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  3. Car has become the necessity of urban population in India and buyers are always looking for more economical option rather than digging a hole in their account for a brand new car and this is where the role of used cars come. Used cars constitute a major part of the car market in India with a lot of people shifting towards it due to many economic benefits these cars provide.

  4. With the growth in income of an average household the demand for new cars has increased and everyone is looking for an upgrade to their existing cars which in turn has increased the market for the used cars in India. Cars have very high depreciation value and therefore buyers also look for used cars which are less than an year old which gives them a good value for their money.

  5. Just like the new car market, used cars also can be divided into small hatchback, sedan, crossover and luxury segment with the luxury cars having the highest depreciation value and small hatchbacks least. Many showrooms( like Maruti TRUE VALUE) have also come up to help buyers choose from the certified cars with a guaranteed warranty and finance options giving the market exactly what it needed and boosting the sales. Looking this as the lucrative business option many e-portals have also come up. Sellers nowadays first like to compare the value of their car on such portals before selling it and same goes for the buyer.

  6. Manufacturers have seen this as an opportunity instead of a threat and have converted it very well as an advantage for themselves. Almost all the major manufacturers have come up with additional offers and bonuses on the market price of the used car if the buyer is ready to buy a car from them. And now to lure the consumers of the new cars, manufacturers have also come up with buy back offers(Smartphone’s are not the only thing on buy back now). Mercedes was the first one to do that and you can get a brand new car every 3 years and the buyer has to just pay a monthly instalment according to the car which they want. Though its an expensive affair but it has its own perks and a person who loves to change the cars every few years would love such kind of a deal.

  7. Currently the most popular used cars among buyers in India are HYUNDAI i10 AND SANTRO. Maruti’s wagonr is also very popular in the small car segment and Honda city is the undisputed champion in the sedan class. With the launch of new models and better features and performance of the new cars launched the demand and supply of the used cars is not going to depreciate any time soon.

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