is willing to help with the translations
    • Use a dry-erase board to cut down on paper use
privacy recommendations1
Privacy Recommendations
  • Do not mention health issues in the halls or the lobby if possible
    • Do not engage with students in public unless they engage with you first
    • If students need to get a message from the SBHC, do not talk with them in the hallways—send a note to their class asking them to go to the office. The office can then redirect them to the SBHC
    • Ask for students’ phone numbers when they first sign up so that the SBHC can text them reminders about appointments etc.
environment recommendations
Environment Recommendations
  • Make the music more youth-friendly
    • No oldies stations
    • If necessary, make the volume of the radio stations louder so that there is more privacy
    • Recommendations for radio stations: 100.3, 107.5
    • Ask a student group to make a mix CD to play in the SBHCs
  • Colors
    • Warmer colors
    • Try to make the rooms “less sterile” – avoid plain white walls
    • Avoid fluorescent lights
environment recommendations1
Environment Recommendations
  • Put up plenty of posters
  • Have magazines that would appeal to students
    • Spin, Teen Vogue, Vibe, ESPN Rise, other sports-related magazines
    • Have local alternative newspapers distributed in the office
    • Ask people when they sign in what magazines they would like to see
marketing recommendations
Marketing Recommendations
  • Publicize all the services that the SBHCs offer
  • Compare its service model to that of an ordinary clinic
  • Posters
    • Update the slang
    • Have students design it to keep them up-to-date
    • Use school colors at each school to make it school-specific
    • Have health and art classes or student government organizations work on them
    • Hold a poster contest
marketing recommendations1
Marketing Recommendations
  • Peer-to-Peer Marketing
    • Use slightly older people to publicize SBHCs rather than other high school students or older adults
    • Attract college students through partnerships with premed programs, health outreach programs, or Americorps
    • Match the appearance of the presenters to that of the students
    • Have an advisory body which is filled with students who know a lot about SBHCs and can direct their peers there
      • Utilize student government groups to address this
      • Involve health teachers in the process
marketing recommendations2
Marketing Recommendations
  • Inform counselors and health educators
    • Send health center representatives to meetings of school counselors
    • Distribute pamphlets with information about SBHCs to counselors
  • Youth health information cards
    • Put the rights of youth on the cards
    • Put the cards in the SBHCs
youth involvement recommendations
Youth Involvement Recommendations
  • Health class
    • Posters
    • Music
    • Surveying students about their opinions on SBHCs
  • Art class
    • Posters
  • Student Government
    • Posters
    • Music
    • Surveying students about their opinions on SBHCs
myc youth grant
MYC/Youth Grant
  • Stickers
  • Wristbands
  • Video
  • Translation
  • Music
  • Awareness Week

United Way Collaborative Grant

  • Multnomah and Washington County Commissions on Children & Families, Mental Health, Public Health, Virginia Garcia, LifeworksNW, Cascade AIDS Project, Multnomah Youth Commission & Voice Box Media.
  • Youth Leadership Councils at 8 SBHC
  • Print, Web, and Video Marketing campaign
  • Increase insurance enrollment capacity
marketing strategy eye catching posters
Marketing Strategy: Eye Catching Posters

Bright and not bland colors

Best results if they are done by students at the school

Big posters and little posters…everywhere

  • Need a physical, or a check up?
  • Are you sick, or hurt?
  • Need someone to talk to?
  • Do you want sex education?
  • In need of medication care, or prescriptions?
  • Need help in Designing a Personal Health Plan ?
  • Location Closest to You:

School Based Health Centers


  • $.35/Bracelet for any order over 1,000
  • 6,000 bracelets would cost $2100.00
marketing strategy sbhc awareness stickers
Marketing Strategy: SBHC Awareness Stickers
  • Like the clothes pin idea
  • Flexible message
  • Several different questions
  • Stick them on peoples’ backs

Need a physical

For upcoming athletics?

Use your resources,

go to your school’s