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Antonia Ornelas

Antonia Ornelas

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Antonia Ornelas

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  1. Antonia Ornelas City of Chicago Department of Environment Energy Division

  2. Energy Division Assist residential, commercial, industrial, governmental, and non-profit consumers of energy become more energy efficient. Administer programs ranging from Co-generation, Energy Management, Retrofits and Audits in City and Industrial buildings & Alternative Energy sources such as Solar and Wind. Electric Utility Oversight to assure reliable delivery of energy.

  3. City of ChicagoEnergy Plan Protect Consumers Promote Economic Growth Protect the Environment

  4. Chicago’s Projected Electricity Demand by 2010: 27 billion kWh 20% more than in 2000 or 5 billion kWh (22.5 billion kWh in 2000)

  5. Energy Mix for Meeting Chicago’s Projected Increase in Electric Demand 5 Billion kWh increase projected by 2010 Plus 1Billion kWh of City’s current demand Totals 6 Billion kWh

  6. Energy mix for meeting 6 billion kWh of electric demand by 2010: Energy Management ~28% Renewable Energy ~25% Distributed Generation ~22% Cogeneration (CHP) ~25%

  7. Distributed Generation “Provide 1.3 billion kWh of electricity from Distributed Generation by 2010.”

  8. Distributed Generation Mini Power Plant Created by Adapting all City Owned Backup Generators Located at Critical Facilities onto a Central Grid. Police stations Cooling Centers

  9. Distributed Generation Almost 10MW accessible via a remote switch. Targeted current natural gas back-up generators Generators not currently connected to the grid but facilities can disconnect from the grid and power up via back-up generators if needed or economically feasible.

  10. Distributed GenerationChicago Industrial Energy Plan Gas Technology Institute US Department of Energy University of Illinois at Chicago - ERC Industry Experts

  11. Distributed Generation Chicago Industrial Energy Plan Phase I Funded by the City of Chicago Characterization Study to identify sites based on emissions, energy usage, electric grid maps. Plant Interviews Ten Sites Best Suited for Distributed Generation based on Energy Use.

  12. Distributed Generation Chicago Industrial Energy Plan Phase 2 Deployment of Distributed Generation Technologies at the 10 Sites Develop Conceptual Plant Designs Economic Analysis

  13. Distributed Generation Chicago will achieve the City’s objective of securing 22% of the Chicago’s Projected Demand from Distributed Generation by replicating these model Projects.

  14. Cogeneration “Provide 1.5 billion kWh of electricity from cogeneration by 2010.”

  15. Cogeneration(CHP) The City has assisted various private facilities with CHP projects by either funding feasibility studies or by providing funds in terms of low or no interest loans for installations.

  16. Cogeneration(CHP) New Program to target CHP in the City’s ~ 50 Hospitals to be administered by the University of Illinois at Chicago/Energy Resources Center (UIC- ERC)

  17. Cogeneration(CHP) Why Hospitals? Continuous Operating Hours Require Electric Power Reliability Coincidence of Thermal & Electric Load

  18. Cogeneration(CHP) Hospital Program Goals: Hold a one day seminar to educate hospital financial administrators and hospital facility managers within the City of Chicago on the concept and benefits of CHP.

  19. Cogeneration(CHP) Hospital Program Goals: Have each of the attendees agree to proceed with a next step to engage in an engineering analysis of their facility to evaluate CHP as a capital investment for their hospital.

  20. Cogeneration(CHP) Hospital Program Goals: As an incentive, the City will provide 50% or up to $5,000 for a follow up screening analysis to estimate costs, savings, payback for a CHP system.

  21. Cogeneration(CHP) Hospital Program Goals: The hospital will have to make a commitment by matching 50% of the engineering evaluation cost. .

  22. Cogeneration(CHP) Hospital Program Goals: UIC-ERC will manage the follow up program and administer the subcontracts for the engineering evaluations. The choice of company to do the evaluations will be left to the participating hospital to decide. .

  23. Cogeneration(CHP) Hospital Program Goals: UIC-ERC will work with the Midwest Cogeneration Association to develop a list of qualified engineering companies that are familiar with CHP analysis, and make the list available. .

  24. Cogeneration(CHP) Chicago will achieve the City’s objective of securing 25% of the Chicago’s Projected Demand from Cogeneration by replicating these model Projects. .