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The WEST 45 AIRPORT NOISE COMMITTEE has affiliated itself with two other groups: CHARGE ***** The Coalition Against the Hooks Airport Expansion. Welcome to the CHARGE town hall meeting October 2 nd 2006. Purpose of this meeting.

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The WEST 45 AIRPORT NOISE COMMITTEE www.FlightNoise.comhas affiliated itself with two other groups:CHARGE*****The Coalition Against the Hooks Airport Expansion

Welcome to the charge town hall meeting october 2 nd 2006 l.jpg

Welcome to theCHARGE town hall meetingOctober 2nd 2006

Purpose of this meeting l.jpg
Purpose of this meeting

  • Update CHARGE activities this year

  • The problem

  • The cure

  • Receive update from the Houston Airport System

  • Hear from candidates and elected officials on their stance on this issue

  • Understand what the airport, your elected officials and you can do to solve this problem

Charge positions l.jpg
CHARGE positions

  • CHARGE is grass roots with no political affiliations.

  • CHARGE does NOT wish the airport closed or the runways removed.

  • CHARGE understands the economic benefit that the airport provides to this area and the region.

  • CHARGE does not believe that the neighbors of the airport should bare the burden of Bush Intercontinental Airport’s expansion.

How charge lives l.jpg
How CHARGE lives…

  • Your donations

  • Stream energy

The problem s l.jpg

  • Noise effecting health

  • Pollution from overflights

  • Property devaluation

  • Potential for catastrophic disaster

  • Reasonable enjoyment of your property

Reasons l.jpg

Since the opening of the newest runway (and at the same time), FAA tripled the amount of class B airspace over which they have control.


FAA’s stance on airport expansion is NOT

pro-neighboring communities – it is safety and

promotion of air carriers and facilities

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Our MissionOur mission is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.

Our VisionOur vision is to improve the safety and efficiency of aviation, while being responsive to our customers and accountable to the public.

Our Values

Safety is our passion. We're world leaders in aerospace safety. Quality is our trademark. We serve our country, our customers, and each other. Integrity is our character. We do the right thing, even if no one is looking. People are our strength. We treat each other as we want to be treated.

The solutions l.jpg
The solutions

  • Noise Abatement Program established by Bush Intercontinental Airport

  • Land Use Management around the airport

  • Reconfiguration of the use of the airspace around the airport

1 noise abatement program nap l.jpg
1. Noise Abatement Program (NAP)

  • Mitigation for affected neighborhoods

  • Governs use of airspace avoiding flights over noise sensitive areas

  • Establish noise sensitive areas

    • residential, schools, hospitals and churches

  • CHARGE has proposed an NAP to the airport

  • Procedures in the proposed NAP are from NAP’s at other airports, not imagined utopia

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The proposed nap makes use of the major thoroughfares surrounding bush intercontinental airport l.jpg
The proposed NAP makes use of the major thoroughfares surrounding Bush Intercontinental Airport

Slide15 l.jpg
NAP uses FAA technology called RNAV which is in testing in Atlanta and Las Vegas airports – specifically Continuous Decent Approach

Prof. John-Paul Clarke, PhD Aeronautical Engineering MIT, Director of the

Aeronautical Engineering Laboratory at Georgia Institute of Tech, Advisor to Boeing

Intercept elevation changes continuous descent approaches l.jpg

4000’ INTERCEPT Atlanta and Las Vegas airports – specifically Continuous Decent Approach




Intercept Elevation ChangesContinuous Descent Approaches

  • Planes should fly high over residential areas and begin their descent on the glide slope at the last possible moment.

  • Higher planes mean less noise

  • Currently planes fly at 2000 feet

2 land use management l.jpg
2. Land Use Management Atlanta and Las Vegas airports – specifically Continuous Decent Approach

  • Is it zoning…No

  • The NAP establishes flight corroders… the Land Use Management prevents noise sensitive development in these corroders

  • Who is in control – this is a commission comprised of Houston, Humble, Harris county, FAA and citizen neighbors of the airport

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3 faa airspace configuration l.jpg
3. FAA Airspace Configuration Study of 2000

  • NAP establishes air corroders, FAA adjusts use of the airspace

  • Present configuration is not efficient according to controllers, nor is it noise sensitive

  • A commission is established to reconfigure

Slide21 l.jpg

  • FAA is a bureaucracy much like the IRS Study of 2000

  • It does not report to the citizens of this country

  • It’s basic premise is to enhance air travel and promote safety

  • It will require the efforts of our elected officials

Who are the players in solving this problem l.jpg

  • Houston Airport System

  • Your elected officials

  • You

What can the airport do l.jpg
What can the airport do? Study of 2000

  • Adopt an NAP

  • Begin the establishment of a Land Use Management Commission

  • Both items were discussed as needed in a meeting between CHARGE and Rick Vacar on April 11th 2006

The role of your elected officials l.jpg
The role of your elected officials? Study of 2000

State Elected Officials

  • Help establish Land Use Commission for Bush Intercontinental Airport region

  • Encourage the Houston Airport System to play their role in curing the expansion problem both now and for future expansion

  • Encourage Commissioner Eversole to begin promised pollution monitoring as is done at the ship channel

  • City/County officials are included in this category

Slide27 l.jpg

Federal Elected Officials Study of 2000

  • Federal Officials can have the greatest impact on FAA

    • FAA needs to change the decibel level to 55, from 65, just as the EPA recommends

  • Federal Officials can have the greatest impact on the Houston Airport System

How to find your elected officials l.jpg
How to find your elected officials? Study of 2000



  • Handouts on the outside table

Slide29 l.jpg

Richard Vacar, Director, Houston Airport System Study of 2000

said, “IAH receives approximately 1,000 noise

complaints a month and 80 to 90 percent of

those are made by the same six people.”

(Spring Online Observer, 8/1/2005 Edition)

What impact can you have l.jpg
What Impact Can You Have? Study of 2000

  • You are the most important part of the solution

  • Complain to the airport when you have problems…

    • Every time you have a problem…the airport noise compliance office can have a greater impact on the problem if you can provide details, time, date, type of plane, altitude, what occurred

  • How to complain handouts…on the tables outside

  • Airport complaint link is on and

Slide31 l.jpg

  • Lodge a complaint with FAA when you see unsafe flight operations

  • File a complaint with your elected officials…put them on notice of the problems

  • Notify them repeatedly…once is not enough for them to think there is a problem

  • Talk to neighbors &friends about doing the same…repeatedly

A note on our elected officials l.jpg
A Note on Our Elected Officials operations

  • They work on many different issues

  • They sometimes get separated from the issues of their constituents

  • They need to be reminded of our problems


  • They do not know what problems we have if we do not tell them

Elected officials positions l.jpg
Elected officials positions operations

  • This meeting was scheduled during an ‘out of session’ period so they would be able to attend

  • Notification was 1 ½ months prior to this meeting to allow for their attendance

  • They were requested to send their Chiefs of Staff if they were not able to attend

  • They were asked to send their position statements on the airport issue

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Vote on November 8 operationsth!

The U.S.A. needs your vote.