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Engage Player Review - Professional Tool & Hugo Bonus

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Engage Player Review - Professional Tool & Hugo Bonus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You always want to make wonderful marketing videos like professional agencies. All is on your hand with Engage Player Review.

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Engage Player Review - Professional Tool & Hugo Bonus

Engage Player Review - Professional Tool & Hugo Bonus

Engage Player Review

Engage Player Review




Video are found on almost of social networking sites. The power and the lure of videos are extremely

huge and exciting to viewers. Every year, the value of advertising services or marketing activities is

considerable. From this fact, many marketers have

tried to create tools or apply tools available to make

marketing videos with the purpose is to increase

purchasing power and attention to customers.

However, these professional tools require users to

have knowledge and skills. At the same time the cost

is too expensive to pay.


Engage Player is a modern, professional tool, designed

user-friendly and easy to use. The software allows

embedding advertising models in video. Some other

features allow you to quickly change the video layout,

manage the entire video player you have and embed in

your website. In the next section, I will detail all the

features of each tool with this Engage Player Review.


1. Embedding ads into Video easily

Embedding advertising clip is one of the strongest features of Engage Player. You can manage

advertising source easily and access quickly. Some large providers such as Facebook, Google, Amazon

provides a massive diverse amount of advertising. The value of these ads is at a high level. Engage

Player lets you define the current time and offline advertising clips. However, the author recommends

that you should place an ad clip at the beginning of video to the end of the video. The timeline bar is a

useful tool to help you determine the exact time of the program.

2. Add content to video

Advertising in the video form is more and more popular and bring higher value than other forms of

advertising such as text or images. Embedding ads into video clips are made easily with Engage Player

without altering video content. Typically each ad clip lasts from 6s to 10s. To avoid boredom, the

software allows users to skip ads from 6th sec. This is the appropriate time when the video content was

also almost the entire transmission.

3. Smart Controllers

Engage Player also integrates an intelligent video controller. The video will automatically be paused as

soon as user switches to another tab or the video is hidden. Control bar consists of buttons function as

play, pause, resume, next, back, volume up and down, subtitle will automatically hide after a few

seconds to display the maximum width. In addition, player also allows you to search for videos across

channels like Youtube, Vimeo and record your search history. As soon as you exit it, the current

playing time will be recorded in order to continue the next time when you open it.

4. Video Overlay and Animation Content

Video Overlay lets you embed multiple different controls to surfaces on the video when the video is

running. The contents include text, button, banner, and image, so on. It is strongly supported by Engage

Player. You can quickly create a text overlay on video, change the font, color. After designing is

completed, you determine where and when they show up on the player. Typically these are linked to

commercial websites, you can change this association. The content is divided into 2 overlay forms:

static content and dynamic content.


Engage Player is a powerful and professional tool for marketers. In addition, the software also meets

the entertainment needs. Through Engage Player review, I hope you will get a perfect choice for your

marketing plan.