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Social Media Optimization Companies in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media Optimization Companies in India

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Social Media Optimization Companies in India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Seo India Higherup Provides You social media optimization Services for Your Business. Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. More Information

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Social Media Optimization Companies in India

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    1. Website: Title: Is Your Business Social Media Ready? Summary: Optimizing the social media platform for Business Growth. SEO SMO Stands for Social Media Optimization. It’s a great technique to enhance the visibility of your website on the various social media platforms. In the recent past, the social media platforms have become the way to remain connected with friends & family. The Various Social Media Platforms: There are many social media platforms which are in trend these days. The top ones are: • Fa?e?ook • T?itter • Li?kedI? • Google+ • Tu??lr • YouTu?e • I?stagra? • Whatsapp 1. Facebook:It’s is a glo?al leader. O? this o?e site, you’ll ?e able to find friends, colleagues, and relatives. The platform is mainly to sharing photos, links, and posting one thought. You can do many things here viz. make friends, start a group, join a group, and create your own page/profile. 2. Twitter:It’s a ?ery simple platform .You can post a small link, share an image, or even share thoughts with your favorite celebrity or influencer.

    2. 3. LinkedIn:It’s a platfor? ?hi?h has ?ra?ded itself as o?e for professio?al & ?usi?ess. We ?a? help you leverage your profile on LinkedIn for business growth. 4. Google+:It is the latest platfor? fro? the ?orld’s largest sear?h e?gi?e a?d has really ?aught up i? past few years. Your profile here can create a real difference. 5. Tumblr: The platform lets you create a micro-blog. We can help you manage the entire profile & leverage it for business growth. 6. YouTube:A?other so?ial ?edia platfor? fro? Google lets you ?reate your o?? Youtu?e ?ha??el. It’s an excellent platform to promote your business videos & we can help you manage the entire profile. 7. Instagram: This platform lets you quickly share your ideas and thought with others via pictures. We can help you manage your profile on the platform. There are many more social media platforms but we chose these as they are ones which are most popular. Your Presence Is Required: If you still do?’t ha?e your prese??e, ?o ?orries. We ?a? help you ?reate a?d ?a?age the ?arious profiles on these platforms So how do we go about it? Besides creating your profile on these platforms we can enhance with various Social Media Management Tools. Just creating your profile is the first step; one has to manage them regularly for results to be visible. Get it done from the best! This is where we bring in the real difference. We are leaders amongst Social Media Optimization Companies. We keep you profile updated so that it reflect you business as on date. Our capabilities are proven & we have clients to showcase. We cordially invite to visit our website for further details and give us an opportunity to serve you.

    3. Contact Detail – Address: B-292, Chandrakanta Complex New Ashok Nagar, Near Metro station , Delhi 110096 Phone: +91-11-65424400, +91-11-65446300 Contact Person: Ashwini Yadav Gmail ID - Mobile No: +91-782-783-1322