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Les Miserables

Les Miserables

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Les Miserables

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  1. Les Miserables By Jessica Li 2013

  2. Jean Valjean ♦an ex-convict ♦ He committed the crime of theft for stealing a loaf of breadto feed his starving family ♦He served a sentence of 19 years for the petty crime. Q 1. Why could a petty crime leave a person in prison for 19 years?

  3. The bishop ∆A generous person, who took pity on Jan Valjean. ∆He invited Jan Valjean to stay. Jan Valjean stole his silverware. ∆The bishop told the police that he gave the silverware to him Jan Valjean’s soliloquy Q. If you were the bishop, would you cover for Jan Valjean? Is Jean’s stealing out of habit?

  4. Fantine ◊She used to be a worker in Jean’s factory. ◊ She was driven out and became a prostitute. ◊ She had a daughter called Cosette. Q1. Why do you think Fantine was driven out of the factory?

  5. Javert ♦ A police officer ♦ He chased down Jean Valjeanfor his whole life. ♦ He believed in defending law and order. ♦ He committed suicide in the end. Javert’s suicide Q:Javert believed that he was the law. What did law mean to him?

  6. Cosette ♥Fantine’s daughter She was adopted by Jean Valjean ♥ She fell in love Mauris, the one involved in overthrowing the rule of French Royalty Q: Fantine died of the suffering caused by the inhumane treatment. And Cosette fell in love with the one to overthrow the system. Is this a coincidence?

  7. Mauris ♥ He fell in love with Cosette. ♥ He was involved in French Revolution. Cosette & Mauris Revolution Day Q: Mauris grew up on the street and he was hostile toward rich people. Why did he fall in love with Cosette, who was believed to be daughter of a rich family?