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Morale Fund Financial Statement Program (MFFSP)

Morale Fund Financial Statement Program (MFFSP). Purpose.

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Morale Fund Financial Statement Program (MFFSP)

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  1. Morale Fund Financial Statement Program(MFFSP)

  2. Purpose This program may aid in the formulation of required morale fund financial statement reports in accordance with Enclosure (17) of the Coast Guard Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation Manual, COMDTINST M1710.13 (series). It does not use or suggest any new or different reporting requirements. This program is not really intended for Category C MWR Activities. If used for Category C MWR Activities with Accounts Payables, Receivables, and Salary Expenses, greater accounting knowledge may be required. Units should refer to the guidance contained in the MWR Manual in conjunction with the use of this Excel spreadsheet program.

  3. MFFS Program Spreadsheets • Morale Fund Financial Statement (CG-2985) - Basic document for recording financial results of operations for morale activities and reporting the financial status of the morale fund, at a point in time. • Operating Summary MWR Activities (CG-2985A) - Form designed to summarize the results of operation of MWR and resale activities, over a stated period, and supports the CG-2985. • Morale Fund Transaction Accounting Sheet (CG-4517) - Form is designed to record the day-to-day transactions of the morale fund and assist in the preparation of the CG-2985 and CG-2985A. Form can also be used to satisfy the requirement to submit a schedule of Other Receipts/Income with CG-2985.

  4. MFFSP Benefits • Single entries placed on CG-4517 spreadsheet can update CG-2985 and CG-2985A automatically. • By using the CG-4517spreadsheet, manual entries reduced on CG-2985 and CG-2985A. • Minimizes bookkeeping and calculation errors. • Eliminates time spent producing manual financial reports.

  5. What do you need to know… • The reporting requirements as outlined in Enclosure (17) of the MWR Manual • Some basic Excel spreadsheet skills

  6. LET’S GET STARTED!! The following is a overview of how this program works.

  7. $0.00 RELIEVING CUSTODIAN OUTSTANDING CHECKS (DRAWN BUT NOT SHOWN ON BANK STATEMENT) 28 THINGS TO REMEMBER ON CG-2985… Yellow cellsrequire manual entry. Turquoise cellsare auto-filled from CG-4517 and CG-2985A, as appropriate.

  8. THINGS TO REMEMBER ON CG-2985A, IF USED… YellowandLight Yellowcells, if used, require manual entry. Turquoisecellsare auto-filled from CG-4517.

  9. Therefore…single entries made on CG-4517 for morale activities…

  10. Resale activities…

  11. Category B MWR Activities…

  12. Category C MWR Activities…

  13. Will AUTOMATICALLY calculate and update fields within the CG-2985…

  14. Or CG-2985A, if needed…

  15. Program includes comment fields to assist with entries on all MFFSP spreadsheets

  16. CG-2985

  17. CG-2985A

  18. CG-4517

  19. CG-4517 to support CG-2985A

  20. Morale Fund Financial Statement Program(MFFSP) Again, this program does not suggest any new or different reporting requirements. It can be used as a tool in conjunction with the guidance contained in Enclosure (17) of the MWR Manual. As a backup for electronic copies, paper copies of reports generated on-line should always be maintained. If used, the program will need to be initially tailored to meet specific unit accounting/reporting needs. Always check to ensure the program is working properly before fully relying on it!

  21. MFFSP If you have questions or would like to receive a copy of this program, contact the MWR Program Resources Specialist at (757) 842-4927or right click here to email.

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