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importance of social media blogs n.
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iMaxell - Digital Marketing Services chennai. PowerPoint Presentation
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iMaxell - Digital Marketing Services chennai.

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iMaxell - Digital Marketing Services chennai.
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iMaxell - Digital Marketing Services chennai.

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  1. Importance of Social Media Blogs • Social media posts are informal, brief, catchy statements or photos whereas blogs are long-form content that provides the users with value and gets your site on the top rank in search engine results. The two activities are different, yet the two could help in driving traffic to your website. SEO company in chennai call : 96557 97506

  2. Understand The Way Search Engines Work • Google and other search engines work with the goal to provide the users with the useful information they need. Web crawlers or bots search each online page to check the titles, subheadings, images and other content. They put up the information that is required by the search engines.   • SEO agency knows how the search engine works and accordingly guide you to write your content or provide you the content. It's simple, if there is immense traffic on your website and they stay at your site, your ranking increases. The blog post is like a web page, a well-written, rich-content with keywords, heading and labeled images to compel the users to stay on the page and improve your rankings.

  3. Include Blogging In Your Social Media Strategy • It is essential to have a good presence on the social media since nowadays many customers try to interact with you with the help of these social media platforms.  • Social media posts are small and cannot be used to provide brand values or in-depth content regarding the brand. Blogging, on the other hand, helps in presenting more informative, knowledgeable and comprehensive view of the brand values.  • Each blog should be professionally aligned with the brand values and have the picture of the author with a brief bio, so the human side of the machine connects with your readers. The posts should have graphics, videos, and high-quality images to engage the consumers, SEO services in Chennai help in doing all this for you.

  4. Tips To Write Successful Blog Posts For Social Media • As per your industry, the blog will be made by the SEO agency, but categorically they fall in the following four categories like: • The how-to-do articles where step by step process to solve a problem or task is given. • Listicles that list out top options, experts, etc. • Posts that provide information, statistics and research analysis • Posts that provide arguments to support the views of the writer to help them make a choice.

  5. Use Facebook For Blog Promotion • Every social media platform has a different audience, and your social media strategy should be as per the audience that you are targeting. Once your blog post has been crafted, SEO services in Chennai use the followings tips to present them in front of your Facebook followers.  • Share each post and plan a fixed schedule for automatic posting in your website or copy and paste your blog’s url on your website. • Create social proof by posting to demographics that will attract the maximum like, share and comment, ask the team members also to do the same. • Ask for inputs in the comments below your posts; the Facebook algorithms support the blogs that have more engagement with the audience.

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