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A Thorough Guide On Super Visa For Canada PowerPoint Presentation
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A Thorough Guide On Super Visa For Canada

A Thorough Guide On Super Visa For Canada

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A Thorough Guide On Super Visa For Canada

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  1. Canada Super Visa A Thorough Guide On Canada Super Visa

  2. Who Are We? Future Link Consultants are an elite group of experts who are in the business of overseas education and immigration consultancy for the last 17 years. Moreover, the group is focused on the overseas education and immigration services such as: • Career guidance and counseling • Coaching • Student Visa • Temporary Resident Visa • Immigration • Permanent Resident visa • Dependent visa • Super visa Apart from this, other ancillary services are being offered by the consultants.

  3. What is Super Visa? • Super visa for Canada is a long-term permit granted to the parents or grandparents of a permanent resident in Canada for 2 years wherein they can visit their children or grandchildren for 2 years without any renewal. The Canada super visa is valid for 10 years approximately and can be renewed after every 2 years making it one of the preferable visas for the permanent residents in Canada who wish to call their parents or grandparents to Canada on a long-term basis.

  4. Conditions? Certainly, there are some conditions that a candidate must follow to become eligible for the super visa for Canada which is as follows: • Applicant must be parent or grandparent of a PR citizen in Canada • Applicant must be a genuine visitor and must leave Canada before the expiry of the visa • Applicant must define its purpose of visit • Invite from Canadian hosts Likewise, there are ancillary things which need to be taken care in order to gain the Canada visitor visa. To know more you can visit on

  5. How We Help? Future Link Consultants are a renowned name when it comes to Canadian visa. You are in safe hands when you are doing your Canada super visa application through them as: • They are experienced • Keep themselves updated related to the visa eligibility criteria • Committed towards their clients • History of success stories Visit them for your super visa for Canada on

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