Reasons for tooth decay in adults and its treatments
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There is no one reason for tooth decay in adults.\nIt is a long process, which happens over time when there is no proper care or a good oral hygiene routine in perspective.\nArticle courtesy: Dentzz review blog\n\n

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  • There is no one reason for tooth decay in adults.

  • It is a long process, which happens over time when there is no proper care or a good oral hygiene routine in perspective.

  • Dentzz review says that while cavities are treatable, many times, if proper care is not taken, it may lead to several complications in the mouth.

  • So what exactly causes cavities?

  • Cavities or tooth decay is caused when carbs in food such as bread, candy, cereal, fruit, cake, etc. stay on your teeth.

  • The bacteria in your mouth turn them into acids.

  • The bacteria, acid, food debris, and your saliva combine to form plaque, which clings to the teeth.

  • Slowly the acids in the plaque or the tartar start eroding the outer enamel of your teeth.

  • Your teeth become porous and this is what leads to bleeding gums and pain.

  • One of the main myths today is that only children can get cavities, but that is not the case.

  • It is not necessarily children who get cavities.

  • Anyone can get cavities irrespective of their age, if they do not have a good oral care routine.

  • Therefore it becomes important for children as well as adults to have a proper oral care regime that is followed thoroughly.

  • The basics of brushing and flossing daily are imperative.

  • Cavity treatments usually depend on how serious the condition is.

  • There are different stages of cavities and each stage will require the patient to undergo a different type of treatment.

  • The most common treatment for this is fillings.

  • Dentzz review will tell you how dentists will remove the decayed portion of your teeth, scoop it out and clean the area.

  • Then they will fill the hole or the gap with a sturdy and hard material, which will keep your teeth intact.

  • Crowns, root canal, and fillings are three very basic treatments.

  • In crowns, if the tooth is a total lost cause, then a different tooth is placed in its place.

  • If there is partial decay then the dentist will clean it up and use a teeth shaped crown on top of it to give your teeth a finished look.

  • In root canal, they will remove the decayed part and clean the wound.

  • Then they either put a hollow tooth made with different materials on top of the new one to ensure a proper look and feel.

  • Today there are many ways or treatments to get rid of cavities,

Source article : Dentzz Review blog

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