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Here are some important questions and answers of SEO for your referral by the successful professional seo services in india.

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What do you mean by seo

What do you mean by SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of optimizing a company’s website to reach the top most position or a good position in Search Engines (SE) like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What is search engine se

What is Search Engine(SE)?

Search Engine is a software program that searches and identifies the queries or keywords entered by the user in a database especially of the world wide web.

Explain the different types of optimization

Explain the different types of Optimization?

There are of two types

1.Onpage Optimization- It refer to the measures that can be taken directly within the company website. This include giving appropriate meta tags, giving keywords to links and alt images.

2.Offpage Optimization- It refer to the measures that is taken outside the source code of the website like quality link building

What are the different seo techniques

What are the different SEO Techniques?

There are two techniques-

1.White Hat Techniques-These are good ethical methods approved by the Search engines to improve the website rankings.This include improvement in web design, contents,metat tags.

2. Black Hat Techniques- These are unethical methods diapproved by the Search Engines to the improve the rankings. Use of this technique may lead to getting deindexed and penalities. This include keyword stuffing,cloaked pages etc

What do you mean by backlinks

What do you mean by backlinks?

It is also called Incoming links. Backlinks refer to all the links that when clicked takes you to a company website. More Backlinks you have, the better will be the position in Search Engines.

What is a spider

What is a spider?

Spider is a software program that crawls through the all the websites available and index them according to some points in the Search Engine Result pages (SERP). It is also referred to as Crawler and Googlebot.

What is robots txt file

What is robots.txt file?

It is a text file saved inside a website’s servcer determining whether the Spiders should crawl through all the webpages of a website and index them in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) or not.

What is a sitemap

What is a sitemap?

It is a XML ( Extensive Markup Language) file which act as map of a website. It shows the structure of your site, different sections and internal links.

What do you mean by cloaking

What do you mean by cloaking?

It is a method which shows the Search Engines (SE) a titles and contents of a website that is entirely different from what the users see. Once the Search engines recognize the cloaked webpages, they will permanently remove from the Search Enginer Result Pages (SERP).

What are dofollow and nofollow links

What are DoFollow and NoFollow Links?

DoFollow links tell the crawler to follow the links and index them in the result pages thereby giving the linked page value and spreading the link juice (quality and value of links).

NoFollow links stops the link juice from spreading cross the web.

Why is google webmaster tool used in seo

Why is Google Webmaster tool used in SEO?

It is a tool used to track the visitors behaviour to a website. It is designed to show how the website is seen from the Search engine’s point of view. It provides a lot of information about crawling, search results,backlinks and diagnose the problems faced.

Why is google analytics used in seo

Why is Google Analytics used in SEO?

It is also a tool used to trach the visitor’s behaviour to a site. But it is designed to show how the website is seen from the visitor’s point of view. It gives a clear picture of exactly what is going inside the website.

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