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Rapid Product Development

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Rapid Product Development. Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Product Development How Does it work?. ADEPT Airmotive uses EOSINT SLS machines. EOSINT S700 SLS ● Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) in croning sand or mullite. ● Ideal for Complex cores and moulds for Sand Casting.

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Rapid Product Development

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rapid product development
Rapid Product



Rapid Prototyping and

Rapid Product Development

How Does it work?

ADEPT Airmotive uses

EOSINT SLS machines

what facilities are available


● Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) in croning sand or mullite.

● Ideal for Complex cores and moulds for Sand Casting.

● Growing bed dimensions: 700 x 380 x 380mm (B x D x H)


● SLS in Polyamide plastic – functional parts and prototypes.

● SLS in Primecast material – patterns for plaster / investment casting.

● SLS in Alumide – low volume tooling / functional parts.

● Growing bed dimensions: 340 x 340 x 620mm (B x D x H)

The following are some examples of parts produced by these processes:

What Facilities are available?

car centre console

3 Parts replace 32

Tested at



Car Centre Console

Small series production with functional integration. Built in 1 piece.

Unit made of 16 pieces. Fully functional Prototype – with mechanical properties like the series part



EOSINT P with polystyrene produces models that are ideal as patterns for secondary processes such as plaster, investment and vacuum casting.

engine block plaster cast functional prototype in 2 weeks using eosint p machine


Engine Block

Plaster Cast - Functional Prototype in 2 weeks using EOSINT P Machine



Fully Functional

Investment cast parts (Germany)

30% Saving

on pattern costs

alumide material used as directool for rubber injection moulding

Alumide® brings the advantages of durability, good surface finish, relatively fast growing times, and functionality to your prototyping or tooling requirements.


Alumide® material used as Directool® for rubber injection moulding.

Train door opener - Functional prototype

tool less production
Tool-less production

Ideal for Proof-of-concept Prototypes, low production run specials, and discontinued model spares.


Sintered Sand

Complex Tool-less cores and moulds for the Sand Casting industry.


Compatible with standard foundry processes and materials.

Complex one-piece cores.

Used for casting all conventional materials – from magnesium to high alloy steel.

Helps to make fully functional castings in record time.

Aerospace quality.


Why industry needs Rapid Product Development:

Quicker time-to-market of product.

Shorter development time equals lower costs.

Better utilization of expensive design hours.

Early validation of design concept.

Better interpretation of design intent.

Improved interaction between designers and management.

Improved product evaluation between designer and client.

More accurate tooling.

Significant savings on tooling costs.

Ability to design more complex parts.

Advantage of testing products early in the design cycle.

Testing of functional prototypes before committing to tooling.

typical applications for rp products

● Motors, Generators, Alternators

● Moulds for Casting and Injection

● Pathological Models

● Pattern Forming Tools

● Personalized Jewelry

● Plastic Industry models

● Plastic Pipe Elbows

● Production Plant Layout models

● Pump housings

● Pump impellors

● Purification and disinfection devices

● Surgical Splints

● Tool & Die makers – pre-check tooling

● Tooling – RP tooling

● White goods prototypes

● Aerospace parts

● Aerodynamic test parts

● Architectural design models

● Artificial Bone and joint Implants

● Automotive Prototype parts

● Catalyst Structures

● Cores for Sand Casting

● Composite part patterns

● Decorative Castings

● Gas Turbine engine Components

● Hearing Aids

● Heat exchangers

● Hydraulic Fittings

● Industrial Design

● Injection Molding Components

● Maintenance models

Typical applications for RP products:

locally available experience and expertise

What we offer:

● 3D Design and modeling facility.

● Processing of existing 3D data for RP production.

● Technology partnership with Central University.

● Priority access to RP equipment.

● Existing relationship with operators.

● Highly competitive rates.

● Part ownership of equipment.

● In depth knowledge of processes.

● Experience with our own products >>>

Locally available experience and expertise

if you can model it you can grow it
“If you can model it,

You can grow it.”



1) e-mail your requirements and CAD data to us (or send data on CD).

2) We will provide a competitive quotation / order form.

3) Once the order is confirmed, we will process the data for the SLS machine.

4) The parts will be grown as a priority.

5) Parts will be delivered to your door.


Contact Details:

ADEPT Airmotive (Pty) Ltd

Front Office Unit, 2nd Floor, Hangar 7

Virginia Airport, Durban North, 4051

Web: www.adeptairmotive.com

e-mail: raymond@adeptairmotive.com

Tel: +27(31) 573 2214

Fax: +27(31) 563 1351