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Label Sticker Printing Malaysia PowerPoint Presentation
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Label Sticker Printing Malaysia

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Label Sticker Printing Malaysia
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Label Sticker Printing Malaysia

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  1. Title:Sticker Maker | Label Printing | Fifty Percent Print Description:Fifty percent print is Sticker Maker in Malaysia and also a faster way to advertise your company by using car stickers, Print Labels and sticker printing. Keywords:Sticker & label, Sticker Maker, Print Labels, Stickers, Label, car window stickers , car stickers, custom stickers, sticker printing, label sticker printing Malaysia, sticker printing Malaysia. Visit: Label Sticker Printing Malaysia Sticker & label printing these days is been used to creating very interesting introduction to a product or service. We provide sticker printing services such as Stickers, Label printing, car stickers and custom stickers to our customers. In Fifty percent print, we provide you with a variety of quality custom stickers that is suitable for any occasion, indoor or outdoor. Fifty percent print is Sticker Maker and also offers print labels services, customers are able to design and custom stickers in any desired sizes and shape. Thus, the end product will give a satisfying feeling towards the customer and also us in Fifty per cent print. Car Stickers: Car Sticker printing / Car Decal printing is another popular product to create and promote brand awareness. Sticker printing is very much customizable depending on your requirements. Some standard sizes of sticker printing pricing are listed below. Kindly contact us for a free quote on any different sizes or quantity of sticker printing. Contact Us: T: 012. 517 7336 | E:

  2. Sticker Printing Malaysia: Short run sticker printing is suitable for small quantity and mostly use for label purposes. Custom stickers in short run frequently used by company that need to label their products in order to send the precise products to their customer by wide varieties of sizes for sticker printing. Short run sticker printing services will fit to all types of businesses that would like to advertise in a Innovative way. 50percent print is a leading online supplying source for custom stickers and Labels printing in Malaysia. We are specialized in custom stickers and labels from one colour to full colour printing with high precise multi varnishing, die-cutting, and embossing services. Our Capabilities: Food & Beverage Label Home & Personal Care Label Industrial Chemical Label Logistics & Transport Label Pharmaceutical Label Security Label Barcode Label Contact Us: T: 012. 517 7336 | E: