gingko spa redefining spa treatment with traditional touch therapy n.
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Gingko Spa- Redefining Spa Treatment with Traditional Touch Therapy PowerPoint Presentation
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Gingko Spa- Redefining Spa Treatment with Traditional Touch Therapy

Gingko Spa- Redefining Spa Treatment with Traditional Touch Therapy

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Gingko Spa- Redefining Spa Treatment with Traditional Touch Therapy

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  1. Gingko Spa- Redefining Spa Treatment with Traditional Touch Therapy

  2. Gingko Spa is a prominent name in the world of spa treatments. The organization derives its name from the popular Gingko Tree, which was the only survivor of the plant species of the Mesozoic age. Abiding by the loyal virtues of this tree, Gingko Spa is determined to provide state of balance to the body, mind and soul of the customers through an approach that has a connection with holism.

  3. Gingko Spa- Determined to Promote Spiritual and Physical Well-Being Before the start of every treatment including spa, touch and skin therapy, the customers go through a traditional footbath ritual. This ritual represents the cleansing of tensions and stress from an individual’s body. With a host of quality spa treatments and therapies this organization is undoubtedly the best spa treatment centre in Cape Town. The credits of the establishment of this spa centre goes to Peter Krug, who founded the Gingko Spa and Wellness Group in the year 2000. Since the time of the establishment, this organization has focused in incorporating innovative approaches of promoting customer well being, beauty and health. This is the primary reason for which all the treatment therapies offered by this Spa has been designed in order to provide the best result to the customers.

  4. Feel the Magic of Traditional Touch Therapy The services provided by this organization are based on the touch therapy. The customers can be assured of the fact that the therapies offered by this organization do not involve commercial quick fix techniques. In fact, this organization takes pride in the fact that all the treatment techniques are inspired from the principle of the traditional touch therapy.

  5. Spa Treatments and Therapies Offered Gingko Spa offers a host of spa treatments and massage services at a competitive price. The customers have the complete liberty to select according to individual needs and preferences. The following are some of the numerous treatments and therapies offered by this organization offering spas and wellness in Cape Town.

  6. Massage Therapies- The massage services offered by this organization are based on skin and body care therapies. Let us have a quick look at the popular massage treatments offered by this organization. • Hot Stone Massage- This massage involves the use of hot basalt stones. It is considered to be highly relaxing and stress relieving. • Aroma Massage- natural aromatic oils and Shea butter is used in this massage therapy. It provides relaxation along with skin texture development. • Swedish Massage- This is popular massage therapy which has various positive effects on an individual’s mind and body. It promotes overall well being. • Omega Pre-Natal Massage- In order to get the best pregnancy massage in Cape Town, nothing can be better than Gingko spa. It cures various issues associated with pregnancy like back muscle pain, nerve pain, fatigue, etc.

  7. In addition to these, Gingko Spa offers various other massage therapies like: • Deep Tissue Sports Massage • Pressure point Foot Massage • Exotic Steam Rasul • Sauna and Steam Therapies

  8. Spa Body Treatments • Gingko Spa Offers a wide range of spa body treatments at an affordable price. Let us have a look: • Babor Spa Body Treatment ( Balancing) • BaborSpa Body Treatment ( Energizing) • Body Exfoliation Treatment • Hot Spa Bath Treatment • Body Wrap Treatment ( Detox)

  9. Skin Treatments • The following are some of the numerous skin treatments offered by this spa centre. These skin treatments facilitate skin refreshment and removal of dead cells. • Whitening Cellular treatment • Skin Renewal Treatment • QMS Deep Cleansing treatment • Classic Collagen Treatment • Pigment Corrector Treatment

  10. In addition to these skin and body treatments there are various other treatments like: • Maternity Treatments • Pedicures and Manicures • Treatment Packages • Teen Spa Besides providing Spa Treatments, services and products Gingko Spa provides spa consultation, as well. So don’t wait, take spiritual and physical well being to a completely new level with Gingko Spa.

  11. Contact Us Gingko Spa & Wellness Group P.O. Box 5418 Tygervalley 7536 Phone - +27(0)21 948 2310 Mobile: 083 4583788 Western Cape Republic of South Africa Official Website :-